Top 10 Transport Companies in America

The transport is one sector of the American economy that has grown in leaps and bounds up to what it is currently. It is one of the biggest sectors that employs many Americans. It is also one of the highest tax generators to the American economy and this is because of many companies getting licenses to partake in this lucrative business. From small scale companies to large scale companies that cover the whole of America, all of these companies contribute to the success of this industry.

Despite the fact that there are many companies that offer transport services, not all of these companies are the best in offering unmatched and unrivalled transport services. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 transport companies in America. These are the crème de la crème of the transport companies in America. They are reliable, consistent and fast in their delivery of goods and products. These companies are:

Here are the Top 10 Transport Companies in America

10. Old Dominion Freight Line

Old Dominion Freight Line Top Famous Transport Companies in America 2019

This is one the oldest transport companies in America. Its longevity is because it has managed to offer transport services that are matched and rivalled by very transport companies in America. It was started in 1934 and it has managed to increase its network to reach the whole of America. The founders of these awesome company are Lilian and Earl Condon. They were based majorly in Florida and California but in the seventies, they branched out Florida and California.

9. Hub Group

Hub Group Top Most Transport Companies in America 2017

This is a conglomerate of transport companies who came together so as to have a greater reach of the American transport market and also enjoy economies of scale. This merging of all the companies that make it made it to be one of the biggest freight transportation companies in America. It has its headquarters in Illinois, Oak Brook. Hub group a wide range of transport solutions to its customers and clients depending on the nature of the job they contract them to undertake.

8. Landstar System


Landstar has managed to be the 8th best transport company in America because of the high reviews and ratings it gets from its customers and clients. Landstar tailors its transport solutions according to their customer’s specifications, needs and requirements. It is also a company that has been in the transport business for quite a long time since 1988 with its headquarters based in Jacksonville Florida. It has reach and coverage of the whole of America. Not matter the nature of good you want to transport they will manage to transport for you.

7. Schneider


If you want to easily notify and notice, trucks that belong to Schneider Transport Company, they all have a brand color of orange. If you are a person who loves companies that already established in their area of business, Schneider is the company for you in the transport sector and industry because it has been in the transport business for more than 80 years. The company includes Port Logistics services, Brokerage, Bulk, Dedicated, Van Truckload, Regional and Supply chain management.

6. Swift Transportation


Just like their name gives an impression of swift and fast transportation, Swift transportation are professional in their work, they are reliable, consistent and versatile in the area of specialization. Not matter what good or products you want them to transport they will be able to do the job for exquisitely and efficiently. It has been in business since 1966.

5. XPO Logistics


This is one of the most common and famous transport company in America. This has enabled it to have clients and customers ranging from the Boeing, Disney and many more established companies and brands. Not only is XPO Logistics in America but also it is in 32 other countries with employees of more than 84000 people. This is truly one established and reliable transport company.

4. YRC Worldwide


If you want a company that will be able to transport for you goods ranging from commercial, industrial and rental goods, YRC worldwide is the company for you. This ability to transport many products and goods has made be one of the best transport companies in America. It is portfolio is quite large as it has served not less than 800,000 satisfied customers. It is a company that is based in Kansas and it has branched to reach the whole of America.

3. J.B. Hunt Transportation Company


A company doesn’t manage to be the third best transportation in America if it is not exquisite and excellent in the services that it offers. J.B. Hunt Transportation Company has been in the transport business since 1961 and it has managed to maintain its high standards that can be matched and rivalled by very companies in America. The founder of these magnificent company, Mr Johnie Bryan Hunt created the company with the mission of the being of the best transport companies in the whole of America.

2. FedEx Corp


Who doesn’t know about the FedEx Corporation? It is one of the most famous, common and reliable transport company in America. Its headquarters are in Memphis. Not only has FedEx been the 2nd best transport companies in America but also it has been voted to be among the top 100 best companies a person can work for by the Fortune magazine. This just shows the excellence and magnificence of FedEx as Transport Company.

1. UPS Inc.


Not only is United Parcel Service the best transport company in America but also it is the best transport company in the world. It has a worldwide reach of not less than 220 countries. It is a transport company that is based in Sandy Springs, Georgia. If you have any thing that you would want to transport or send in America or the whole world, UPS is transport company you should hire to accomplish that task for you.

The above companies are the best transport companies in America 2017. They are unmatched and unrivalled in the services and products they offer to esteemed customers and clients. They are the best transport companies because of the high reviews, ratings from customers and also their wide reach and coverage of the whole of America.

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