Top 10 Companies With The Best Customer Service

When a person has a question or they need to contact a company for some reason contacting the customer service department can be stressful. Many people dread calling them. It seems that people in customer service are busy, a person will be on hold for a long time, and their issue may not be solved. There are some companies that are looking to change this. They are looking to provide the best customer service possible.

These are the top 10 companies with the best customer services

10. Apple

Apple Top 10 Companies With The Best Customer Service in 2017

This computer company values their customers and wants to keep their customers loyal. They take the time to answer questions from their customers and will stay on the phone with them until their computer is working well. If the computer or other device is not working properly than the company will have it repaired. Apple wants to keep their customers happy so the customers keep on coming back to them. Apple is always looking for ways to improve the devices they have and are looking for products and services that will make the life of their customers easier.

9. GE

GE Top Most Popular Companies With The Best Customer Service in 2018

General Electrics makes a number of products and they have great customer service to go along with these products. There is a company blog that is easy to use allowing customers to stay in touch. There is also an easy to use and understand FAQ section on their website. This company offers a number of free services for customers as well. They can get advice on saving money, and on making the appliances last longer. This company took the time to improve their inventory and nothing is ever out of stock reducing the wait time for customers. Over 95 percent of the orders arrive on time or before their estimated shipping date making customers happy. All of the items that are shipped are also fully insured allowing the customer to have peace of mind.

8. Toyota


This car company has increase the safety and quality standards of their cars. They are making their vehicles reliable and are looking to make cars that are both safe and affordable for the customers. They have the Toyota Way which is a state of mind where cars are made with quality in mind , they are affordable, and customers are treated with respect. Toyota is also looking to make a variety of vehicles including cars, trucks, and SUVs.

7. Google


This internet company is always looking for ways to improve the experience of the customers. They have added new features to the site and make it easier for a person to find what they are looking for. This site is constantly working to make the user experience better for the customers and will take feedback to heart. With the new and constant improvements this is one of the most trusted search engines and users report a good experience when surfing the internet with Google.

6. Southwestern Airlines


This company looks to stay ahead of the competitors by offering great customer service. They will send notices electronically to the customers of any new deal or anything relating to their flight. They are also looking to cut the cost to customers. One way Southwestern improved customer service was to make their employees happy. Employees go improve working conditions so they are happier at work. Happy employees lead to happy customers. They offer a number of things for free while in the air as well.

5. Cox Communications


This company provides telephone service and internet services to customers. They decreased the wait time for customers when they are calling the service center. They also made the bills easy to read and to understand. The service is reliable and if there is a problem it will be handled right away. The company has even found ways to reduce the cost of their services without it affecting the quality of services. They are adding new features all the time include a mobile phone services as well as VoIP services.

4. Hilton Hotels


This upscale hotel chain is looking to exceed the needs of the customers. In the recent years they have added a number of features to their rooms including wifi. Each hotel has a technology room allowing customers to access smart devices and some high tech features. The hotel renovated the rooms so they are now more luxurious than ever. Hilton took suggestions from customer feedback and used it to make improvements so that all customers are happy. Each and every customer is treated with respect and any issues with the room are resolved instantly.

3. Papa John’s


This pizza chain is looking to keep their customer happy. To make the customers happy they are making a better quality pizza and using only fresh ingredients. They value customer service and each and every customer is treated with respect. The goal is not only to attract new customers with the quality of the pizza but to cater to the ones they already have to keep them coming back.

2. Directv TV Group


This satellite television provider has over 15 million customers. They try to keep the prices low and will have a service technician handle any issues with the television. The company updates the equipment often at no extra charge to the customers. They allow access to hundreds of channels and carry all of the shows that a viewer can want.

1. Samsung


This electronic company provides the latest technology to customers. They are always looking to improve products that are already out there. They also provide reliable phone service at a reasonable price. This company will respond to customer questions right away and has taken measures to reduce the time a person waits to speak with someone. They are always improving the technology making things easier on the customers.

These are the top 10 companies in 2017 that provide the best customer service to their customers. They are looking to improve the way their products work and keep their customer loyal. That is why people keep on going back to these companies time and time again.

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