Top 10 Best Spectacle Frame Colors

The world that we are living in today is a world of fashion and trends. Due to this we have numerous styles and fashions that keep on emerging each and everyday, this is so especially in the clothing industry where we find each day new fashions of clothes, eyewear, and ear wear, leg wears among others. In this article we get to look at some of the coolest spectacle frame colors that are trendy and thus best on the market. We often ask ourselves on when is the most ideal time to buy a new pair of glasses that are likely to feature on the latest eyewear fashion? There is no better time to this; however, we may say that at the start of the year is probably the best time. Here we look at some of the best ten spectacle frame colors that are likely to dominate the market. You can take a look at some of these stylish glasses in case you are looking for one to fit with your new office wear or if you just want to improve on your looks.

Here are the Top 10 Best Spectacle Frame Colors

10. Tortoise shell Frame


This is one of the trendy spectacle frames that are currently selling on the market. If you want to remain in tune with the recent eyewear trends then this is the best option. The tortoise shell glasses come in different color palettes; therefore you will not miss out on the perfect one that will match the tone of your skin and hair. Java is an example of a rectangular tortoiseshell frame that you can go for. These eyeglasses are smooth and slim and can be worn by both men and women. For people who love to get a lot of attention then this are the best glass frames that will enable you get that attention that you crave for, but for women who want a more exclusive thing, then the oversized cat eye Zelda frame is the best, in its subtle tortoiseshell frame.

9. Dapper Frame

Dapper Frame Top Most Popular Spectacle Frame Colors 2018

This great frame comes in a yellow and black tortoise shell. These frames attract a lot of attention thus the best for attention seekers. They also make the men’s glasses to be very masculine and powerful, hence a great choice for office outfit.

8. Clear frame glasses

Clear frame glasses Top Most Famous Spectacle Frame Colors 2018

These are one of the frame glasses popular on the market. The clear fame glasses are very popular eyewear trends of this year. The frames have a neutral color way which makes them a good choice in this year. Many people love their beautiful look and elegant design. If you are in search of the coolest eyeglasses for both women and men, then the ones having the clear frame are the best bet for you.

7. Black Rimmed Frame


Black rimmed frame glasses are one of the best since they are non-color and thus very popular during winter season. These frames are also very great since they can go with any formal outfits, like white shirts and black suits. The Hill rectangular eyeglasses with back frames are for men professionals who want to change their look.

6. Retro Cat Eye Black frame


This is a nice choice for women especially those working in business environment. They help to give a woman a smart and mysterious look which is bound to emphasize on her professionalism.

5. Gold Metal Frame glasses


If you manage to wear gold then there is a statement you are trying to make. It is therefore natural that if you want to change your look then the golden metal frame glasses is the best option. Gold metal frame glasses are very delicate but they inspire elegance to greater heights. The frames of this type are definitely for indoor or offices since they are very delicate- their fragility makes it somehow hard for them to be worn just anywhere. The gold metal frames can come in different shapes such as the round metal eyeglasses. The round metal frame eyeglasses usually attract a lot of attention and can do miracles for you in your working environment. They are some of the men’s best eyeglass frames; however, they too can be a great choice for women also.

4. Red Frame Glasses


These red frame glasses help to inspire elegance and give a smart look to a person wearing them. They are very ideal since they can be worn with either formal or informal outfit. They are mostly designed for women. Their lovely color makes them perfect for a person who loves fashion. They may come in an oversized IT frame that is painted in red and slightly complimented with a bit of clear or candy pink Madison frame, this red frame glasses for women are very fashionable and stylish. The red eyed glasses are very appealing-like if the color of your skin is a darker shade, then the contrast of this will be very beautiful. The red color will definitely give you a sexy and mysterious look.

3. Pink Frame glasses


The pink frame glasses are playful and very cute. They are usually designed for younger girls and young women, like college students. For those ladies who would want an eyewear for the office and is not able to make good fashion choices, then she should go for a toned down red cat eye frame.

2. Purple frame glasses


These kinds of glass frames give a very nice look to a person wearing them. They are mostly won by young women, such as those in colleges and campus. This purple color is very ideal for fashionistas as it makes them look great.

1. Brown line Frame glasses


These frame glasses are ideal for both men and women, they may be in semi-rimless frames but still very practical and fashionable, the color is very cool and stylish thus making it one of the best trendy eyewear.

These are some of the best spectacle frame colors currently selling on the market. If you love colors and would would like to change your look then the above are some of the best options that you can for go for.

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