Top 10 Best Swedish Brands

Despite its small population, Sweden is home to very many worldwide popular brands. Corporations such as Ikea and H&M are just the tip of the iceberg. Sweden is filled with creative thinkers who have introduced nothing but fashion forward items that have rocked the fashion industry worldwide. From popular furniture, shoes, gloves, skateboarding attire, etc, our list has them all.

Let us take a closer look at some of best Swedish brands

10. Hestra –

Hestra Top Most Popular Swedish Brands 2018

For anyone living in Northern Europe, then you are quite familiar with this brand name. Hestra is a very popular designer house that deals mainly in deerskin gloves. Hestra has been around since 1936 and offers incredible pieces for all occasions and climates. Hestra recently formed a partnership with Danish label Norse Projects to produce a hardwearing line of assorted gloves and mitts.

9. Acne Studios –

Acne Studios Top 10 Best Swedish Brands 2017

Acne Studios is well known for producing incredible stylish collections for both men and women. Since its establishment, Acne Studios has ventured off into magazines, furniture, books and exhibitions and it looks like there is no slowing down. Their headquarters are located in Stockholm with department stores all over the world including London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and Los Angeles. Acne Studios is your one stop shop for all your designer clothing need. They provide trending and stylish collections that are made from quality materials yet can be bought at reasonable prices.

8. Polar Skate Co. –


With headquarters on Sweden, Polar Skate Co is led by Pontus Alv – he is the founder, director, and illustrator. If you are looking for skateboarding attire, there is no better place than Polar Skate Co. Granted that this company might be unknown to some people, however do not undermine just how popular it is back in Sweden. Since establishment, Polar skate is among the largest leading stores in skateboarding attires in Sweden and surrounding countries.

7. Tres Bien –


Tres Bien retailer was already a high profile designer before venturing off into clothes. These Malmo-based retailers were able to build up Tres Bien in such a stunningly short amount of time. Tres Bien was founded by brothers Simon and Hannes Hogeman. They are the face of Tres Biens movement and although they have been operational for just a short while, they have gathered quite an impressive following thanks to their unique and incredible cut their clothes deliver. If you want to look stylish and trending, then there is no better place to shop than Tres Bien.

6. Nudie Jeans –


Started in Gothenburg, Sweden, Nudie Jeans is Sweden’s second largest urban center. Nudie Jeans is well known for their signature swirl-like pocket stitching and their unique silhouettes such as the Grim Tim and Steady Eddie. All items produced by Nudie Jeans are made from 100% organic cotton. Nudie Jeans is incredibly popular and has opened retailer shops across Europe. Do you love anything jeans? Then Nudie Jeans is just where you need to shop.

5. Tretorn –


Tretorn has to be the longest standing shop on our list. Founded back in 1891 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Tretorn was initially a manufacturer of rubber boots. Since then Tretorn is now well known for producing sport and leisure footwear, including their most popular model, the Nylite. Tretorn holds a warrant of appointment to the royal Swedish court – meaning that members of the court order certain footwear items exclusively from Tretorn alone. In 2002, Tretorn was acquired by PUMA.

4. Our Legacy –


Our Legacy is among some of the world’s most respected fashion brands. Our Legacy began as a simple T-shirt line and then has since grown to be a major fashion house. Founded by Christopher Nying and Jockum Hallin, Our Legacy is now termed as Sweden’s most contemporary fashion line. Our Legacy’s collection was unveiled back in 2008 and since then, they have grown in an alarming rate. Our Legacy has gained popularity worldwide and is known for its cutting edge basic items such as t-shirts and their unique inspiration derived from art, literature, punk, film, and more.

3. Cheap Monday –


Cheap Monday was initially founded as s second-hand clothing store by Mr. Andersson and Adam Friberg. Cheap Monday was initially known as “Weekday” since they mostly opened from Monday to Saturday. Many of us know it from their signature monochromatic skull logo – this logo is the brand’s most identifiable trademark. Cheap Monday uses this logo on their jeans, shirts, and flannels. In 2002, H & M purchased 60% of Cheap Monday for approximately $92 million dollars.

2. H&M – www.h&


I doubt there is a single person who loves fashion that does not know what H & M is. This shop has been a highly popular shop – it provides customers with fashion forward pieces that are trending, stylish, durable, and best of all, affordable. H & M shops are scattered all over the globe with branches in key cities such as New York, Paris, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and many other major shopping cities. H & M not only offers incredible clothes but you can also find a wide variety of bags and accessories. H & M holds men, women, and children clothing’s at affordable prices.

1. Ikea –


Granted that this is not a fashion house, Ikea is the biggest furniture store in the world. Many have tried but failed to beat them. Ikea has been around for many years and offers well constructed and durable furniture at affordable prices. When it comes to all things Home Living, then Ikea is your one stop shop. You will be able to shop for anything ranging from sleeper couches, sofas, mirrors, bedside lamps, beddings, toiletries, and many other products, all from one convenient store. Ikea has a huge presence online and offline with stores scattered all over the globe. You can shop for Ikea items in all continents and in almost all major cities worldwide.

Instead of focusing solely on clothes, we have looked into other designer brands that produce items such as gloves, furniture, skateboarding attires, etc. Have you ever used any of these brands before? We would to hear from you so do leave us a comment below and let us know which designer house we should include in our list and why.

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