Top 10 Greatest Company Logos of All Time

Logos are small graphic design representations of a company, group or organization. The purpose of a logo is to create a simple icon that will be instantly recognized by people everywhere. Logos often use symbolism that reflects on the nature of the company or organization. Below we have chosen the top ten company logos of all time. Each one epitomizes the purpose of the logo, by its unique design and styling.

Here are the Top 10 Greatest Company Logos of All Time

10. Google

Google Top Famous Greatest Company Logos of All Time 2019

Number ten on our list belongs to a company we are all very well acquainted with: Google. Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergy Brin. The original logo was designed by Brin, using the free graphics software program, GIMP, and was later updated by Ruth Kedar in 1999. In 2015 the logo was upgraded yet again, to a newer, sleeker, more polished look that you see on search engines today. Google also modifies its logo on a regular basis in order to celebrate important events, people or holidays, often referred to as Google Doodles.

9. Burger King

Burger King Top Most Greatest Company Logos of All Time 2017

Fast food giant Burger King was founded in 1954 by James McLamore and David R. Edgerton. Second only to McDonald’s, their initial logo was an intricately designed image of a king sitting upon a Whopper. The design suited the times, as it was the 1950’s. However, as time marched on, the company sought to upgrade its image, and went through several major transitions starting 1969, 1994 and finally 1998. All logos are based on a hamburger bun design where the name of the company, Burger King, is sandwiched between the buns.

8. Levi’s


When Levi Strauss founded the Levi jeans company in 1850, it’s hard to believe he could have imagined it surviving this long, and still going strong with no sign of stopping. The very first Levi Strauss logo was introduced in 1890, and is the classic depiction of two horses harnessed to a pair of jeans, trying to tear them apart. This logo is still used on Levi jeans today. Since that time, the Levi company has gone through a series of three major logo changes, until the last logo change in 2011, the one we see today.

7. McDonald’s


The home of Ronald McDonald, was officially founded in 1940 by Richard McDoland and Maurice McDonald. The first logo represented the companies initial plan, that of being a barbecue. However, as times changed, so did business plans and logos followed suit, with the famous ‘golden arches’ logo making its appearance in the 1961, and was modeled after American architect Stanley Meston’s iconic golden arch design. Since its founding, the company has gone through 17 major logo designs changes, with several variations along the way in regards to mascot and font changes, until the current logo, which was designed in 2006.

6. Mercedes-Benz


The Mercedes-Benz is widely known as one of the most luxurious automobiles on the market today. The Mercedes-Benz automobile corporation is headquartered in Germany, and is a division of Daimler AG. The first logo was introduced in 1902, and consisted of the name ‘Mercedes’, in an oval enclosure. Since that time, its logo has evolved to include a variety of designs and colors including a gold and blue logo with laurel designs. it was not until 1909 that the three pointed star was introduced. Throughout the years, this three pointed star logo has undergone a variety of design variations, until the one designed in 2009, which we currently have today.

5. Pepsi


Pepsi is a a delicious soft drink cola that got its start in New Bern, North Carolina in 1893 by Caleb Bradham, and was called “Brads Drink”, a drink he hoped would be not only tasty but medicinal as well. The name change to Pepsi Cola occurred in 1898, along with the products first logo. Several variations later, the red, white and blue Pepsi logo made its appearance during the 1940’s to show support for America in WWII. Many variations ensued, with the current logo created by New York agency, the Arnell Group.

4. Apple


Apple Inc. was formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne in 1976. Today Apple stands tall as one of the top tech companies in existence. The first Apple logo was designed by Ronald Waynein 1976, and referred to as the ‘Newton Crest’. This was quickly replaced by Rob Janoff’s design of an apple. This logo is known the world over, and is representative of the apple that supposedly hit Sir Isaac Newton in the head, which then lead to his theory of gravity. It was the second ‘rainbow’ design by Rob Jan off that incorporated the ‘bite’ in the Apple went from 1976 to 1998. In 1998 Apple ditched the rainbow for a monochrome logo that we still see today.

3. Ford


Established in 1903 by Henry Ford, the Ford motor company has been producing fine automobiles for many years, and is one of the largest manufacturers of vehicles in the world today. The first logo was created in 1903 and was elaborate in design. In 1909 C. Harold Will introduced the Ford logo with the script font, based upon his own penmanship, that is still in use today, with slight variations added throughout the years. The logo seen on Ford vehicles today uses the “Centennial Blue Oval” design from 1976.

2. Coca-Cola


There is no soft drink quite like it. its mysterious recipe hidden from the prying eyes of competitors, known for its festive Christmas Santa’s and Polar bears, was founded in 1886. The original logo was created by Frank Mason Robinson using Spencerian script font, which although going through slight variations over the years, is the basic logo you see on Coca-Cola products today.

1. Nike


Named after the Greek Goddess of Victory, the company was founded in 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, and called Blue Ribbon Sports. In 1971, Nike emerged, with its logo designed by Carolyn Davidson, the Nike brand and its familiar ‘swoosh’ shape, representing the wing of the goddess, thus signifying speed, became a much sought after sport and leisure shoe. Today, shoppers are so familiar with the ‘swoosh’ logo, that the company needs no font to spell out its name, just the famous ‘swoosh’ mark for speed, and customers know it is a product from Nike Corporation.

There you have it, the ten best known logos in history. These logos are well designed, and have served their purpose by augmenting the values and beliefs of the company they represent when used in conjunction with advertising and news stories.

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