Top 10 Best Record Companies in The World

People love buying music, and there are countless labels and record companies that are more than happy to keep dishing out music for people to buy. While everyone might have varying tastes in what they deem to be great music, it is easy to say that some of these record companies stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of general quality and the reliability of the artist that are signed to agreements. Below you will find the Top 10 Best Record Companies in the world, in case you just didn’t know who was making the best records right now for the entire planet.

Following are the Top 10 Best Record Companies in The World

10. Fueled By Ramen

Fueled By Ramen Top Popular Record Companies in The World 2019


Big in the indie scene and the pop punk variety of artists, Fueled by Ramen has been putting out records from some of the top bands in Rock for over 20 years now. While the label itself is deemed to be a subsidiary or its major label owner Warner Brothers, the record company clearly stands out from the shadow of Warner Brothers and sends a message as one of the best making records right now. With acts like Panic! At The Disco, 3Oh!3, Paramore, and the hugely popular Twenty One Pilots, the label is still on the rise coming into 2017.

9. Roadrunner



Warner Brothers also has its hands in the next label that has made the list. Admittedly though this hard rock/metal label was already well established when it was acquired by the record juggernaut WB. The insistence that the label had on signing some of the greatest hard acts to ever take the stage made the label a household name in no time at all. Roadrunner has existed as a label since 1980, though its earlier years were spent spreading North American metal music throughout Europe. Now with talent like Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, The Amity Affliction and Korn, the label is one of the foremost metal/hard rock labels in history.

8. Fearless

Fearless Top Famous Record Companies in The World 2019


This label has existed since 1994, and in that time Fearless has seen some great successes. This is a label that is still very much on the rise, and a lot of its biggest successes have occurred within the past few years. The bulk of the sound from this label seems to generate from pop punk to rock acts. The Plain White T’s are among the label’s crowining successes, followed closely by acts like Mayday Parade and singing/screaming outfits like Pierce the Veil and Motionless in White.

7. Epic Records



This label has been in existence since the 1950’s. Throughout this time they have solidified their dominance in record sales again and again. Some of the biggest acts to ever take a stage found their home on this album, and even though some of them are posthumously sold, the label as a whole continues to thrive from their legendary status. This is not to suggest that Epic is only interested in the acts that used to be dominate, as in all actuality, they have some of the biggest names in music still out there making it happen right now. The label might best be known for its dealings with Michael Jackson and Pearl Jam throughout the years, it still continues to reign in the top 10 with acts like The Fray, Avril Lavigne and DJ Khaled.

6. Atlantic Records




Atlantic is a label that has also been around a very long time. The label actually was founded back in 1947. Early on in its existence, the label seemed to center on jazz and soul music, but would later become icons of the classic rock world when the tide of music began to change dramatically throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s. Through supporting legendary acts like Led Zeppelin and Neil Young, Atlantic would cement a place in music’s history and continues to thrive to this day. Currently the label sees continued success through the efforts of musical artists like Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth.

5. RCA Records



RCA is a really wide spread label, offering artists in nearly every single major music genre. They are among the top five labels for their staying power throughout the years, as well as their current roster of impressive artists. Since the label began in 1901, making it one of the oldest music labels on this list or in general, RCA has committed itself to quality. They have one of the most extensive rosters that could be seen from any of these labels on this list, and it varies greatly from artists like Bring Me the Horizon bringing up hard rock to rap group Wu-Tang Clan.

4. Columbia Records



Columbia Records is also rather old, but that by no means discredits their ability to still operate one of the greatest record companies in the entire world. They have also made it into the top 5 based on their staying power throughout the years, which has not always been kind to labels or to music sales in general. With a current roster boasting huge artists like Foster The People, Journey, AC/DC, Kings of Leon and Miranda Lambert, the label does not shy away from lasting talents in any of the major or niche genres.

3. Island/Def Jam Records



While this label (Island) might have originated as one of the foremost reggae record companies in the world, its evolution is unlike any label to be featured on this list. Throughout the years, from its early beginnings promoting and selling Bob Marley records and like minded artists, Island has evolved to taking on artists in a number of different genres far and away from their reggae roots. Creating the Def Jam end of the spectrum, artists from all genres were finding a home on the label. Their continued successes are due to some of the world’s most acclaimed acts like Fall Out Boy, Drake, Shawn Mendes, Nicki Minaj and countless others. This is a label that has been through a lot of changes, but seemingly every one of those adjustments just improved the label as a whole.

2. Capitol Records



Capitol Records is one of the most widely recognized labels on the planet. Thousands of the top acts throughout music history have found a home on this label, even if only for a short time. They are attributed with some of the biggest acts, and helping to make them household names all around the world, as Capitol has an established track record with making good on their promotion efforts with their up and coming artists. The label stays well above the rest by the successes of their current roster which has artists like Bastille, Dierks Bentley, and Garth Brooks.

1. Warner Brother Records



As you have seen from the earlier portion of this acclaimed list, Warner Brothers seems to have a lot of action behind the scenes by controlling the intellectual properties of some of the top labels in the world. While Fueled By Ramen and Roadrunner likely could have still seen great successes on their own, joining up with an established entity like Warner Brothers proved beneficial to both sides and then some. While the record company has seen some of the most prolific acts throughout its long standing time in the sun, their current acts will also be just as legendary to music history when they finally retire the instruments and microphones. While there is quite an extensive roster, not even getting into the subsidiary record companies that the juggernaut controls, Warner Brothers has some of the greatest musical artists that this generation has ever been introduced to. The Black Keys are a great example of this, as the two piece indie rockers would not have found their success or audience without the direct promotional efforts of the major label.

These are the very best of the best making records right now and distributing them out all around the world. There are literally hundreds of companies that were vying for a spot on this list, but the longevity and dramatic impact to music in general solidified both the selections for this iconic list and the placement of each of the companies that made the cut. So if you are looking to find some new artists to listen to, or want to know some new record companies other than what you might normally get information for, this list should give you a direct line to a lot of great artists from every single era of music.

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