Top 10 Best Luxury Brands of The World

Luxury brands are loved by high end consumers all around the world because they confer unmistakable style and status. It is a hugely lucrative market for the brands who have tapped into this enormous global appetite for luxury branded goods. Because image is the key factor in sales now any product which simply carries the logo of a high –end high profile brand can bump up the price significantly.

Read on for our list of the top ten most famous luxury brands

10. Coach

Coach Top Most Popular Luxury Brands of The World 2018

At number ten is the famous American luxury brand, Coach which has a total value of $3.2 Billion. It is an iconic American brand which produces high-end luxury leather goods. Originally founded in 1941 in Manhattan it now has well over 600 stores around North America. Coach is notorious for having produced one of the most expensive bags in the world which cost $20,000.

It was designed and produced in collaboration with Billy Reid. Most Coach items have a hefty price of around $500 but expect to pay anything up to an eye watering $20,000. Products include handbags, watches, a scarves and other accessories and all sport an edgy New York style

9. Fendi

Fendi Top Famous Luxury Brands of The World 2019

With a brand Value of $3.6 Billion Fendi is one of the top Italian fashion houses producing luxury branded goods for the discerning shopper. It was founded by Adele Casagrande in 1925 in Italy’s Capital City, Rome. The Fendi headquarters and heart remains in Rome and the company has recently invested more than $2M in the restoration of the iconic Trevi Fountain. Fendi has 117 stores globally and is best known for its iconic Fendi handbags which carry a price tag of around $2,000 to $5,000 each. Fendi is also renowned for fur pieces and furs.

8. Burberry

Burberry Top 10 Best Luxury Brands of The World 2017

Burberry is a luxury fashion house with a brand value of $4.1 Billion from Britain. It is a quintessential British brand recognisable by the iconic plaid design associated with the brand which is one of the most copied trademarks in the world. Famous models associated with the brand include Cara Devigne and Kate Moss and noted British actor Eddie Redmayne has also been a famous brand ambassador for Burberry.

The company was originally founded by Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. Products sold under the Burberry brand include clothing, accessories, cosmetics and perfume which are sold in 50 countries globally. It has approximately 500 stores and was granted a Royal warrant.

7. Cartier

Cartier Top Most Luxury Brands of The World 2017

The French luxury brand designer and manufacturer of exquisite jewellery and watches has a brand value of $6.3 Billion. It is headquartered in Paris where it was founded in 1847. Cartier is listed as the seventh most influential luxury brand globally and has a presence in 125 countries around the world in a total of 200 stores.

The top product sold by Cartier is top watch which sells for roughly $32,000 and is a real badge of extravagance and wealth for its owner. Cartier has been a favourite of royalty for years and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, frequently sports the iconic Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

6. Chanel

Chanel Top Popular Luxury Brands of The World 2018

Chanel is at sixth position and has a total brand value of $7 Billion. It was founded by the Coco Chanel who was a designer, businesswoman and style icon and the company carries her name. Today Chanel is owned by the grandsons of the original business partners, Alain and Gerard Wertheimer. The famous company’s headquarters are in appropriately in the style capital of the world, Paris.

Chanel No. 5 is the signature perfume and the most celebrated of the luxury brand’s trademark goods. Marilyn Monroe will always be linked in the public’s mind with Chanel as the most renowned celebrity to represent the timeless classic brand. It is known for haute couture and is especially know for “the little black dress” and flattering easy to wear designer clothes.

5. Rolex


Rolex is in the top 5 Luxury Brands in the world and is celebrated for its superior quality timepieces and wristwatches. Rolex has a total brand value which is worth $7.9 Billion and is headquartered in the Switzerland. An exclusive watch from the Pearlmaster collection carries the hefty price tag of approximately $53,00. The company produces approximately 2000 watches a day are extremely prestigious and the ultimate staus symbol on the wrist of a gentleman.

4. Prada


In fourth position another exclusive Italian fashion house with a brand value of an estimated $9.4 Billion. Prada was founded by Mario Prada in 1913. The company has its centre of operations in Milan. Prada handbags are outstanding pieces for the discriminating consumer which convey prestige immediately when carried. The company has recently celebrated its centenary and has commissioned famous architects to design its flagship stores.

3. Gucci

Gucci Top 10 Best Luxury Brands of The World

Gucci has an estimated brand value of a staggering $12.7 Billion is considered the third most valuable luxury brand on the global stage. It had its beginnings in Florence in 1921 but today is owned by the French Company Kering. It is known for high end designer accessories, handbags and perfumes.

2. Hermès


Hermès is the second most costly luxury brand with a brand value in the region of $19.2 Billion. Its logo is the instantly recognisable horse and carriage. The French luxury goods and products manufacturer that was established in 1837. The signature Hermès orange handbag costs roughly $4,420. Hermès is also known for clothing accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings.

1. Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton dominates the luxury brand market with an estimated brand value of $28.4 Billion. Louis Vuitton is the longest established and most prestigious brand in the world. The name is essentially synonymous with style, elegance and quality. It operates around the globe within 50 countries in 460 stores.

The monogram logo appears on all its products which are all handmade and commands high prices for the privilege of owning items from the luxury brand. It is also recognised as the most for forged brand in the world with counterfeit products widely available due t the high status associated with owning Louis Vuitton items.

European companies continue to dominate the top 10 luxury brands globally as Europe remains at the forefront of design and style. The market for luxury products continues to grow as shoppers search for high status high quality bling.

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