Top 10 Best Things to Gift Your Friend

We’ve all got those hard-to-buy-for friends that just don’t seem right for the simple and thoughtful gifts that are available in every retail store throughout the US. That’s why these gifts are so perfect and are considered the top ten best things to gift to your friend. They’re quirky, they’re fun, and they will no doubt be appreciated for their silly and outlandish nature alone. So if you have a friend that needs a little pick me up or is having a birthday or other special occasion, these items are sure to brighten their day.

Following are the Top 10 Best Things to Gift Your Friend

10. Texas Tees Mama Bear & Baby Bear Matching Outfits- $27.99


The season of expecting mothers is coming up soon, and there are few better gifts than those which outline the soon to be mommy and her baby. Even if your friend already has a child this can be the perfect matching set for mommy and her cub. The adult shirt and matching onesie are absolutely adorable and will be greatly appreciated. Even better, if the bear motif is not your type of design then there are many more matching sets that you can peruse through in order to find one that you think will work.

9. Volt Torch Waterproof CREE LED Flashlight- $99


A lot people prefer practical gifts that can be used more than once and are versatile enough to help out with many different jobs. A flashlight is a tool that most people need whether they are camping, stuck on the side of the road at night, or just happen to need in case of an emergency. The CREE bulb is extraordinarily bright, which is excellent when one needs to find their way in the dark. The flashlight also possesses the capability of powering your smartphone or tablet if the power goes out. It will provide up 24 hours of illumination when used as a flashlight, and it can charge the average smartphone at least three times. As if all that wasn’t enough, it’s also waterproof.

8. Go Cubes Chewable Coffee- $42 for 20 packages

Go Cubes Chewable Coffee Top Famous Things to Gift Your Friend 2019

Nearly everyone has at least one friend that is a dedicated caffeine junkie. These cubes of chewable coffee have about half a cup each in every bite-sized chew. So if you miss your morning caffeine fix all you need to do is grab one of these and take a healthy bite. The assortment of flavors includes mocha, pure drip, and latte. There are also other supplements within the chews that can help to improve performance and level out your system while negating the jitters that coffee tends to give a body. This might prove to be one of the best gifts to the friend that can’t get away for the much-needed coffee break.

7. ELEMIS 25 Heritage Heroes Kit- $65

ELEMIS 25 Heritage Heroes Kit Top Most Popular Things to Gift Your Friend 2018

This product makes it easy to pamper that best friend that needs to unwind now and again with fancy bath and a host of beauty products that are designed to be used on the face and body. No doubt an item for the special female friend, it offers a great way to boost confidence and uplift spirits whether they are having a bad day or have just gone through a tragic experience in life. The brand also offers skincare gifts for men.

6. Daves Wood Designs Handmade Wooden Candy Dispenser- $62.95


Got a friend that likes to keep snacks on hand? This cute, handmade gift is perfect for the casual sugar or snacks addict that likes to keep their favorite treats close by and accessible. They come in five different wood finishes along with the option to order a dispenser that offers a larger hole that can accommodate bigger treats. You won’t want to try anything like peanut clusters or anything bigger than an M&M, but with smaller candies and snacks these dispensers are a great idea to keep on hand.

5. Guzzle Buddy- $19.99


For that friend that absolutely loves their wine and can’t live without it, this gift can transform a standard bottle into a “big mouth” wine glass. This gift isn’t cheap or just meant for gags either, as it’s made from high quality, lead-free glass that is quite durable. If you want to keep this gift as less of a gag and more realistic you can always choose a regular wine glass as well to affix to your friend’s bottle.

4. Spafinder Wellness 365 Gift Card- $50


This type of gift is great largely because it can be for pretty much anything, be it a holiday, a birthday, or just because. Most friends would look at a spa day as a blessed relief from their everyday lives and a chance to go and be pampered for a day. There are thousands of spa’s that will gladly accept this card. Just for presentation sake it also comes in a special little gift box.

3. Long Distance State Coffee Mug- $16.50


Sometimes friends move away, it’s a sad truth but it happens. While it might seem silly or even hopelessly dramatic to some, your best friend will no doubt see the humor and the companionship in this gesture whether you live in a different part of the state or different states altogether. The mugs can be customized to fit your needs, and you customize the text as well. You can even add in your friend’s favorite choice of coffee or tea in order to make it even more personalized.

2. ‘BFF: A Keepsake Journal of Q&As for Best Friends’- $13.34


Granted, this type of gift was designed more for the younger generation to fully enjoy, but adults can get in on the act as well. As a keepsake this journal is formatted in a question and answer motif that has been seen as quite popular for best friends and allows them to fill it out together. The book is filled with prompts and helps to inspire creativity so that friends can fill their weekends with good times and better company.

1. ALEX AND ANI ‘Charity By Design’ Best Friends Bracelets, Set Of 2- $48


This is another gift that is primarily designed for younger kids that are still enchanted with the idea of remaining best friends forever. There are few other symbols of such friendship that are able to last as long as a friendship bracelet, and these set from ALEX AND ANI presents a wonderful option for those girls that already own a box full of jewelry from this company and fully enjoy the stacked look.

Best friend gifts can be thoughtful, funny, and even ridiculous at times. The point is that they are given with love and in the spirit of being that best friend with the greatest sense of humor. After all, if you can’t have a good laugh with someone, then what is friendship for?

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