Top 10 Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands

Bikes are used by people all around the world. Riding bikes is a favorite childhood pastime. That’s why it should be no surprise that youth is taking a big interest in motocross dirt bikes. There are many different reasons why dirt bikes appeal to such a variety of people. Whether it be the speed, the design, getting dirty, the adrenaline rush, or simply because it is loads of fun. Motocross dirt bikes are becoming mainstream. This ultimate sport is here to stay!

Every dirt bike rider, whether a professional or amateur, female or male, has a particular brand of bike that they consider to be the best. Whether you ride a dirt bike for fun, watch the X-Games, or are an up and coming motocross bike racer, you choose a particular brand of bike. That being said, we have researched and chose the best motocross dirt bike brands. We based these findings on popularity, quality, speed, reliability, price, design, and features. Now take a look below at the Top Ten Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands. See if you feel the same about these brands as we do.

List of the Top Ten Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands

10. Husqvarna

Husqvarna Top Most Popular Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2018

Husqvarna originally started out producing bicycles and then moved on to motor bikes. The unique and stylish design of the Husqvarna motocross dirt bikes is appealing to the younger generation. In recent years, the demand for Husqvarna dirt bikes began climbing at astronomical rates. The dirtbikes are available in a wide range of models making it impossible not to find the perfect Husqvarna dirtbike. Husqvarna is known to have some of the most appealing motocross bikes on the market.

9. Hyosung

Hyosung Top Famous Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2019

Hyosung is a very attractive dirt bike. It’s lightweight, flexibility, and sleek design makes it the ideal dirt bike for beginning riders. Hyosung Motors has been around since 1978 and these bikes can be found in almost every part of the world. They are especially popular in European and Asian countries.

8. Maico


The German company Maico began producing in the year 1926. After World War 2 was over, Maico started producing a line of 2 stroke scooters. Currently, Maico has produced Motocross and Maico Endura, two of their most famous models of bikes. Both of these bikes have had unparallel success in Europe and America making Maico a name to be reckoned within the motocross industry.

Not only is the Maico motocross models stylish but, these bikes get great mileage. The bikes are leaders in fuel economy, affordable prices, while not forsaken quality. Furthermore, the speed of Maico Motocross is excellent. Accelerating at great speeds and still having the utmost stability, Maico is definitely a dirt bike worth purchasing.

7. Bultaco

Bultaco Top Most Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2017

Owned and operated by the famous Tim Weaver and Barbara Company, Bultaco is known as one of the best bike brands in the entire world. Making bikes for over 41 years, their perfection and detail show on each one of their bikes. Nultaco entered it’s first race in 1959 and took seven out of ten places.

The Tim Weaver and Barbara Company that owns Bultaco not only produces Bultaco motorcycles but, produces clothing, tools, and other accessories. Bultaco bikes are engineered using the latest and best technology to ensure their customers are completely satisfied. There is a reason Bultaco is known as one of the very best motorcycle brands in the entire world.

6. KTM


KTM is an Australian based business started in Austria in 1992. They are well known for having stylish and innovative motorcycles. Giving KTM the title as another one of the best bike brands across the globe. Not only does KTM manufacture sports motorcycles, but their sports car is just as spectacular.

KTM dirt bikes are used by both advanced riders and new beginners. KTM is a great bike for beginners due to its four-stroke engine and dominant rear swing. SThis gives new riders the exact force that they need to become great riders. An added bonus is the ability to ride KTM dirt bike motorcycles on even the most rugged and vicious landscapes.

5. Beta

Beta Top 10 Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2017

Now we are breaking into the top 5 best brands of motocross dirt bikes. It should be no surprise that Beta is at the top of this list. Beta motocross dirtbikes are phenomenal to put it simply. Beta is considered by anyone in the dirtbike industry to be one of the top manufacturers of dirtbikes worldwide.

Beta is an Italian dirt bike manufacturer that began producing motorcycles in 1949. When manufacturing dirt bikes, the features and style pull in the customers. The demand for Beta dirt bikes still increases by the day. Any professional dirtbike rider has owned a Beta dirtbike, guaranteed. One of Betas greatest attributes in dirtbike manufacturing is the bike’s great balance making it more reliable. Add to that class and style plus astronomical features and you got yourself the perfect ride.

4. Kawasaki

Kawasaki Top 10 Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands

Kawasaki started its motorcycle business in 1966. Originally these bikes were only available in the United States under the name Omega. The purpose of Kawasaki was to please the people, to make their customers happy and that they did.

Kawasaki has a variety of models available now and their market spans the globe. Such models include ninja, motocross, dirt bikes, dual purpose, versys, and the list continues. Anyone in the motorcycle or motocross industry is well aware of the name Kawasaki. Kawasaki has proven their self, time and time again as an expert in the field.

3. Honda


Honda is a Japanese manufacturing company. Not only does Honda produce motocross and dirt bikes but, they are one of the leading automobile manufacturers as well. As one of the leaders in the world in dirt bike manufacturing, they are hard to compete with. Honda produces some of the best dirt bikes in the world, leading in the latest and most innovative technology. Honda is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Both advanced and professional dirt bike riders love Honda motocross dirtbikes. Their dirt bikes are fast, reliable, great features, good engines, and are appealing. What else could there even be?

2. Suzuki


Suzuki is another Japanese manufacturing company located in Hamamatsu. Suzuki produces cars, engines, bikes, and much more. Suzuki is actually the tenth largest manufacturing company in the entire world. Pretty impressive, right? They have factories and stores located in over 220 countries across the world.

Suzuki bikes are economical and do not require as much maintenance as other dirt bike brands. That is why Suzuki is hands down the best dirt bike brand for beginning riders. Suzuki motorcycles last long beyond their projected life expectancy. Proving why Suzuki dirt bikes are considered the best of the best.

1. Yamaha


Yamaha is yet another Japanese manufacturing company started in 1955. There is not an individual on this planet who has not heard of Yamaha. Yamaha is known for producing bikes and other motorized products.

Yamaha is most popular for their bikes, specifically motocross dirt bikes. Bike lovers of all leagues and standing await the arrival of new Yamaha products. Most recently, Yamaha introduced new shapes into their bikes to attract even a larger audience. If that is even possible. If you are a dirt bike rider, you are fond of Yamaha. The number one choice for the best motocross dirtbike brand in the entire universe. Seriously, the style, the reliability, speed, amazing features, uniqueness, and the fact that Yamaha is the best. Is there any other reason we missed? If you are an enthusiastic bike rider, you will own a Yamaha dirt bike. That is if you don’t already.

These are the Top Ten Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2017. While it was hard to choose what brands to place at what number. The top spot was a shoe in. There is no better dirt bike brand than Yamaha. If you are an avid motocross fan, get yourself a motocross dirt bike. If you need help deciding which bike brand is the best. Just take a look at the above best motocross dirt bike brands. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Motocross dirt bike riders have an exciting life. Are you a dirt bike rider? Do you love the speed, the feel, the race? Or maybe it is exhilarating to feel your adrenaline to start pumping? No matter what your reasoning for loving motocross dirt bike racing. These Top Ten Best Motocross Dirt Bike Brands 2017 are the reason why your heart starts thumping and your palms start sweating.

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