Top 10 Book Publishers in The World

The entire world is influenced by it’s publishers as these are the companies that share information both educationally, professionally and in the media. These are the world’s largest publishers affecting all the countries around the world. Many of these companies have received their profits by acquiring smaller publishing companies and expanding their own.

Here are the Top 10 Book Publishers in The World

10. Harper Collins in the US

Harper Collins in the US Top Most Book Publishers in The World 2017

Harper Collins publishes a broad range is information from media, news, television publications and a lot more. They are based in New York and everything they publish mainly stays within the United States. In 2014 they increased their revenues to approximately 1.43 billion dollars. Their bestselling book thus far is Divergent by Victoria Roth which was later redone into a movie.

09. Scholastic in the US


This company is the world’s largest publisher and contributor to children’s books. They don’t just provide children’s fiction but also provide educational materials, licensing and advertising as well as international recognition. In 2014 they brought in a financial revenue of 1.82 billion dollars. They sell books in over 150 countries as well as have offices in many different countries including Asia.

08. Holtzbrinck in Germany

Holtzbrinck in Germany Top Popular Book Publishers in The World 2018

This family owned publishing group in Germany is focused on German, US and British publishing shops. They offer a great deal of published material focusing on science, nature and education. They gained a whopping 1.72 billion EUR in 2014. They currently also work with Amazon to produce e-books.

07. McGraw-Hill Education in the US


McGraw-Hill is an education company focused on science and high education, expert knowledge and information tools and amenities in many different arrangements for the global markets. MHGE provides goods in 60 different languages across in over 100 countries to students, teachers, specialists and establishments. They are headquartered in Columbus, OH, USA. In 2014 they profited 1.29 billion USD. McGraw Hill is focused on producing products that help educate our youth and are constantly producing new digital media to help encourage higher learning.

06. Hachette Livre in France


Hachette Livre is the globe’s 3rd largest book publisher for the public and for educational materials. They are also France’s leading educational publisher and the UK’s second largest publisher as of 2014. They available in over 70 countries. They have profited as of 2014 in over 2 billion EUR. Their most successful published book is The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt which received the 2014 Pulitzer Prize. In France their bestselling book was Constellation by Adrien Bosc which sold a whopping 146,000 copies.

05. Phoenix Publishing and Media Company in China


This is China’s largest publishing group and has been listed with the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2011. They have 9 publishing houses, 7 publishing companies, 66 book stores and many printing facilities all over China. Phoenix Publishing has been around since 2001 and has been successful ever since. They profited in 2014 approximately 21.6 billion CNY. They obtained the popular children’s publishing company Lincolnwood which was based in Illinois in 2014. Lincolnwood alone is worth 163 million USD. They are also extremely popular in digital media as they profited in 2014 610 million CNY.

04. Penguin Random House in Germany


This Germany based publishing company is the world’s leading trade-book publisher with revenues at 3.05 billion EUR. They are based in Germany but operate out of 70 different countries and employ over 12,000 employees globally. Their largest publishing acquisition is Relias Learning which is known for their online educational material in the U.S. Penguin even acquired Udacity which is based out of Silicon Valley, Ca. Their most successful book published was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. They also profited from their movie tie-in books Frozen by Disney. They also published Britain’s quickest selling debut novel Girl Online by YouTube star Zoe Sugg.

03. RELX Group in the UK and US


This company specializes in education for specialized professions in multiple industries. They are so successful they are listed on both the London Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. They are known for scientific, technical, and medical material goods and services. Elsevier’s journals are mainly published through the companies Science Direct platform which carries over eleven million articles and many more e-books. Their revenue is fifty percent from the United States while the remainder come from the UK and other countries.

02. Thomson Reuters in Canada


This publishing company specializes in information for legal, financial, accounting, science and healthcare industries. This group also specializes in real time news and information. The majority of this publishing company is owned by The Woodbridge Company. Their revenues in 2014 were a whopping 12.61 billion USD. The majority of their revenues came from North and South America which covers 60% of their profits. They are a huge provider of information and technology for North America.

01. Pearson in the UK


This publishing company is well known all around the globe but is based out of the UK. They work in over 70 countries and have 40,000 employees globally. They publish information that is educational, informational, scientific and more. Their organization is so huge they are separated by country and geographic area. Barnes & Noble reached an agreement with Pearson to sell their portion of Nook media for 13.7 million dollars in USD cash as well as a large portion of Barnes and Nobles stock. Pearson has definitely influenced the entire world with the books and information they have published over the years.

Pearson in the UK has remained the largest publishing company in the world for many years but there are others in the running due to their diligence in the digital world. It’s amazing to believe the majority of the information we receive professionally, in the general public, the media and in our education systems come from these companies. With information moving quicker than it has ever moved in the past the success of these companies will continue to grow. Some of these companies are so large they have employees all over the globe as well as stocks in many different markets.

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