Top 10 Best RC Car Manufacturer Brands

I know what you are thinking, RC is not only an acronym for Random Chat but also Radio Controlled and since the latter is our focal point today, lets dive in. So really, what are RC cars? (You could consider this as me doing due diligence to every brilliant reader out there or not, don’t take me too seriously). Advertisement of toy style cars is as “remote control” quite often while hobbyists call kit-style cars “radio control”.

Popular with radio control models are cars with radio control ranging from trucks, monster trucks, street trucks, cars, off-road buggies and more. They come in basically two forms; “toy” style cars or trucks and “kit” style cars or trucks. The latter could be presented either as a build-it-yourself kit or ready to run. Still on the deciphering bit, there are two types of kits; on-road and off-road kits, it’s self-explanatory that on-road kits can travel at high speed and look like cars we see on race tracks and streets.

Several manufacturing brands are invested in the making of RC products namely; Blade, DJI, Hobby Products International-racing, IMEX, Traxxas, Maisto, Redcat Racing just to mention but a few. Our aim today is to get to the top ten best of these numerous brands that bring life to many hobbyists, here goes;

Following are the Top 10 Best RC Car Manufacturer Brands


KYOSHO Top Most Famous RC Car Manufacturer Brands 2018

The brand is commissioned to have produced the first Remote Control car in Japan. The company produces a wide range of products including planes, boats, cars and helicopters. Focus is exerted on designing professional 1/8 scale racing buggies, mini-Z-series and helicopters. As for quality Kyosho is a great brand, I can’t say the same for their upgradability.



A Taiwan manufacturer whose products are namely; off-road cars, boats, helicopters, quardcopters, airplanes, accessories and engine innovations quite an array. This brand produces powerful engines that would result to their selection over other brands since they will be niche specific. Upgradability is also another factor that makes this brand stand out.


HITEC Top Best RC Car Manufacturer Brands 2017

It was formed in 1973, located in South Korea being linked to Multiplex in the United States of America. In 2013 they celebrated 80 years of producing world leading Remote Control products. They have a wide range of products including robotics, servos made of Karbonite gears and the humanoid robot. Their products have high upgradability and are repairable, which are some of the factors that make them stand out.



When you talk of fun, iconic comes in mind to terrific tanks you talk all about Tamiya brand. They won the Germany “Modell Fahrzeug” magazine “Top RC Brand 2016”. To say the least their products which entail mostly trucks are upgradable and niche specific.


red cat-racing-top-famous-rc-car-manufacturer-brands-2019

This brand delivers fast, affordable, fun, mid-level, hobby grade, gas nitro and electric powered RC vehicles to the market. That in itself says that their products are niche specific. Products exhibit high performance, durability and quality. This is a brand I would go for.



They are manufacturers of ready-to-run vehicles like 835E 1/8 scale without brushes 4WD and DXR8-E stand out as examples of the kind of awesome duratrax is all about apart from products for 1/10 and 1/8 scale gas and electric vehicles. Not only does the company produce high speed vehicles but they also deliver on quality and durability.



Apart from making fine racing RC trucks they are also known for premium RC parts and accessories. Their trucks are swiftly tuned to high speed and stability resulting in high perfomance. The ease at which they drive through uneven terrain is astonishing. If you are thinking of upgrading, team associated has got you with powerful beefier power suply, you could never go wrong.



Being one of the leading brands of RC vehicles which includes cars, trucks and more.Team Losi specializes on special designs and the latest of remote control cars. They aim at giving you your moneys worth in terms of quality and durability.



HPI is a line of radio controlled array of products manufactured in Japan by Hobby Products International of Foothill Ranch, Carlifonia, US. They have plenty of ready to race models as well as the kit type RC model. Durability,stability, quality and high performance are the striking characteristics of their products. A desire for a pro use RC you will definitely need a HPI product.



A radio control manufacturer located in McKinney, Texas, United States. They offer electric and nitro powered vehicles (on and off road), boats and others. They say cheap is expensive, I say expensive is real. If you focus on the money you will miss out on the crème of RC vehicles. Most of them come with link transmitters that can connect withyour apple device giving you ultimate control of your RC car or truck and the likes. Other perks that traxxas RC come with are hop ups, high quality radio system and replacable parts. If I were you I’d close my eyes and get myself a traxxas RC,the others option would be to secretly hope that someone got its for me a s a birthday present.

On the basis of upgradability, niche specificity and repairability of RC products per brand we have managed to come up with the top ten best brands that manufacture products to give you utter joy and excitement. Those were just a fraction of what accounted for the ranking. Features such as durability, performance and stability as well as design also accounted for a huge portion.

Now that we have browsed through the top ten best brands that manufacture remote control products, I hope you will find it easier to purchase good quality, durable, niche specific, high performing and stable products to amplify the fun and yield greater excitement. Don’t limit yourself by confining your mindset at going for expensive, fun is fun despite the price tag. Choose today to have the most of it by purchasing an RC product from among the brands of your choice.

All RC car brands here are wonderful

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