Top 10 Best Pieces of Playground Equipments

Playground equipment is very important for many people. This type of equipment is frequently used by children everywhere for amusement, exercise and socialization. Playgrounds are set up mainly in parks, day cares, rec centers and in schools. These different places are outlets geared primarily toward children for recreational purposes.

Most playgrounds have standard equipment such as swings, slides, see saws and merry-go-rounds. However, in the 21st century playgrounds have also changed to become more sophisticated play areas for children.

As a matter of fact, some modern playgrounds resemble miniature amusement parks. The point is that new and modern playgrounds are no longer simple areas that consist of a simple swing or slide. They are now more sophisticated and advanced. The reason why playground equipments has become so sophisticated has to do with the new and updated features that they now provide for this type of equipment.

Here is a look at the best pieces of playground equipments

10. Zip Lines


Zip lines are fairly new standard pieces of equipment that are available for playground equipment. These lines are designed to transport children (and even adults) from one end of a play area to the next. Zip lines are made in different ways for playground equipment. They can move in a linear direction from one point to the next. They can also be designed to move along gradual curves and inclines. Some come with seats and some come with foot rests. Zip lines help to make the playground a wonderful and fun experience for everyone.

9. Play Systems


Play systems are large play areas that combine a slide, a bridge and an elevated platform like structure that kids can run and play on. They can have ladders, nets and even climbing devices. Play systems can sometimes be used as a miniature piece of stand-alone playground equipment. They are typically used within a system of equipment that is spread out within a large park or playground area. Play systems also have designs that resemble a castle or fortress. Many kids like using them when they go out and play at the playground.

8. Balancing

Balancing Top 10 Best Pieces of Playground Equipments 2017

Balancing beams have become more important for play areas in modern times. Balancing equipment is now featured on many playgrounds and offer children an alternative to normal playground apparatuses. Balancing beams can be made out of wood, plastic or metal. They can be constructed to be linear beams, zig-zag or they can have curves. Some have a double-handle and some are designed with elevated bars on them. Modern balancing beams also have ninja steps and hanging pods.

7. Climbers

Climbers Top Best Pieces of Playground Equipments 2017

Climbers are designed on playgrounds allow children to move upward alongside of equipment. There are different types of climbers that include rock wall and monkey bar shapes. There are hexagonal and vertical metal climbers. Some climbers are even spread out over a playground area. Climbers can be designed with shapes and sizes.

6. Crawl Tubes


Crawl tubes on playgrounds are fantastic pieces of equipment for kids. They resemble pipes or long tubes and they allow children to crawl through them. These tubes are long or they can be short. Some large playground areas have a huge network of crawl tubes that kids can use for entertainment. Most of them have a unified and continuous design. However, some of the tubes have gaps and spaces between them. Crawl tubes help to add more of a fun and different environment to the playground area for kids.

5. Whirls


Whirls are advanced or different forms of the merry-go-round. They are designed with the same principles as a merry-go-round but they have a different shape or design. Some whirls require people to stand up. Other swirls can hold a lot of people at once. There are swirls that people can stand on and rotate all day long. Other swirls will even allow children to hang from an elevated position while they swing safely around. Whirls are the advance form of the merry-go-round and they add depth into the modern playground experience.

4. Motion & Spinning


Motion and spinning leaf seats are important. So are Xcelerators. All of these pieces of equipment allow children to spin and rotate like a whirl or merry-go-round but at a faster pace of speed. Some motion and spinning equipment have seats and handle bars while others are made to resemble gyroscopes. Motion and spinning equipment also bring out a more detailed and rich experience while children play in a particular area.

3. Music & Sound


One of the best features of modern playgrounds has to do with music and sound effects. Technology is so advanced in modern times that playground equipment can be infused with technology that makes or plays music. Built in drums and echo tubes are a part of modern playgrounds. So are programmable playgrounds that can be set to play fun and entertaining music for kids. Music and sound can literally transform a play area into a great place to be.

2. Nets


Once a net is included onto a playground it can literally turn it into an amazing place to be. Nets can take an old playground concept and make it better by creating an unstable environment that is held together by an unstable climbing surface such as a net. Children can bounce on this medium as well as climb. Nets can be laced across equipment or they can be attached to specific parts of a playground area. The point is that nets add a unique feel to a standard playground design.

1. Play Houses


Play houses resemble play systems but they are exclusively designed to look like real houses. They typically do not have bridges or climbers like play systems. However, they can be included on these structures. The houses are big and roomy or they can be small tight. Many play houses have different levels and different rooms.

Some playgrounds have playhouses that are advanced enough to contain benches for seating. Playhouses are among the most popular type of new modern playground equipment because children enjoy playing and having fun inside of life-sized doll houses.

Playground equipments is very important to the social and entertainment part of life for children and local communities. Children love playgrounds and modern playground equipments help to take the activity of play into a new direction.

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