Top 10 Gadgets That Should Be Made In 2017

2017 should prove to be one heck of a ride. Every day is like waking up to brand new chapter in the most surreal reality TV show ever devised. After awhile, however, circuses get boring and even the most unpredictable entertainment becomes predictable by virtue of its unpredictability. It does not take a genius to realize that 2017 is going to be an enormous year for distraction from the bloodied and battered bodies continued being transported from the train wreck.

This means a boon industry for the creative mind capable of making things that are more entertaining to play around with that constant stream of the theater of absurd that used to be known as Washington, D.C. So, if you are of such a creative bent, here are the top 10 gadgets that should be made in 2017 as a bit of push to get your started.

Following are the Top 10 Gadgets That Should Be Made

10. Laptop with Built-in Printer


It is really so hard to build a laptop with a printer already attached? Laptops are thinner than ever; we have almost reached the point where they can slide under a locked door in case of emergency. That means there is no plenty of room to fit a printer that you don’t have to waste two hours trying to connect with it. Let’s face it: printer are the spawn of the devil.

Everybody knows it so why deny it? They promise to work with every model in your constantly revolving parade of computers, but they never do. Match the printer to the computer. We don’t care if it doesn’t work with any other computer in the house. The pros of having peace of mind in knowing it works when we need and convenience of going from needing it to having it work in less than a minute—or less than half a day for that matter—would make any cons imaginable more than worth it.

9. A Device that Turns Down the Volume in Other People’s Cars


This needs to be invented. Like right now! Benjamin Franklin once famous observed that the only things in life that are certain are death and taxes. Donald Trump disproved the latter and Benjamin was born too early to realize there is another certainty in life: the people with the loudest car stereos also have the worst taste in music. What is up with that? It is bad enough that you can barely hold a conversation next to these cars, but why compound that irritation with the annoyance of wanting to turn up really awful music to such a disturbing volume. A little remote control capable of turning down the radio inside another person’s car would be so welcome.

8. Automatically Fading Highlighter Ink


It’s bad enough that college textbook sellers only give you pennies on the dollar when you sell the book back after you no longer need it. But then they have the gall to actually punish you for actually having opened it and used it to study! Some slacker who never cracked the thing open all during semester gets a bigger payout for his return than the person who highlighted huge chunks because they actually came to college to learn. It’s not right. A highlighter pen where the ink automatically starts facing after a few weeks or a few months would solve that problem and create income equality.

7. TV Volume Standardizer


Most televisions these days let you do some major fiddling around with the volume controls. That’s all great and everything, but it doesn’t solve the problem of why one channel is louder than the next or why streaming audio can barely be heard at the same volume where cable or free TV is just fine. Not to mention the deal with commercials. A gadget that can standardize the audio on every viewing option at your disposal would pure heaven.

6. The Portable Restaurant-Style Pizza Oven


Ever notice how pizza baked in your oven is never as good as even the pizza from an average restaurant? That’s because the oven used in restaurants can get far hotter than the average domestic brand. Of course, they are also huge because they need to make more than one pizza at a time. But what if you could shrink that box down to size of just one pizza while still providing the extreme degrees required for restaurant-quality pizza? And what if that item was small and portable enough to take it with you to a pizza party or so you could enjoy it at the beach or on a picnic? To qualify as an actual kitchen gadget rather a kitchen appliance, it could even be shrunk down to the size of a personal pan pizza…though not necessarily used only for pan style pizza.

5. In Stock Locator

In Stock Locator Top Most Gadgets That Should Be Made 2017

Don’t you just hate heading to the store to get something only to find out they are out of your preferred brand? And then going to the store down the street only to find that they out of stock too? Ever chased halfway across town to locate a desperately desired item, hitting store after store that were either sold out or never stocked them in the first place? An app that locate the nearest place that has what you are looking for in stock would be useful and not just during Christmas.

4. Smart Headphones


They invented the smart TV. Smartphones. Smart watches. Just about everything in America now has a “smart” alternative except for two things: politicians and headphones. Headphones that have been programmed to know they no longer need to keep producing audio when they are no longer attached to the ears is a gadget whose time has come. Who doesn’t get tired of having to pick up their music playing device and hit the pause button or shut it off whenever the headphones come off for a just a short period of time.

3. Home Library Searchable Indexer


If you have a lot of books in your personal collection you will definitely appreciate this gadget idea. Ever want to look up something in a book you own, but you can’t remember which precise book has the information? What if there was a gadget that would essentially let you create a searchable index of every word in every book you own? Not a digitizer of the books, mind you; some sort of gadget that could download existing digital text or even just existing digital indices of only those books you own. Researchers, writers, teachers and bibliophiles who almost have more books than room to keep them would kill for this technology at the right time.

2. A Microwave-Style Gadget for Cooling Food


You want to transform that frozen burrito into something hot and edible in a few minutes and the world is your oyster. Want that same burrito to cool down so you can eat before you have to dash out of the house and suddenly those oysters have gone bad. Yeah, sure, one could say that a freezer is another name for this gadget, but what we are really talking about is the same kind of manipulation of time that the microwave created.

After all, you can still make that frozen burrito into a lunch by using a standard oven and maybe even do when you have the time. When you only have minutes to spare, however, the microwave becomes something of a time machine. All we are asking for the opposite of a microwave to become a time saving gadget as well.

1. A Self-Cleaning Hairbrush


The reasoning here is obvious. For one thing, all that hair that gets collected over time is certainly not doing the health of your hair any good. Secondly, even just inventing a hairbrush that was easy to clean—really, really clean—would be a great start. But a hairbrush capable of removing every last strand or fragment of hair after each and every use? That is a billion dollar gadget, guys.

And, from the perspective of a non-inventor on the outside, it does seem like it would be the most difficult thing to ever invent. Not if you know what you are doing. So if you do…what are you waiting for?

The gadget is remarkable invention. Not quite a full blown machine in many cases, but certainly more serious than a mere toy. At the same time, really cool gadgets are capable of being a pleasing distraction from the irritants that surround us in modern society. Are these top 10 gadgets that should be made in 2017 the most important inventions possible? Of course not. That’s also part of what makes them gadgets.

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