Best Shops and Supermarkets in World

Shops and supermarkets are a go to for every person. They are found the world over. In shops and supermarkets is where you can get necessities and basic human needs. The products found range from water to groceries, and toiletries just to mention but a few. They are stores that stock virtually every household item under one roof. But it is worth to mention that no two supermarkets are equal in nature. Here we are talking about more than just floor space. In this article we review the best supermarkets in the world in 2017. Supermarkets that made it to this list are the best in terms of customer service, product range, price among others. The reviews that have been done are meant to help people especially travelers as they tour the world over. Everyone loves to shop and this review will help you find that safe haven when it comes to shopping.

Here are few Best Shops and Supermarkets in World

10. Target Corporation

Target Corporation Top Famous Shops and Supermarkets in World 2019

Target is one of the biggest retail shops in the United States of America and has about 1790 stores across America. Just as the name suggests it has a target market of densely populated areas in the urban centres. It has set up small stores in the said areas. With a market of around $45.3 billion this stores have nowhere to go but up in a bid to expand.

9. The Home Depot


It offers proprietary as well as exclusive brands. Some of them include Hampton Bay products, Vigoro lawn care products just to mention but a few. As of last year it had a market capitalization of around $170 billion. In addition to having stores in the United States of America, it also has stores operating in Mexico and Canada.

8. Metro Group AG

Metro Group AG Top Popular Shops and Supermarkets in World 2019

This group is a German name that has made tremendous strides in Europe and has become a household name over time in the continent. The metro group has engulfed in its operations, supermarket chains just to mention a few. It has been associated also with some exclusive brands. Its operations stretch to Russia, Thailand, China , Pakistan among others.

7. Aldi


This discount chain is based in Germany. The two individuals who co-founded this chain are Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht. Judging from the surnames, they must be related. Their markets have spread across the continent and beyond. Aldi prides itself as a supermarket chain that continues to tap into the youthful shoppers. To this end, they put a lot of measures in their stores all over the world. This continues to help them gain traction.

6. Costco


When one wants fine wine that is renowned the world over well , Costco comes to mind. It has been termed as the largest warehouse club in terms of membership in the United States of America. It is undoubtedly one of the retailers of fine wine with the largest customer base. What gives it an edge over the rest is the fact that it has established itself in fine wine hence slashing the competition by half. This is one of the supermarket stores that offers one kind of product. While many may be tempted to think that this is an undoing, it is not. This is a strategy that positions the supermarket chain very well in the market.

5. The Kroger Co


Bernard Kroger is the founder of this chain of supermarkets in America. In 1883 is the year he founded it in Cincinnati in the state of Ohio. Recent data acknowledges the presence of more than 3619 of the Kroger stores. The company has great potential to expand all across Europe and the Americas as the market keeps growing.

4. Lidl Stiftung Co


The name is quite a mouthful but when you get around to acknowledge its achievement one may want to say it over and over again. It boasts of coming up in the 1930s and was founded by a member of the family known by the name Schwarz. Its stores are found in across 20 countries in Europe. However it is more profound in Germany.

3. Tesco


In the United Kingdom, Tesco has made a name for itself as a grocery store in the global arena. Founded in 1919, it has expanded and now has stores across Europe, North America and Asia. With time it may well become a household name in other countries and continents as well because expansion is still be ongoing. By targeting only gloceries, Tesco has a huge ready market. The supermarket is a major contributor to healthy eating.

2. Carrefour


It has its headquarters in France. It was opened in the years going back to1958. Carrefour planet supermarket in Nice, France got to be even bigger after merging with its competitor in the year 1995. Promodes was its most fierce competitor in the market and after the merger the supermarket took off in great stride. It has made quite a name for itself so far so good and with that there is nowhere to go but up and overseas, pun intended. It is one of the leading supermarkets in Europe.

1. Walmart


Founded by Sam Walton, it has around 8500 stores around the world. It therefore has a large customer base and especially in the United States of America. It has stood the test of time and reinvented itself over the years given that it started in the year 1962. It has somehow managed to remain relevant all through the years. This supermarket chain has a lot on offer for any shopper. The fact that they have so many stores means that most major towns have a Wal-Mart supermarket. The supermarket chain is keen on staying current with technological advancements. This helps in excellent customer service.

In conclusion, there are other markets and shops out there that equally stand out but the following have been singled out because of their popularity, customer base among other factors. Therefore as a traveller, a shopper or anyone out there who us looking to shop, the reviews done serve to guide you and make easy the burden of having to look for shops in vain in unfamiliar territories. Enjoy the shopping experience as you have a read.

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