Best Paintball Guns

Paintball guns are famous and used for fun days out. They are used by kids, adults just to mention but a few. There are people doing it for professional purposes. It has becoming quite a huge sport over time. Ranging from the indoors to outdoors it attracts many type of players. The adrenaline rush and the fun that comes with it compares to none. Paintball games require practice although it takes some getting used to. However to get it right, and even enjoy it, it is important to acquire the right gun. These reviews will help in choosing the perfect paintball gun for the perfect experience.

Following are the top ten Best Paintball Guns

10. The Spyder Victor


This is a semi automatic machine and has been in the field for ten years on. For first time purchase it is recommended hence can be used by even amateurs. It is quite affordable and has some sorts of variety to choose from. It is found in many shops. Its features include a double tap trigger.

9. Tippmann paintball guns


The tippmann paintball gun has a removable shield for the barrel. The stock is also removable. Reviews or rather feedback that has been received from the users has been quite positive and encouraging. The durability has been listed as one of its key selling points. Several of its models have been rented out as well as bought. The availability or rather the ease that goes into finding them is incredilble this therefore means the user has a whole world of possibilities at their disposal.

8. Dangerous Power paintball gun

Dangerous Power paintball gun Top 10 Best Paintball Guns in The World 2017

The name itself suggests a lethal weapon. Well that is not to be put to question. It is best suited for speed ball players. Among its to die for features is the electro-pneumatic feature. It has been mostly associated with many tournament players or rather those whose aim is more to those sides. Those looking just for adventure and for the paintball feel may not find this particular gun extremely useful to them. The compact design and how reliable it is, coupled with the rate at which it can be afforded is quite a selling strategy.

7. Empire Sniper

Empire Sniper Top Famous Paintball Guns in The World 2019

The name gives it an edge. If we go by the definition of a sniper then one knows we are going for top of the range, no pun intended. However spoilers alert, it doesn’t look like one. The pros to it is that it looks great and the balance is for shots that are precise. It is ideal for those willing to spend just a little bit more on a higher end type of gun. The amazing fact about this gun is that players may re-cock the gun as the barrel of the gun is pointed to the opposite direction.

6. Tiberius Arms Elite


If it was a comparison then this model is a definite spot on to the actual riffle. On the fun side it is not as dangerous as the real types of riffle. It is quite a laughable fact. Its accuracy rate is spot on and therefore it gives the players a variety of options on the strategy to be used. One can use the surprise element or go into the field with guns blazing hot. The best thing about it is that it favors all strategies.

5. Planet Eclipse Ego


This gun is mostly used and actually preferred by both users of the beginner calibre as well as those who are experienced. One can fire even from a distance given the great control that it has. It is a step up from other models previously in the market. The planet eclipse paintball gun has a smooth trigger hence the consistency of the shots being fired. The durability has also been mentioned as a great attribute to this machine.

4. DLX Luxe paintball gun


This gun has been described in a few sites as near perfect. Of course there is no such thing as perfect given that each day presents an improvement in technology. There is always something being developed rendering the other second to the other. User friendly it is and boasts of a longer battery life hence the element of durability presents itself. The ease in programming has been put as one of its pros.

3. Dye DAM


The quality that really sells this piece of machinery is the lightweight nature. It carries with it 68 calibre paintball guns. The quality of this gun is not questionable especially given the price tag that it carries. It is arguably the most expensive and the best paintball gun in the market. It has feature that allows it to switch from one mode to the other. That is from semi automatic to full automatic in just a matter of a click of a button.

2. Dye Matrix


The dye matrix from of the gun is the other model in the larger dye collection. The Dye Matrix is basically an upgrade from the other Dye models. The ease to maintain as well as to program cannot in any way be downplayed. The attribute given to the gun range the fact that it is easy to switch from semi automatic to full automatic hence if you were aiming to hit a target you would easy do it. A moving target however is very easy to hit given the quick nature of changing it.

1. Empire Vanquish


This model of empire is renowned. It has very high quality. It is also one of the most expensive guns in the market. For those looking to participate in high end tournaments or games then this is specifically the paintball gun to be used. The durability pales next to any other paintball gun. The gun has a design so cool and so is the aspect of comfort.

When looking for a paintball gun be it for professional services or even for beginners then this review is just for you. It captures not only those for speed balls but also those who are in it just for fun. Buying one of these paint ball guns could be the best thing you did this year.

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