Best Online Jewelery Stores

When engagements, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other special events loom upon the horizon, that require a most special gift, that of a diamond, it’s important to be aware of some of the best online stores available for your gift giving needs. Below we have garnered some of the top online jewelry stores today. Each one has its own special feel for each customer.

Here are the Top 10 Best Online Jewelery Stores

10. JTV


JTV is also known as Jewelry Television and is a network in America via cable/satellite companies, as well as live streaming via its website. The website sports a very commercial design, totally devoted to the art of selling the product. They are expressly interested in deals, sales and introducing new products on a regular basis. JTV caters to the casual buyer, you will not find any high end items here, but you will find good quality jewelry at extremely reasonable prices.

9. Ice –

Ice Top Most Popular Online Jewelery Stores 2018

The Ice website is a straightforward, basic and functional one. In operation since 1999, Ice has a good collection of jewelry at competitive prices. Ice also offers many nice deals, and they believe in “no inflated prices or middlemen. Just the largest selection of authentic jewelry at a fair price”. In other words, you get a fabulous selection of unique jewelry at good prices because they go directly to the designer, omitting any costs due to a middleman, thus eliminating the markup and passing the savings onto you. Ice prides itself on its honest and upfront business and has a well run customer service section.

8. Kay Jewelers –


Kay Jewelers has been serving the public since 1929. Indeed, most mall shoppers are quite familiar with the stores, as they are a common staple in malls across the country. They also have online shopping via their website, which has a modern appearance, focusing on their current deals and best buys. They offer the standard 30 day return/exchange, as well as a lifetime guarantee, which is only viable if you have the piece checked by them every 6 months. Kay is also ripe with customer promotions, certificates and rewards.

7. Diamond Delight –

Diamond Delight Top Best Online Jewelery Stores 2017

Diamond Delight was founded in 2012, and offers its customers excellent customer service, 30 day money back guarantee, free and insured shipping, gift wrapping as well as a lifetime warranty. They take their customer service seriously, and make these options very visible on their website. The prices are reasonable, with some pieces starting as low as $50.00.

6. Jewelry –


Founded in 2001, the website has a youthful, modern feel to it, they even offer student discounts. Simply designed and easy to navigate. The first thing you may notice upon visiting the site, is that it centers more on designers and collections and not so much the traditional fare of engagement and wedding rings. This company has a strong stance regarding the ethical sourcing of their diamonds, so you can be secure in the knowledge that your purchase will be an ethical one.

5. Helzberg Diamonds –


Helzberg was founded by Morris Helzberg in 1915, and currently has 234 retail stores in the United States. They also have a strong online presence. Their online website is easy to navigate, with the usual sections such as engagement, wedding, diamonds, watches and a clearance section. However, one of their best options is their extensive and supportive customization section, where you can customize your jewelry choices, which makes for a rich and satisfying experience. They have excellent warranty plans, lifetime care plans as well as gift cards and a gold purchase program.

4. Jared –


Jared was founded in 1929, and is a familiar name to those who shop the malls, as it has many retail shops across the nation. However, their online store is quite impressive as well. Given its long track record of providing excellent customer service as well as high quality merchandise, it is no wonder that people return to this retailer again and again. Jared offers an extended service plan, along with warranties and guarantees on its products. They also offer unique services such as repair and maintenance, custom design studio, appraisals and a gold exchange.

3. Szul –


Szul is a fun site to visit. The layout of the site is simple and uncomplicated, offering you easy access to rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, engagement, diamonds, men’s, as well as deals and sale items. The selection includes not only fine diamonds, but also fashion, costume, and gemstone jewelry as well. The company offers you a full money back guarantee, as well as a repair guarantee of 60 days. Also with most of their orders coming with free shipping.

2. Super Jeweler –


If you are looking for high quality gems and diamonds, then Cartier is the place for you. However, if you are looking for solid quality merchandise competitively priced and leaning toward the lower end of the pricing table with some merchandise up to 70 percent lower than retail. then Super Jeweler is for you. They offer everything, including a nice selection of clearance items.

1. Blue Nile –


Blue Nile was founded in 1999, and has built up a fine reputation for itself over the years by remaining true to providing high quality customer service and merchandise. Blue Nile is the number one online site for diamonds and well crafted jewelry in the world. The interface of their site is very easy to navigate. Their links are clearly visible, and their online shopping process is quick and easy. What really contributes to making Blue Nile number one, is their massive selection of merchandise and competitive pricing.

For those who fancy a bit of bling to grace and accent their fashion statement, these ten online jewelry stores are guaranteed to have something for you to consider. Whether you choose to make a custom piece, or choose a design created by the worlds top jewelry designers, the services and high quality merchandise offered by these sites will be sure to assist you in your quest for that perfect piece of jewelry.

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