Top 10 Best Piano Models

Pianos have been a very popular instrument in the United States, and various other places in the world, since the turn of the 19th century. However, even before that point in our history, the piano was the instrument of choice when Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and other great classic composers, wanted to compose a song. Even a guitar-driven band such as the Beatles used the instrument in composing their #1 work, “Hey Jude” (1968). Paul McCartney, the song’s composer, played the instrument as he sang the song on the record. Today, the instrument is mostly available as a digital instrument, and is still quite popular as such.

Here are the top ten Best Piano Models

10. Korg SP-280

Korg SP-280 Top Famous Piano Models 2019

This piano was accounted worthy of making our list because of its features. Just think about it! It comes complete with a stand, headphones, and a sustain pedal. It makes you and those who can’t actually see the piano think that you are playing a real traditional piano, even though you are actually playing a digital synthesizer functioning as a piano.

The only problem with this model is that the treble keys sound a bit capped. For that reason, as the Ezvid website points out, it’s better for the beginning pianist than the more advanced one.

9. Casio Privia

Casio Privia Top Best Piano Models 2017

The main feature on this keyboard is that it has an adjustable touch response, with three sensitivity levels so you can customize it to your own playing syle. There is a multidimensional sound source that produces a full-bodied concert-like sound. Those listening will feel like they are experiencing you–in concert–playing these great tunes that sound a lot more lively than ever.

8. Kawai KPD90

Kawai KDP90 Top Most Popular Piano Models 2018

This instrument is 88 keys individually sampled from a full sized grand piano. This keyboard is in dual mode–two sounds playing together at the same time. So you have two pianos in one, each with 44 notes. Just think! Two pianos for the price of one. The price, $1, 149 is not the least expensive, but look what you get as a result of this price.

7. Roland RD-300SX


This is a piano with an “advanced supernatural piano sound engine,” as the Ezvid website points out. This instrument has sound focus technology that “makes sure even your quiet parts are heard in the mix.” You can edit tone and layers visually. There are also what are called outboard rhythm patterns, and a rich, accurate sound. While it may look like an ordinary synthesizer keyboard, you can adjust the sound to make it sound like an actual piano. There are other sounds this digital keyboard is capable of making as well.

6. Kawai ES100


This keyboard is designed for those who do not have a big budget and still want to enjoy great music. It has harmonic imaging sound technology and advancd harmonic keys that deliver an acoustic piano feel. There also are dual and split modes, as well as piano lessons built into the machine. You can also enjoy rich stereo sound on this keyboard.

5. Yamaha YDP 181


This keyboard is great for beginners and more experienced piano players alike. It is a hammer keyboard that provides a realistic piano sound and feel. It features a USB device that stores songs that you record for later use. This is a keyboard from a big name in pianos–Yamaha. A major name in pianos and other keyboards for over a century.

4. Yamaha YPG-535


That name brand has produced another keyboard that has ended up in our countdown for 2017. It comes with an integrated stand. This model comes in two styles–an 88-key and a 76-key. Good news for beginners: It is a great keyboard for this group, featuring built-in interactive lessons that provide a defineable tempo–like some of the old-school organs that your mom bought that had built-in tempos. These accommodations help you learn at your own pace. There is a backlit LCD display on here, too. If you like to sing as you play, it can display lyrics to your favorite songs. In fact, not only lyrics, but chords and notations as well!

3. Baldwin Grand Piano


Baldwin is another traditional, age-old name in pianos. The acoustic piano is still in vogue, today, contrary to popular opinion. This is a venerable, age-old company whose grand pianos are well-known. The company was founded by Tokakosu Yamaha, and was known as Nuppon-Gappu before 1987, when the name change happened. The only disadvantage, according to the Pianobrands website, is that Yamahas tend to have a shorter lifespan than ones handcrafted here in the US or Great Britain.

2. Korg B1


One of the things that make this model our #2 model of 2017 is the fact that it has a stereo sound system, so that any song you choose to record will have that professional sound quality to it. It features 2 44 key pianos, making it perfect for those beginning the piano. In other words, the Korg B1 is an excellent piano on which to learn. It has eight accurate and digitally sampled sounds. Also, it sports an onboard reverb and chorus effects for beginners.

1. Suzuki MDG-300


For the inexpensive price of $209.99 you can get a keyboard that has the look and feel of a traditional baby grand piano, but is equipped with 128-note polyphony, 24 mb of grand piano voice for a full-bodied sound, and a compact size which makes it a good fit for any size room. It comes with a full-color LED screen, according to EZVid. It is bluetooth compatible, with an onboard three track recorder.

The piano’s popularity will continue, even into the digital age. This has been a discussion of the 10 best brands. No matter how long synthesizers continue to dominate today’s hit songs, there is a segment of the population that will always be attracted to piano music, and for them–whether in its traditional, acoustic form or its digital form–the piano will always be the instrument of choice. This is an article that has reviewed 10 types of pianos. So, to quote a famous 1980’s R & B record…”Let the music play!”

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