Top 10 Best Wearable Technology Devices

Technology has moved into a whole new era in modern times. People not only use technology for various life functions (cooking, transportation, entertainment, est.) they also adapted technology to fit their personal lives. In other words, technology has now been integrated with people in the form of wearable personal effects such as watches, glasses and even wristbands.

The following list will describe some of the latest wearable technology on the market today. Many of these items are fashioned in the form of traditional accessories that people have been wearing for hundreds of years. Here is a look at the top 10 must-have wearable Technology Devices.

Here are the Top 10 Best Wearable Technology Devices

10. JawBone UP Sleeping Wristband Monitor


JawBone UP is a fitness brand that provides people with various wearable technology devices to help monitor their health. One type of product that they sell is the Sleeping Wristband Monitor. This device is small but very useful for monitoring a person’s sleep cycle. It can put out information about a person’s movement throughout the night and it can be used to examine a person’s sleeping cycles. This wristband is designed to help people who have a hard time sleeping. It works through the use of a built-in app that provides these features.

9. Samsung Gear 2


Samsung is one of the first companies that has successfully entered into the wearable technology market. This organization created the Gear 2 and it is an advanced smartwatch that works with Samsung’s smartphone and tablet devices. This unit will allow owners to receive calls, to check their email, play music and to take incoming messages. The Gear 2 has a Tizen battery core and it is a very powerful device with 1GHz of power.

8. FitBit Flex

FitBit Flex Top Most Wearable Technology Devices Ever 2017

The FitBit Flex is a workout band that has been manufactured to help people with their exercise routines. This unit can take an exercise routine and turn it into a fun game. The band is designed more for women but men can use it as well. It is made from a flexible material and it has a thin and sleek look. The unit also comes in a variety of different hues that are bright, colorful and very appealing. This band is a great motivator and companion to any person wanting to get their exercise on.

7. NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap


For some people having a heart monitor is essential to their well-being. This is especially true for individuals who have been suffering from various heart related or cardiovascular conditions. The NuMetrex Fabric Chest Strap is a heart rate monitor that people can strap on to their body. This unit is designed to fit like a second-skin. It is made out of a fabric material and has heart rate sensors knitted into the seams. Since the material stretches it can breath and move with the person that is wearing this monitor. The Fabric Chest Strap also removes moisture away from a person’s body.

6. Google Glass

Google Glass Top Most Popular Wearable Technology Devices Ever 2018

Google Glass is the number one technology eyeglasses on the planet. This contraption is literally a pair of glasses that is able to display digital information on the lenses. People operate this device by simply providing voice commands. Touch commands are also available as well. People who wear Google Glasses can surf the internet, watch videos and even listen to music. These glasses might not have caught on with the average consumer but they certainly bring a new dimension for eyewear and personal effects.

5. GoQii


GoQii is all about improving a person’s quality of life by upgrading their health. This unit is a fitness band that utilizes various apps to monitor a person’s sleep and to analyze a person’s basic health statistics such as weight, height and caloric intake. The band can also be programmed to help people to exercise and to even be careful about the foods that they consume. GoQii fitness band has Bluetooth capability and a 360 motion sensor that is designed to screen a person’s movements.

4. Get Active Slim


Get Active Slim is a small dash board that is used to screen various health related activities. These activities typically include seeping, walking, exercises and the amount of calories that a person burns away. The unit has a 3D accelerometer censor which is used to evaluate their movement.

The LED display is also useful for situations involving low light or when the sun is shining brightly on a particular day. This unit can be synced with a computer or the internet and it also has the ability to store information for up to 15 days. The Get Active Slim is a useful device for people to use on a daily basis to keep track of their health.



LECHAL GPS Shoes are a very unique and highly advanced pair of running shoes. These shoes have the ability to provide information to users about the direction they are traveling and where they need to go next. They are integrated with GPS technology that uses haptic feedback to send messages to a person through a Bluetooth connection.

When a person is walking or running this shoe can guide them to wear they need to go. A marathon runner can use these shoes to set up a training course to get in shape. A jogger can use this device to navigate unknown and challenging paths. LECHAL GPS Shoes are among the best personal wearable gadgets in the world today. These sports shoes even allows people to keep a record about the places where they have traveled.

2. Fin Ring


The Fin Ring is all about gesture control. This unit uses Bluetooth technology to allow people to move their thumb over their other fingers in order to control various devices. The ring can be connected to games, car systems and various mobile units. It can be used for many different types of activities such as playing games, controlling the heat within a car and even communicating with business partners. This unit is a ring and the first of its kind to have this type of feature.

1. Spotnsave Wristband


The Spotnsave Wristband is designed for emergency situations and it is also a GPS tracking device. The developers of this wearable technology wanted it to be used for emergency situations. If a person is stranded or happens to be captured and detained; this wristband will send out alerts to their personal guardians. All a person needs to do is to press a button on the wristband and the unit will send SMS messages every 2 minutes. It will inform a person’s guardians about their location and that they need help.

These wearable technology devices are a testament to evolution of the technology market. Many tech companies are continuously working on different ways to blend technology and people together in a practical and functional way.

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