11 Best Theatre Companies in The World

To come up with a theatre company capital is the much needed tool as well as experienced thespians. Most of the companies that have been featured as the best came up some years back and it took them quite some time to come up and be what they are at the moment. It is important however to note that different sites have positioned different companies differently. They have then come up with their own lists. Therefore the following is the list that is comprehensively compiled from different sites so as to come up with these ones.

Following are the Top 11 Best Theatre Companies

11. The Flick National Theatre

The Flick National Theatre Top 10 Best Theatre Companies

It is located in London. The plays that have been staged here have pulled audiences from far and wide and across the globe. It is no wonder it has made it to the list of top tens. This theatre company has been known the world over for the exepmplary services given.

10. Western Washington University


Most theatre companies as known have started as university based. They have then matured to become big companies attracting large audiences for their shows. They have then amassed huge capitals and have been able to have renowned thespians perform musicals and plays on their stages. Backed with powerful directors this theatre is one to reckon with.

9. Royal Shakespeare company

Royal Shakespeare company Top Most Popular Theatre Companies 2018

This theatre derives its name from Shakespear. If the name is anything to go by then this is one company with a great and bright future ahead. Most people are conversant with the works of William Shakespear. Who does not know Shakespear except may be a toddler who was born just the other day. It is also based in London just as its other counterparts. The English must be huge fans of plays but then again who is not. The reason for stating so is owing to the fact that most of them are found in London.

8. The Sydney theatre company


It is situated in Australia. Form the site the theatre company seems to be one of a kind and has a great following. This is given that most of the plays that it is to show are all sold out. They have attracted thespians from far wide and wide in the production of musicals and plays. Actors that have gone ahead to make it in Hollywood can trace their roots all the way from here.

7. Huntington theatre company


This company is located in Boston. The name is derived from the avenue in which the offices are found. It is quite a busy company owing to the number of plays that it is directing as well as presenting to the audiences. Given the itinerary on their website it can well be deduced that it is quite a busy one throughout the year and this shows how established they could be in the now market.

6. Torrance theatre company


It is a company based in Cabrillo Avenue. Just as the rest it enjoys its share of musicals and live plays. Audiences traverse the country just for a sneak peek of what they have. With a simple click of button one can subscribe to their updates hence one can only imagine how much they care for their clients to be kept up to date on their ongoing events.

5. Auckland theatre company


This company has also made its mark in the world of theatre. It has been around for quite a good number of years. Be it when you talk musicals to plays just to mention a few. The company is one that is renowned and also has had a reputation of nurturing talent. With a large audience from the environs, it is guilty of having created the much needed employment and made its impact on the lives of young people; the future generations.

4. State theatre company


It is found in Australia, in the South. In some of its productions it has worked with other companies. However most of its plays have been successful. It is a company that has great potential. Some thespians notably have started from this level and moved up to broadway then to our television screens. It is therefore only fair to give credit where it is due. It has nurtured young talented and grown it to Oscars just to mention but a few.

3. Sacramento Theatre Company


It is based in Sacramento just as is suggested by the name. Ranging from comedy plays to musicals and contemporary, this company has presented them on stage and made good its promise of delivering quality. The company has been around for quite a good number of years and judging from its website it receives good traffic. It has a good reputation and won’t fail to have nurtured one or two good thespians. Musicals performed on their stages have resonated well with their audiences.

2. Pioneer theatre company


In conjunction with the university of Uttah and some other companies, this company is renowed for its good quality productions both in musicals and plays. It draws its audience form all over the country. Just as the name suggests it is a pioneer in the industry. It has some good years tucked under its belt.

1. The York theatre company


The theatre company is found in New York and enjoys good audience. It is interesting to note that it conducts musicals and plays just to mention but a few.

There are not so many lovers of theatre out there but the ones that are there are very attentive to detail. The companies in the review will give one the best theatre experience. However not to dispute is the fact that there are still more theatre companies coming up that may not have been captured in this report but it is important to note they have potential. For those that made it to the top ten, then it is a good platform to show case more plays and attract more lovers of plays and musicals. Therefore whenever one is around these places, take advantage of the review done and give a five star experience in plays and theatre in general.

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