Top 10 Expensive Things Most People Don’t Know About

There are many products in the world that people use on a daily basis. Most of these products are reasonably priced to ensure that the average consumer can afford to buy them. No company that wants to stay in business will charge a high fee for their products. This is especially true when they are trying to reach the masses with their good.

However, there are some businesses that charge a high fee for their good and services. These companies do so because they want to cater to a high-end crowd. So, the products that some company’s sell are high end items that can only be afforded by wealthy people or by people who have a lot of disposable income to blow on expensive merchandise. The following list will describe some high- end products that people can purchase if they have the means to afford these items.

Here are the Top 10 Expensive Things Most People Don’t Know About

10. $3500 Doorstops

$3500 Doorstops Top 10 Expensive Things Most People Don't Know About 2017

There are some people who use a $3500 doorstop to keep their doors open. This type of doorstop is made out of concrete and it has a unique design that resembles a thick puzzle piece. It is known as a Concrete Aalto Doorstop and it is modeled after an Alvar Aalto Savoy vase. In case you didn’t know a Savoy vase is made out of glass and is often associated with luxury and style. Savoy vases also have a unique design about them. The Aalto doorstop is made inside of a Savoy vase and then broken to get the unique doorstop mold. This kind of work and brand association is the real reason why the doorstop costs $3500.

9. Expensive Box cutters

Expensive Box cutters Top Most Popular Expensive Things Most People Don't Know About 2018

Consumers can purchase a $95 box cutter that is made out of nickel plated chrome. This box cutter is made as a high-quality tool and it contains high quality material. There is also a message engraved on the shell of the cutter that states “Another notion of possibility”. Most people who purchase this type of tool will probably never really use it to cut open boxes or other materials. Though this tool is strong enough for this type of activity it probably will not be used in this manner.

8. Instant Noodles that Cost a Fortune


Posh is the name of an instant noodle brand that charges a whopping $43 for a cup. The noodles are expensive because they are sold in exclusive cups. The cups are actually a gold leaf pot that comes with a fork and table linen. The noodles can be microwaved in the cups without damaging them. Consumers can even choose from over 100 different types of cups or pots from the Posh brand. The primary reason why these noodles are so expensive is that the proceeds go directly to charity.

7. Colored Toilet Paper


Toilet paper is normally sold in white. However, there are some companies that manufacture this necessary toiletry within various colors. They include red, green, gold, orange, yellow and even brown. Colored toilet paper styles by Renova retail for $20 for a 3-pack roll. This is very expensive for a toilet paper. Considering that a person can purchase a 20-pack of toilet paper for less money than that. If a person is single and has the money, then purchasing this type of item should not be problem. However, a family with 4 or more children should think long and hard about purchasing this product unless they have the money to do so.

6. Glace Balls of Ice


Ice cubes are normally cubical forms of water that are designed to make drinks cold and frosty. However, there are some things called Glace Balls of Ice and they are hand carved ice spheres that are made from Canadian purified water. Glace Balls of Ice cost about $40 a sack. The balls do not weaken a drink and they are designed to cool it in an even manner. Glace Balls of Ice are frosty, fun and very expensive.

5. Gold Backpack


If you are a part of the Billionaire Boys Club then you are going to need a Gold Backpack that costs $1650. This backpack has a diamond dollar pattern, that makes this bag cost a lot more than what it is. There is a limited number of Gold Backpacks and people should buy them if they have the money to spend.

4. Diamonds and Bluetooth Sets


Diamond encrusted Bluetooth headsets are available for consumers who can afford them. These devices cost about $50,000 a set. They work with different types of devices that are blue tooth compatible. The Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset is all about the flash and the technology. While the diamonds make this unit a very expensive purchase; the electronical features that it has also makes it cost a lot as well. The Diamond Encrusted Bluetooth Headset is only available at select retailers.

3. Gold Plated Staples


Gold plated Staples might be a little bit extreme-even for rich people. When gold plated staples were invented in the past, they were made for royalty. The French King Louis XV needed staples to keep track of all the emerging records that was starting to pop up in the 1700’s. King Louis XV never had or even needed gold plated staples. However, rich people can have them in this day and age.

Rich people can now purchase gold staples that are packaged in a velvety jewelry box. The staples might be made of gold but they are soft enough to be used within most staplers and hard enough to keep paper materials fastened together. People who can expect to pay $175 for this product.

2. Light Switches made of Gold


One of the best features for modern homes has to do with the use of expensive materials. Many wealthy homeowners use a wide variety of materials such as marble, expensive wood, specially cut stone and light switch coverings made of gold. That’s right a person who can afford to do this can literally add gold plated light switches into their home’s interior. The units are wireless contraptions that are encased within a Lucite material. They work like the clapper. Gold plated light switches retail for about $250 a switch.

1. High End Frisbees


Luxury Frisbees seem like an excessive thing for any person to have. This is especially true for people that have to pay out more than $305 per Frisbee. The name of this model of Frisbee is known as the Leather Flying Disc Geoffrey Parker. These Frisbees are very well made and they work better than their plastic (and cheaper) counterparts. These high-end Frisbees are suited for rich people and they purchased online and in high end specialty shops that sells this type of merchandise.

Keep in mind that these high-end products are not common knowledge among the masses. The reason being is that the masses could not afford to buy them anyway. Some things are made for a certain group of people and the items on this list are designed for this purpose.

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