Top 10 Household Objects Which Are Too Noisy

What are the objects inside your home that drive you crazy with noise? The modern world is one in which the average person takes for granted the inability to hear someone talking to them clearly even though are sitting just across the room. Ever take a trip to a totally isolated place a few dozen miles from civilization. The lack of noise is remarkable; almost scary. That fright is engendered by growing up in a world where we are constantly bombarded so many sounds that we literally are conditioned to tune most of them out. Except, of course, they aren’t really tuned out. The sound is still there, we just don’t care anymore. Unless they are very, very loud.  Like those on this list of Top 10 household objects which are too noisy.

Here are the Top 10 Household Objects Which Are Too Noisy

10. Toilet

Toilet Top 10 Household Objects Which Are Too Noisy

Here’s the thing about a noisy toilet. Well, first off, if you have a particularly noisy toilet, you should get it fixed. Every loud toilet can be fixed, but not every fix is suitable for every noisy toilet. But here’s the really interesting thing about a noisy toilet: it is probably every bit as noisy during the day as it is at night, but a noisy toilet seems to be twice as loud when it is keeping you awake. On the list of noisy objects in the average house, most toilets rank pretty low. But when you start noticing that you’ve got a noisy one, suddenly it seems louder than anything else in the home.

9. Leaf Blower

Leaf Blower Top Popular Household Objects Which Are Too Noisy 2019

Not every homeowner is equipped with a leaf blower. And, by the way, these machines are not just for those with lots of trees; leaf blowers are an excellent investment cleaning large surfaces very quickly. It is the very quickly part that is up for grabs. Why does it seems as if the person who is using the leaf blower is suddenly not content with doing a half-assed job? For some reason, when you put a leaf blower into the hands of someone, they magically transform into a perfectionist? All of a sudden, under the spell of this noisy household object, they become obsessed with making sure every last leaf or every last speck of dust is cleared away. Nothing less than 100% accuracy will do. Why does this sudden obsession with doing a job right or not doing it all only coincide with doing a job requiring the loudest tool in the house?

8. Water Pipes


Fortunately, noisy pipes are not nearly as prevalent as they used to be. The transition from metal pipes to PVC has been a blessing within the sphere of noise pollution. If you are not familiar with the noise produced by loud water pipes then you are really missing out on something special. There is nothing quite like being woken in the middle of the night by what sounds like someone banging on a pipe with a hammer to make you lose all nostalgia for the simpler life of your grandparents.

7. Blender


Ah, the blender. Such a horrific noise which can be so readily forgiven since the results are so paradoxically delicious. The cacophonous sound produced by a blender on a high setting gives new meaning to the phrase “no pain, no gain.” Oh, what unjust pain your ears must endure simply so your taste buds can experience such sublime gain! Is the misery worth it? Absolutely. Unless, of course, that blender is placed in the hands of someone who does not know what they are doing. Few domestic experiences are worse than having lived through the atrocious noise produced by the blender’s whirring blades only to compound the pain by ingesting an equally atrocious concoction resulting from someone who should never have been allowed near the machine in the first place.

6. Garbage Disposal


On its own, a garbage disposal produces a terrifying noise capable of instilling great fear. Who hasn’t heard that grinding noise and wondered what it would be like to get your hand caught in that nefarious hidden machine buried from view inside the sink drain? If you really want to elevated noise to the level of pure, unadulterated nightmare fuel, however, wait until you go to flip on the garbage disposal and suddenly realize something that didn’t start out as garbage got stuck in it. Silverware is a common culprit, but it could just as easily be a piece of jewelry or some small part dislodged from some other nearby object in the kitchen. Whatever the foreign intruder may be, the noise that garbage disposal starts making is nothing more

5. Electric Razor


Whether or not an electric razor is a household object which is too noisy tends to depend on the razor. Not every shaver is capable of producing a loud, annoying noise. The problem is that those razor which do produce an overabundance of noise tend to become of those household sounds you wind up dreading the most. The very slight sound of the user walking barefooted across the bedroom carpet at 5:45 in the morning to what you know is shortly going to become a maddening noise succeeding in waking you up for good as well as removing whiskers from skin can start the process.

4. Hair Dryer


How many times have you been sitting there in the living room, comfortably nestled in your favorite chair, kicking back and enjoying some relaxation in front of the tube when…the entire world comes crashing down around in the form of the noise produced by machine-assisted wind? The hair dryer in object that produces a strangely annoying noise. What, exactly, is it about a machine that does nothing more complicated than blow out hot air that has the effect of feeling like a dentist just started drilling into the side of your head? How can blow dryers make a noise so amazingly unpleasant? Somewhere in there is an idea for a billion dollar invention.

3. Alarm Clock


Many alarm clocks are capable of making their way up and down the list of the top 10 household objects which are too noisy. Whether it an alarm that rings like a bell or one of those spawns of Satan that produces a jarring and repetitive buzzing sound, the alarm clock can become pure evil. Mainly, of course, because it only makes its infernal noise at the most inconvenient time possible: when you are trying to sneak in that last few minutes of peaceful slumber.

2. Washing Machine


The average washing machine is not really all that noisy most of the time. If it is, you need to get it checked. But just let the load inside get all trapped over on one side and suddenly the typical washing machine starts sounding like a sonic boom. Few objects inside the house are capable of making the sudden transition from easily overlooked white noise to a big black thunderous herd with quite the same facility as a washing machine. And no matter where you in the house—whether on the opposite side or on an entirely different floor—that booming sound produced by a suddenly unbalanced load of wash echoes off the wall and cuts through your disposition like a surgeon’s scalpel.

1. Vacuum Cleaner


Okay, in most homes the vacuum cleaner probably is not the noisiest object. For some reason, however, doesn’t it always seem as if the vacuum cleaner—no matter the model or conditions—is the most annoyingly noisy thing in the house. Turn the TV volume up beyond the comfort range and you can still go about doing the thing you do, but isn’t it true enough that once that vacuum cleaner begins its roar, all powers of concentration just evaporate? Maybe that is why it seems like such an inordinate amount of attention is being placed on revolutionizing this most utilitarian of household machines. Seriously, ever walk past the vacuum display in a store. These days, these machine look like something that has been sent from the future to kill whoever is going to start World War III. And yet despite all that attention and research, the vacuum still tops the list of the most irritating noise in the house.

The average house today contains far more objects capable of producing far greater noise than at any time in history. Add to that blaring noise the underlying hidden hum produced by everything from the fans of laptop computers to spinning discs inside game consoles and we are currently living in an age that really has no experience enjoying the simple sound of silence.

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