Top 10 Best Products That Killed Competitors

The current consumer market is a really competitive place, since products want to claim dominance or superiority over others. Some products have been successful at this, and managed to beat their rivals out of large share of the market. Many have overthrown either an already established brand or edge out a product. A business can be compared to a game that only the best team will go home with a trophy. Innovation and invention propels prosperity and good life. It is the main force to sustainable business development. Join me as I countdown on the top 10 best products that killed competitors.

Here are Top 10 Best Products That Killed Competitors

10. PVR killed Traditional TV


When TiVo and Replay were not able to stay in the market, they were changed. Each cable company owned their DVR. The clients do not have any other choice. Although they could get a TiVo and the experience could be better. Even if you try to get in hi-definition you will probably be stuck. As it is commonly known DVR killed traditional broadcasting. Sadly, Goliath created their PVR and used their influence on the market to enter junk on the clients. The customers believed the junk was the new technology.

9. MP3 killed Music industry


Generally, we all know that Mp3 killed the music industry. It didn’t matter what device you used but no device could have managed without Mp3 being open. Maybe Sony would have been the main mini disc format. Mp3 was widely open for the playing field. Competition set in and iPod had the best usability.

8. Apple versus Samsung Electronics


Samsung really wanted to remove Apple in the Smartphone market. Although, they suffered a serious setback and this is after a fall in its flagship. Almost $19 billion was removed from the company’s market value amidst the rise in fear in the safety issues about Note 7. This could have damaged the company’s image and still have an effect on the other consumer products. There are signs of failure with the slow rate in S7 sales. Although, it is still too early to detect the prolonged damage to the Samsung brand. Samsung has to earn its customers trust once again since its credibility is on the line.

7. Kodak versus Xiaomi


Kodak was commonly known for relying on risky inventions. George Eastman was the founder of this company. He changed Kodak’s main focus from dry-plates into film. He also changed it from black and white to color. They were successful for a while but wasted their chance to be the leaders of digital photography.

Xiaomi, is a Chinese mobile phone company that had goals to be better than Kodak. Its leadership is very humble that they actually embraced the annoying innovations. Xiaomi assists in developing new products with its fan base. Their fans are always ready to try brand new products and software updates. They also take part in bringing new ideas that will develop the company’s high-spec and cheaper phones.

6. Facebook versus twitter

Facebook versus twitter Top Popular Products That Killed Competitors 2018

Facebook continues to shine over their biggest rivals. This company’s earnings continue to grow every year. Their profits have tripled when compared to last year profits. Facebook is successful even though their company is a bit complicated. They have plans to reconstruct the company’s stock offering. The CEO will give the Company’s shares but still control it. As for Twitter, the have strained with mobile advertising. On the other hand Facebook creatively transitioned their customers to purchase ads where they can actually see them, on their mobile phones.

5. Alphabet’s Google versus Amazon


Alphabet Google buy ads in order for their hardware to be on top of the search spots. For example Pixel and Alphabet’s Google both were highly searched this is according to an analysis done. Although, they took steps in order to reduce conflict in bidding process. This company was ranked number two after Facebook. There were allegations by the European Commission that the results were forged by Google to their favor. They defended themselves saying that their rival Amazon were treated like other retailers.

4. Coke versus Pepsi

Coke versus Pepsi Top Most Products That Killed Competitors 2017

Both of them are the same type of sugar water. They rivaled over culture, distance and time. In 1886, Coca-Cola was introduced by an Atlanta chemist. It was tasty! It was a remedy for physical and mental disorders. In 1893, Pepsi was introduced. It took a decade for Coke to recognize Pepsi- Cola. Coca-Cola had refused to acknowledge Pepsi and referred to it as “the enemy” and “the imitator”.

3. Ford versus GM


Ford came nine years earlier than GM. They have been rivals for 101 years. Ironically, their headquarters are 11.5 miles apart. They oftenly meet on dealer lots and motor sports. Both Ford and GM stabilized operations to scare the other’s new products.

In the year 2011, the marketing manager was angered and said that he hates the rivals and whatever they stood for. On the other hand, GM chairman sarcastically recommended the sprinkling of holy water on sick Ford brand.

2. AT&T versus MCI


MCI was underrated at first. It used to sell long-distance services through microwave towers to truck drivers. William McGowan, enabled the Company to do just that regardless of Ma Bell’s accusations. A case was filed that led to the separation of a monopoly and an antitrust playbook which was used against Microsoft. MCI was refunded with $1.8 billion. In 1982, the government gave a ruling that Ma Bell was no longer a monopoly.

1. Nike versus Reebok


The rivalry between the two lasted for more than 30 years. It created celebrity athlete culture as we commonly know it. In the past, the two were inseparable. The founder of this brand was Phil Knight who developed a Company that imported running shoes to the United States. He gave it the name Nike.

Paul Fireman, acquired rights to British-made shoes. Reebok had a line of white leather on women sporting shoes which was named after an Antelope. It initially took off as jogging and later became a national’s favorite. In 1987, Reebok overtook Nike. Later Nike signed Michael Jordan which changed the whole image of Nike and he was able to connect with customers. Nike was a success!

Competition is vital because it boosts the economy, and helps to drive innovation. It is because of competition that we get a greater variety of products and services that are in line with our taste and preferences.

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