Best Products for Lazy People

Hey, let’s face it, being lazy is not a desirable characteristic that people want to have. However, many of us don’t mind doing things that require very little energy and effort. Honestly, most people want a happy balance between both extremes. Even though that is the case, lazy people just want to get through life by doing as little work as possible.

The following products were made specifically for lazy individuals. Manufacturers realize that there are all sorts of people out there who do not like to exert any kind of effort to do anything. So, they created various products to meet the needs of this particular market. Her is a list of the top 10 best products for lazy people to purchase.

Here are the top ten Best Products for Lazy People

10. The Hair Dryer Stand

The Hair Dryer Stand Top Famous Products for Lazy People 2019

The hair dryer stand kind of makes sense. I mean, many beauty shops use these type of dryers because they are more practical than using the hand held models. However, there are some lazy people that do not want to take the time to hand dry their hair. Instead, they would rather sit still and allow the dryer stand to do it for them. While this is a practical way for hairdressers to dry their customer’s heads; this tool probably shouldn’t be used by a lazy individual. After all, a person should use those arm and hand muscles to blow dry their hair to make it manageable for grooming.

9. Toilet Paper Extender


The toilet paper extender is a lazy man’s tool for going to the bathroom. This tool will allow a person to sit on the commode and then grab a piece of toilet paper without having to reach for the roll. The unit is designed to push the toilet paper out to a person, requiring them to make as little effort as possible with touching the roll. This quirky contraption allows a lazy person to use minimal effort with cleaning their bottoms after using the john.

8. The Remote Bottle Opener


Believe it or not some company literally made a remote control with a bottle opener. The Clicker Co. actually made this contraption. This is the lazy person’s way of opening a bottle without having to get up and miss their favorite television show or sporting event. Truthfully, this type of device is the lazy person’s dream come true. The less they have to move around the better off they are going to be. Now, people can drink their favorite beverages without missing their favorite programs.

7. The Self-Turning Ice Cream Cone


A company called Hog Wild made a device known as the self-turning ice cream cone. This unit is shaped like a real ice cream cone and it has the ability to turn the ice cream once it is placed onto the cone. This device allows people to eat ice cream without having to turn their cones or head to lick the cool cream. While some people might think that this is a great invention, truth is that a self-turning ice cream cone keeps a person from using their basic ability to eat food. This is truly a lazy man’s way of eating. All they have to do is set the unit by their mouth, turn a button and stick out their tongue. It doesn’t get any lazier than this.

6. Prism Glasses for TV’s and Tablets

Prism Glasses for TV’s and Tablets Top Most Famous Products for Lazy People 2018

Most people cannot lie flat and watch their television. Many people think that this is a bad thing. So, a company has decided to make prism glasses which they can use for TVs and tablets. In other words, a person can lie on their back, put on the glasses and then watch their favorite show or read their favorite book without moving from their prone position. The glasses just take images and augments them so that people can read or watch TV without having to move an inch. The perfect device for lazy people who want to do what they want with as little effort as possible.

5. Snowball Makers for Lazy Kids


Kids generally are lazy by nature. They do not like to work. Honestly, most children try to get away with doing as little as possible. Even when it comes to playing and having fun in the snow; there are a bunch of kids who do not like to make a snowball to throw at somebody. So, they now have the option of using a snowball maker to do it for them.

That’s right, all they have to do is to scoop up some packable snow inside of their snowball maker and then vigorously throw their perfectly rounded mounds of ice at their family, friends and neighbors. This is truly a lazy person’s invention that many lazy kids (and adults) will truly love.

4. Canned Sandwiches: For Lazy People who do not want to make their Own Food


A canned sandwich sounds like it tastes like a load of crap. However, when you are too lazy to even make your own food, then you will probably have to resort to food items such as these. I understand that we live in the microwave age of instant gratification; but a canned sandwich might be going too far. There is a company that makes canned sandwiches and they have flavors such as peanut butter and grape or strawberry jelly, honey barbecue chicken and regular barbecue chicken. The sandwiches come complete with a bun and the ingredients are already for a person to eat.

3. Exploit your Infant Child with a Baby Mop Outfit


The following lazy person invention might be overstepping moral bounds and it could even be considered a criminal act. Putting a baby mop outfit onto a child so that they can clean the floor while they crawl around is something that most people would frown upon. However, there are some people who don’t mind putting their child to work in this way. After all, if they have to put up with the crying, diaper changes and constant care; they should get something in return. So, why not have their baby wear a baby mop outfit and have them clean the floor? This particular lazy person’s product might not be a good choice – even for a lazy person.

2. Toilet Lid Pedal


Guys are always being harassed about lifting up the toilet seat. Women are always tired of sitting on wet toilet seats. So, one company has invented the toilet lid petal to resolve this problem. This device works like a petal garbage can. All a person has to do is to step on the petal and the lid will come open. This is a great device for keeping a person’s from touching a dirty toilet seat and it allows a guy to use the bathroom with as little effort as possible. This particular lazy person’s invention might not be so bad after all.

1. Pillow Ties


When a guy where’s a pillow tie he is truly showing how lazy he really is. What guy in his right mind would put on a tie just so that he could sleep on it? Believe it or not there is a market for this type of product. In other words, people put on this tie just so that they can sleep on it.

So, when they are at a boring company meeting or public event; they can wear a pillow tie. When they are taking a break at work they can get some Z’s on their pillow tie in the break room. A pillow tie is even useful for people to sneak in a nap while they are supposed to be working in their office. This particular product is considered one of the best lazy man’s products ever.

These are the best products for lazy people, though there are many more. Ultimately, people like these products (even if some are novelties) simply because they help to make life extremely easy and simple.

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