Top 10 Best Rokenbok Vehicles

The Rokenbok Toy Company has been in existence since the year 1995 ad has given children reason to play and remain active. With its origin in the United States, its toys have covered the global market. With the key objective of not only physical development of your children but also offers learning opportunities. The available STEM toys through the assembly system and the remote-control vehicles promote this. Gaining popularity are the Rokenbok vehicles. They are also fun and exciting. This company offers a wide variety of vehicles to meet the different wants, needs, likes and preferences of different children.

The following are the top 10 best Rokenbok Vehicles out in the market

10. RokenBok Deluxe ROK Blocks

RokenBok Deluxe ROK Blocks Top Best Rokenbok Vehicles 2017

This set provides specially designed blocks that will allow your child to create a vehicle of his or her choice. The blocks are not difficult to put together and he or she can manipulate them as they wish. They can create all sorts of vehicles includes helicopters. It also allows them to construct other things to play with thus being very versatile.

9. Rokenbok Monorail Mania Complete Building Set

Rokenbok Monorail Mania Complete Building Set Top Most Popular Rokenbok Vehicles 2018

For all the train lovers out there, this is the ideal Rokenbok vehicle to consider. It is recommended for children who are about 3 years of age and above. Your child will be required to build a rail where he or she will then drive through the rail with their train. It allows children to create different designs of rails so he or she always has reason to look forward to playing with their vehicle. It is also a great set for growing children as it accommodates the various creative features from children of different ages.

8. Rokenbok Young Builder Action Set


This is a great introductory set for young children of about 3 years of age to aspects as great as engineering. Included in this set is a dump track and an automated conveyor belt. The vehicle, the dump track, is used to carry load from one point to another. With the help of the remote control, it is always a fun moment for your children as well as remains easy so your young child does not feel overwhelmed. The young boys are lovers of dump tracks thus putting this set amongst the best here.

7. ROK Works Start Set

ROK Works Start Set Top 10 Best Rokenbok Vehicles 2017

This set comes complete with a construction site accompanied by corresponding machinery. This is a great inclusion for children who are about 6 years of age. The set allows your children to build the construction site and once everything is in place, they can navigate the construction machinery via the included remote control. With these vehicles, they have the ability to pick up loads and take it to the convoy belt. The vehicles can get through obstacles just to complete their objective. This set is user-friendly and fun to keep your child entertained.

6. Rokenbok Inventor’s Tool Box


Targeting the older children, this toolbox comes with the ability to create different vehicles as well as blocks to design construction models. The set is big allowing your kids to explore so much. It is versatile allowing you to connect it to other Rokenbok sets so there is so much more to offer your young one more to exploit. It boosts creativity as well as physical capabilities. It also develops your kid’s ability to follow instructions and remain focussed.

5. Rokenbok RC Classic Police Defender Vehicle


This toy is bot for young girls and boys of 6 years and more. Looking at its construction, right about any child will love its appearance. It comes clearly labeled with Police branding. It can take on different terrains and it features a few military aspects. Bottom line is that it resembles a heavy-duty police vehicle that is fun and exciting. Its compact design is outstanding.

4. Rokenbok Night Shift Trailer


This is a great addition to any child’s construction site. It plays a great role of lighting up your construction site. This trailer is battery powered leaving the spotlights and directional arrows functional as they can control traffic flow and direct other vehicles in the construction site making it ideal for night use. It is designed to hitch to other Rokenbok vehicles for easy transportation of other items during playtime.

3. Rokenbok Power Sweeper Value Pack


This toy comes a powerful vehicle that is bound to impress your child. It is remote controlled thus making it easy and fun to operate. This vehicle comes with four motors that have varying functions. With this, your baby can drive, lift items, sweep, and as well as dump off loads at a different point. Looking at its overall appearance, it will attract the eye of your child thus arousing the urge to play and learn.

2. Rokenbok Remote Control Dozer with Recycling Center


Recommended for children of 6 years and above, this vehicle has the capability to taking on obstacles while at the same time sweeping big loads around. It is remote controlled making it fun, entertaining, as well as helps your children to boost their ability to coordinate things. It might be small but it is very powerful. He can play with the function horn as well as the headlights making it more engaging.

1. RokenBok Remote Control Forklift


This toy is recommended for children of 3 years and above. It resembles a real vehicle forklift and the only difference is the inability to ride in it. It has the ability to lift right about anything in miniature size. You can also use it with other construction sets from the same company to help your child get some work done. The remote control makes it easier to operate and fun as your child will stand from a distance and enjoy looking at his effort.

The above top 10 best Rokenbok vehicles are a great addition to your child’s playtime. They are safe for your children and come with several advantages. They boost mental as well as physical capabilities for your child. In addition, they are age recommended so you do not overwhelm your child. You may choose to combine different vehicles to complete a site or simply play and have fun.

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