Top 10 Best Toy Companies in The World

Children love to play with toys. Many adults will not admit it but they are still fans of toys as well. Not all toys are made the same. Some toys are made with more creativity and they are built to last. Toys need to be able to stand up to play from a child and not break. There are some toys companies that work hard to make sure their toys are interesting and durable.

These are the top 10 best toy companies in the world

10. Lego

Lego Top Most Famous Toy Companies 2018

This company has been around for a number of years. A child can be creative and let their imagination run wild. They can follow the direction and build the item they see on the box. They can also explore with these pieces and make something completely new. There are different sized legos for different ages. There are some big and bright blocks for smaller children to learn how to manipulate things. There are smaller legos that require thousands of pieces of children , teens, and adults. Lego has been around for a number of years and now they are even taking popular themes and turning them into lego sets.

9. Nintendo

Nintendo Top 10 Best Toy Companies

This game company is a classic. They are responsible for the Mario Brothers which many people still love today. These games are great for children of all ages. Over the years Nintendo has come out with many different game systems to keep up with the times. In addition to Mario there are many different games on this system including Sonic, Pokemon, and many other popular games that the young and old like playing.

8. Mattel


This company is known for making one of the most popular toys for little girls. Barbie has been a classic toy for decades. The company is now expanding the look of Barbie and giving her and her friends more diverse and ethnic looks. There are a number of clothing, cars, and other accessories that go along with Barbie as well. Childhood is not complete for a little girl unless she owns a Barbie doll. Mattel is looking to expand to make other types of toys as well.

7. Hasbro


This toy company makes a number of different toys. They make action figures, educational toys, and everything in between. This brand makes toys such as Transformers, Beyblades, and even nerf inspired toys . They have over 311 different types of toys that they put on the market each year. This is a very popular brand and can be found in just about every store. This is one of the most popular toy companies in the world and is always looking to expand and develop. This company also has a number of great games on the market for children.

6. Nerf


This is a toy company that allows children to have some fun without getting hurt. These toy guns shoot out soft material that will not hurt on impact. They can be loaded and reused again and again. There are a number of different Nerf toy guns on the market. Some of them even come with targets that a child can aim at. This toy company also has a line of water guns for some summer fun. There are a number of great blaster guns for teens as well that still use the Nerf pellets to aim at targets and each other.

5. Mega Bloks


This company is great for smaller children that want to build with bloks. These bloks are larger and they are easy for little hands to manipulate. These bloks are big and colorful. They can allow a child to be creative and see all the different things that they can build. Mega bloks are great for imagination, hand eye coordination, as well as gross motor skills.

4. Fisher Price


This toy company has been making a number of toys for small children. These toys are bright and colorful. They are also interactive and educational. Fisher Price has toys with things to touch and to play. These toys are designed for young children and toddlers. They will be able to explore all the new things with these toys. They can also learn basic information such as numbers, colors, shapes, and animals. Fisher Price makes learning fun for small children and they have a number of toys on the market. This brand is a great first toy company for small children.

3. Tiger Electronics


This electronic company has made a number of handheld games .These games include the Furby, the Giga pets or virtual pets, and a number of robotic products. This company even makes a musical toothbrush to entertain children. There are a number of virtual reality toys that are made by this company and will allow children to have an interactive experience.

2. Playmobil


This site is great for smaller children as well. There are a number of toys for both girls and boys. This toy company makes pirates, princesses, and everything in between. There are toys that younger children can play with as well as toys for older children. There are a number of toys that need to be activated with a remote control which is great for children as they age. There are so many different toys to choose from with this company that there is something for every child.

1. VTech


This company makes a number of educational toys. There are toys for small children as well as teens and preteens. This company makes a number of books for early learners where they can follow along with it as the toys reads to them. This company also makes computers for children. Small children can enjoy the educational games that can be found on the computers that were designed specially for them. As the child grows there are other computer games that have more features and functions. These games are fun yet they are educational at the same time.

These are some of the best toy companies all around the world 2017. These toys are fun to play with and many of them are educational as well. These toy companies help to make great childhood memories.

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