10 Best Selling Travel Shaving Kits for Men

Travel Shaving kits are very crucial for us during long distant travel because grooming cannot sleep and we must be prepared and sure with our shaving demands. As we go out for adventure or for other reasons, the facial hairs quickly grow without your notice to the extent that we resemble a Wooly Mammoth taking the air into a pool or the meeting. Traditional shaving kits make young people resemble their Grandfathers way back but the advanced technology in the modern world has invented various types of great shaving kits which you can bring to your own home or use when travelling.

Most of these travel kits are equipped with cool shaving brushes and super classic beard oils that you wouldn’t believe. Therefore when purchasing these shaving kits, it is important for you to have knowledge regarding the quality and performance of each travel shaving kit. The following is a list of top ten best selling travel shaving kits in 2017 that you should consider buying them when travelling.

Following are the top 10 Best Selling Travel Shaving Kits for men

10. Dovo 5-piece manicure.

dovo 5 piece manicure, Best Selling Shaving Travel Kits 2017

This shaving kit includes a nail file, nail clipper, manicure and tweezers and a nose hair trimmer all of which are made of stainless steel. This kit is also light weighted and it complies with size recommended by TSA. Therefore it gives the best shaving when travelling and also at home and you should consider buying one for you .

9. Gentleman’s Refinery

gentlemans refinery, Best Selling Shaving Travel Kits 2018

This kit comes in a size approved by TSA. It includes shave cream, pre-shave oil, and after shave balm contained in a clear box. When purchasing, the customer has to choose from three scents which are the standard, the black ice and the unscented. Most men from America use this shaving kit because it is the finest shaving kit therefore you should also consider buying.

8. Strop-it kit


This is a travel which was made purposely to provide classic shaving for classic razor shavers. It contains two silicon sheaths which allows you to select the razors you need to travel with. It also includes super badge travel brush, travel tin, shaving towel, black dopp bag and styptic pensil. Hence it provides quality shaving and you should consider buying it when travelling.

7. Parker travel shave kit


This kit is equipped with safety razor which makes this product luxurious for a foxy man. It also includes fancy items which will assist you to achieve sharp shape when travelling. It comes with a size approved by TSA. The items contained are shape soap and shape soap. If you want to improve your lifestyle then this is your shaving kit.

6. Axwell Men’s 2


This is a travel shaving kit which is equipped with fusion head razor and it is packed in black leather case. It is composed of two set of shaving utensils. For those people who travel for adventure, then Axwell men’2 is the best shaving kit them. This kit is very simple light weighted and this explains why it is easy to travel with and you can carry in the same bag with your luggage. It complies with the size recommended by TSA. The set contains steel badger brush and fusion head razor which satisfies your shaving needs. It is packed in brilliant crocodile case.

5. Rucci travel kit


You can buy this shaving kit from Amazon websites. It includes all the necessary items that you require for shaving facial hair therefore this kit will meet all your shaving desires. The Rucci kit comes along with a razor, toothbrush, a comb, Grooming scissors, a nail file, special balbs and nail clippers. Therefore this is a complete set you need during travel. These great Rucci features is the reason why it recorded great sales in the year 2017.

4. The Art of shaving mid-size kit


This kit is a luxurious product which gives the greatest shave when traveling and even at home. The product complies with TSA size and it contains four elements of excellent shave. These are After shave balm pump, pre-shave oil pump, great badger shaving brush and shaving cream pump. Therefore, buy this quality travel shaving kit and achieve genuine and great results.

3. Handy solutions 10 pc


This kit is equipped with shaving products as well as grooming items like toothbrush, tooth paste and deodorant. This complete kit complies with TSA and therefore it can fit the size conditions for air travel and you can get all the items you require in one package. It is very light with medium size and this could explain why it recorded good sales in 2017.

2. Edwin Jagger shaving kit


This is another supreme shaving kit which is equipped with shaving bowl and stand, badger shaving brush, imitation ebony and Gillette mach 3 razor. It is perfect for wet shaving because of its pure badger hair. The kit is perfectly balanced with medium weight. It has a very smart look and you can use in any occasion and you should consider buying this product.

1. Merkur barber pole 23c 6 piece wet shaving kit


The scent name of this kit is avocado. It is the best because it is a complete kit and promotes wet shaving thus it is the best when looking convenience and quality shaving. With merkur, you will get everything to get started since it includes a luxury shave cream, razor blades which are double edged, bowl of taylor and royal shave pen.

Therefore this is a great travel and it is perfect for somebody who needs experience in wet shaving. It is available at royal shave with a discount and that is why it is the best sold travel shaving kit.

When you travel it is important to recognize the fact that we have various travel shaving kits and let’s not stick to the weird traditional shaving techniques which makes us look like our grandfathers. Therefore it is important to have knowledge about the existing shaving products and establish the brand which dominates the shaving market and find out why? Finally walk to the supermarket today and buy yourself a brilliant travel shaving kit.Get one of these travel shaving kits and look wow.

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