Top 10 Best Online Grocery Stores of India

The days when you had to go to the marketplace on a daily basis are over. Now you can have your groceries delivered straight to you which saves you tons of time and money.

Following are the Top 10 Best Online Grocery Stores of India

10. Big Mart

Big Mart Top Most Famous Online Grocery Stores of India 2018

As soon as you enter the website they direct you to enter your location. They delivery grocery goods all over India. They have a giant collection of exotic vegetables and fruits. They even have a cool setting where you can schedule to have milk delivered to you on a daily basis without having to set your order each day. Their website is extremely organized so it’s easy to find exactly what you need.

9. Naturally Yours


This online grocery store is awesome because of the multitude of products they offer and their huge popularity across India for their organic options. Naturally Yours is India’s number one organic food brands. They offer over 100 products in fourteen different categories of food which include super foods, seeds and nuts, Ayurvedic options, seeds and oils and so much more. They have partnered with hundreds of organic farmers across India to ensure that you get the best products India has to offer. Naturally Yours has been partnering with these farmer groups for over six years and have built a strong and beneficial relationship with them for your benefit. They also accept all major credit and or debit cards and service over 3000 pin codes in India.

8. Eemli

Eemli Top Most Popular Online Grocery Stores of India 2018

This is the largest online grocery store in Mumbai. They offer exotic and rare fruits and vegetables as well as other products you need in your home like sauces, pickles, meal solutions and a great deal more! Currently Eemli only services customers in Mumbai but they are looking into serving other areas soon. If you live in Mumbai and are tired of visiting marketplaces filled with people every day Eemli is more than happy to deliver the products directly to you. All you have to do is place your order on their website Another great thing about Eemli is that you can pay cash in person if you do not want to pay with credit card over the internet. Any purchased over Rs 300 have free shipping as well!

7. Maligakadai


This awesome store serves Chennai. They map out exactly where they deliver right on their website. Another cool feature is that right when you open the website there is someone on chat ready to help serve you. Also if all you have is cash, they do accept cash upon delivery of your goods. They offer everything from household goods, personal care products, oils, fragrances along with their food products. They have photos of each item personally taken by Maligakadai so you know exactly what it is you’re getting.

6. Godrej Nature’s Basket


Godrej Nature’s Basket offers wonderful foods from all over the world which can be delivered right to your door. They started in 2005 with just one store and have expanded significantly since and have luxury grocery stores all over Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore. They understand that India’s consumers are requesting more than the basics; they want to experience foods from all over the globe. They pride themselves on offering wonderful cheeses from Italy and France, spices from Thailand and the world’s greatest choice of spirits and beers.

5. Aaram Shop


This awesome grocery delivery company services across 100+ cities in India. As soon as you arrive at the online shop they ask for your pin code so they know exactly how to service you. They have partnered with over 17,000 neighborhood stores that offer over two thousand brands so they can service your unique daily food needs. They are a well-recognized brand that has been around for many years. They understand that you have a life and you are not always available; they are happy to schedule deliveries around your schedule. If you just want your groceries ready to be picked up at a specific location so you don’t have to waste time shopping around the store; they are ready to do that for you! On the website you can select what items you’d like ready for pickup and at which location.

4. Reliance Fresh Direct


This delivery service offers services in Mumbai and Pune. They have received a great deal of feedback claiming their convenience and reliability. They are able to supply household supplies like laundry detergent and hair care products, fruits, vegetables, dairy, bakery, drinks and more. All customers even get a discount if they spend over Rs999 or Rs1999. If you don’t want to sit and stare at the website, you are also more than welcome to call them and place your order over the phone. They have many ways to order on their website; category, Sankranti Specials or daily offers. You can even search for specific items by name or brand.

3. Food Panda


If you want meals delivered to you from a specific restaurant this app can do it. You can order from all areas of India and have the hot meals from your favorite places delivered to you prepared and ready to go! Some of their most popular restaurants they deliver for include Ammi’s Biryani, Yo! China, Subway and Pizza Hut. They offer so many options you are sure to find a way to satisfy whatever food it is your craving.

2. Zop Now


Zop Now has a double cash back offer if you spend Rs1200 or more! You can have dried fruits, sweets and chocolates, snacks, biscuits, cookies and more delivered to you at your convenience. If for any reason you are not happy with your delivery they guarantee to make it right. They offer a generous 15-day return policy with each purchase. You can shop anywhere from the internet, telephone or their phone app which is compatible with both iPhone and android. All you have to do is add items to your basket, check out and it will be delivered.

1. Big Basket


This is the most successful delivery store in India. They service over 30 locations and are the most likely to service your area if you live outside of Mumbai. You can place your order over the phone, website, or even a mobile app. They have discounts, bundles and promotions that can’t be beat! They offer everything your local grocer could possibly carry from household supplies, personal care items, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy, beverages and more. If you want to only order organic products, you have the option to do that as well! If you have pets, you need to care for they offer your furry friends products as well. If you have a celebration coming up, you have the chance to stock for that too. They even offer party supplies like paper plates and cups. If you need to prepare foods for your upcoming wedding they have a special part of the site dedicated to servicing your wedding.

Whether you are preparing for a wedding or just need your daily groceries brought to you there is sure to be a service available in your area ready to serve you. Some of the websites cater to organic only customers where most of these grocery delivery services have literally anything you could dream of getting at the grocery stores delivered right to your door.

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