Top 10 Best Miniature Painting Studios in World

The artists that work for miniature painting studios LOVE their job. They do this for a living because they have a huge passion for artwork and miniatures. If you have a display piece you need completed, contact one of the below companies. They will make sure your project is handled properly and completed to your satisfaction. When emailing to get a quote, remember to include photographs of what you already have. If assembly is needed, let them know. The more information you provide at the beginning of your quoting process the better your project will turn out.

Here are Top 10 Best Miniature Painting Studios

10. Chest of Colors Minature Painting Service


When you contact their studio you will want to take a look at their gallery to find which artist is most appealing to you. Depending on the type and style of your miniature you will want to find someone that paints in your interest. You get to commission the artist to paint the miniature you would like.

When you send the information requesting a commissioned project you will want to provide as many details as possible so they can ensure the artist you like is available and also make sure they can meet your commission price. The greatest thing about Chest of Colors is you get to choose your artist. You are not stuck working with an artist that was chosen for you.

09. Madfly-Art


Madfly-Art has a huge gallery where you get to view the items they currently have for sale or commissioned. To get a quote on your commissioned project is completely free. You get to choose what kind of art you would like done for your project. You get to send them your commission or ask them to buy it for you. They will go through the painting process and explain it to you if need be.

They will also send you multiple pictures to show you the completed project. Then you make your payment and they send your project to you. They have made this an extremely easy process and they are fun to work with.

08. Seismic Miniature Painting Studio


Seismic Miniature Painting Studio is a word press website but they offer a great service and have completed some beautiful projects that you can review on their blog. If you want something painted all you have to do is send an email about your project to [email protected] and you’ll get a free quote.

The artist mostly specializes on Warhammer 40k and some Warhammer Fantasy Battles models but is open to doing just about anything. The artist also promises to work within your budget without compromising her artistic quality. Also, payments are made through PayPal so it’s extremely easy.

07. Blue Table Painting

Blue Table Painting Top Most Miniature Painting Studios 2017

This company started in 1996 as a hobby but after years of hard work they now have a crew of twenty painters working on projects for customers like you. They claim to be the only studio that can take on large projects in a tight turn around time due to the twenty workers they employ. They also offer a trade program where they will accept almost any miniature.

They will accept the work painted, unpainted, used and pretty much in any condition. All you have to do is send them an email with a list of items you would like to trade in along with the condition they are in. Blue Table Painting is a full-time miniature painting service so they do require a deposit for any new work they take on. The remainder of the payment is due when the project is complete.

06. Frontline Gaming Paint Service


Frontline Gaming has a huge gallery you get to browse through and look at the kind of work they do. After reviewing the different standards they offer, all you have to do is send them an email and explain to them what kind of work you would like done. They will provide a free quote. They specialize in magnetization which makes it easier to use the kit when you receive it back.

They do have white and yellow fees. So if your miniature is white or yellow; do expect to pay a little extra since those colors require more time and effort. This company also offers a terrain service which gives a place to use the miniatures. Their cheapest terrain package is $350.

05. Den of Imagination

Den of Imagination Top Popular Miniature Painting Studios 2018

Den of Imagination has a huge web store where you can buy prepainted miniatures. They have a staff of twenty talented miniatures painters. They paint, restore, sculp, and more! They also offer resin cast bases for your miniatures. They offer 6 different painting levels for your project.

They also offer a variety of basing depending on what you need for your project. They will also assemble your miniatures for you which includes cutting, cleaning, drilling gun barrels and any gluing that’s required. They do offer a sculpting service which covers everything from an infantry hero to a large monster.

04. Mini Brush Studio


The Mini Brush Studio is based in the UK and are spectacular at what they do. To get a quote all you have to do is send an email outlining the project you would like to have done. After approval, you get to watch your project transform on facebook on a daily basis. When the project is done they will provide you with high-quality photographs for your approval. Then they ship it off to you.

03. GMM Studios


GMM is run by one person, Brandon Palmer, and everything in his gallery has been painted by him. He has been working on miniatures for over 15 years and is extremely talented at it. He accepts large project work and can be contacted directly on his website. Each item is individually quoted and you get to work with him directly on your project.

02. Awaken Realms


Awaken Realms offer commissioned projects and their payments are laid out completely on their website. They are a group of artists that work together on small or large projects. They offer their artwork in four phrases; Standard, High, Top and Display. They also offer special bonuses on large projects and display pieces. They do offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed or they will refund you your money. There is no one in the market that offers this guarantee.

01. Painted Figs


Painted Figs offers quality miniature painting at low costs. They have been working on miniatures since 2005, and their artwork is fully displayed on their website gallery. There are over 100,000 pieces! They offer assembly free and paint stripping free. Just like the other websites though, all you have to do is send an email with all your information about the project you would like done and they will send you a quote.

There are many people out there who love their display pieces and their large projects. If you just don’t have the time to complete these pieces or don’t have the skills to put these pieces together to your liking, these companies can help you out. They are the best in their field and they love what they do! Remember, when you are contacting them for a quote don’t forget to include photographs of what you already have your hands on. The more information you include; the better the quote.

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