Top 10 Best Selling HDTV Brands in The World

The invention of television has created a possibility and today we have achieved what we thought we could not achieve. Today people can surf the whole world using their TVs and really experience the world in their television monitors. What began as a display of white and black has been improved to 4k quality display. There are various television brands which are available in the world’s open market with many features and specifications. Therefore when buying your television set, it is crucial to find out the more improved technology model.

Recently, HD television model has got tremendous popularity and many people are considering purchasing different brands of the HD television and before you buy any television you have to consider factors like display technology, quality of the image and display resolution. This article describes top 10 best-selling High-Definition television brands in the world of 2017 and the following is the list of these brands.

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling HDTV Brands in The World



The brand is among the oldest TV brands but it is still relevant in many parts of the world. Its HD TV series delivers great images and videos. Its anatomy is sleek and elegant. The brand is equipped with HD natural motion facility. The HD TVs of Philips are therefore very popular because of its affordability and a display of great images and that could be the reason why they are still demanded in the market although it is among the oldest brands.

9. TCL


The brand has produced some of the smartest HD television devices. The HD TV of TCL allows streaming of several entertainment genres. Its viewing experience has been made effective and clear with easy user interface and a superior HD display. The brand has proven the world that it is the best seller because of its affordable prices and an impressive HD display.


ONIDA Top Popular Selling HDTV Brands in The World 2018

The HD TV displays of ONIDA have obtained good reputation because of cathode ray displays. These Television series delivers a high class quality pictures and an amazing sound too. These televisions have wonderful designs and can last for a long time. The brand also delivers finest videos and images in every pixels that is built to perfection. This explains why the brand recorded good sales in 2017.



Toshiba is very popular because it has pioneered many innovations. This Japan brand is also popular because it sells good things at affordable prices. The HD TV of Toshiba is equipped with embedded systems to process videos faster. It also has sharper, detailed rich pictures with motion streaming. The pictures are very quality because of the anatomy and the technology used by the manufacturer. The HD TV Toshiba television is quite affordable and that is why it recorded good sales in 2017.

6. AOC

AOC Top 10 Best Selling HDTV Brands in The World 2017

AOC is a brand manufactured in US and as a matter of fact, it produced monitors with great displays. The displays are greatly designed to deliver awesome pictures and images. The HD TVs of AOC are equipped with sound surround system. You can connect with USB and HDMI. The brand has affordable prices and that is why it is very popular around the world.



The brand delivers high class picture quality because it is equipped with a supreme viwing experience of HD. The products are designed in such a way that it is easier and faster when smart interface is used to allow you select from several applications to permit streaming. The displays are equipped with LED set up and they can be refreshed at a rate of 120Hz to enable proper viewing of the pictures in motion. You can connect the Television through HDMI, WIFI AND USB and the brand is very affordable and that is why the HD TV of Vizio recorded good sales in 2017.



This is a Japanese conglomerate corporation. Sony HD televisions display quality and clear pictures with clean colours. The series of HD television of sony are very common in the world. Its displays deliver amazing vivid colours estimated to be 16.7 million. Also, its anatomy is very slim and compact and the pictures appear life. The images are very sharp with the best sound output. The brand’s high class pictures and its affordability is the reason why HD TV of Sony recorded better sales in 2017.



This is a Japanese based brand which is commonly known as the manufacture of HD televisions. The company is actually as a serial inventor and innovator of latest technologies in the HD televisions. Panasonic HD TVs are equipped with IPS displays with great brightness and can display very high class pictures. The HD TVs of Panasonic are equipped with voice guidance system and USB sharing to enhance better TVs and hence attract more customers.



This is a brand from Korea and it is the second best sold brand; The HD display for Samsung television is sharper and can produce fine pictures. Its colours are designed to display excellent pictures and videos. It has got sound promoter systems alongside weather prevention systems. These HD TVS gained popularity because of its appealing features and performance at an affordable price. These brands have popularity in other parts of the world and I recommend anyone to buy and avoid any regrets whatsoever.

1. LG


This is currently the most sold brand in 2017 because it is equipped with highly furthered devices and gadgets. Its HD television is accompanied by IPS display that determines image quality and ensures the image delivered is full of details. It has wide angels display which enables viewers to view details and images from all can also be connected with HDML and USB. They also have systems to protect weather and assure safety.

It is important to note that all the above brands have a big popularity for their HD TVs in all parts of the world. Therefore their popularity and salability is not bounded to the country they manufacture. These brands are well recognized around the world because of their superior features and performance. The companies are still dking research and consumers can only look forward to the best viewing experience.

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