Top 10 Best Loudspeaker Manufacturers in The World

Choosing the best loudspeaker for your needs isn’t exactly always as easy as it should be. With hundreds of reputable brands from all around the world, how do you choose? Fortunately for you, this is a list that will detail the ten very best brands from all across the globe, and this list will tell you some of the history of each of these companies. In addition, you will get a look into the kind of speakers that each of these companies make, and even (for some of these brands later listed) the general price bracket that you can expect from purchasing their products.

Here are the Top 10 Best Loudspeaker Manufacturers in The World

10. Yamaha


Yamaha has been in business since 1897. While the company has only been making speakers roughly half of that business span, it is still over six decades of making hi-fidelity speakers for the general public. While most of the loudspeakers on this list are not exactly low cost investments, the Yamaha Corporation as a whole has committed everything from its audio equipment /musical instruments to its motorcycles and other subdivisions to an affordable class of products meant for the working public to afford.

9. Sennheiser


While this company focuses more on loud speakers for PA systems for live music, this is still a great set of speakers to have in your home even for personal use. Their commitment to limiting distortion through their speakers has made them one of the most sought out components to professional stage productions, but that high level of quality has its price. So if you are wanting some of the best in live entertainment loud speakers, you should prepare to invest a lot into them.

8. Sony


Sony is a household name, from their award winning gaming consoles to their computers and other various electronics, this is a brand that has become synonymous with high quality and reasonable prices. With this in mind, loud speakers from the electronics juggernaut are really no different. They are comprised of the latest tech and high quality components, which leaves a true and pure audio quality without an exaggerated price tag that will leave your jaw on the floor.

7. KEF

KEF Top Most Famous Loudspeaker Manufacturers in The World 2018

Audiophiles will likely recognize the brand KEF, though the general public might not deem them as household as a brand like Yamaha or Sony. What they might not have in brand recognition though, they make up for in some of the most high end audio tech and products that exist anywhere in the world. While they have been making speakers (and most importantly are known just for their speakers) since 1961, KEF is still making loyal customers each and every day and thriving in the world of audio.

6. Polk Audio

Polk Audio Top Popular Loudspeaker Manufacturers in The World 2019

Polk is a name that many people might not instantly recognize, but have likely experienced the true and pure sound of their innovative speakers before. Since 1972 this company has made nothing but speakers, improving each and every year with the latest tech, without ever compromising the pure hi-fidelity audio that its loyal customer base has grown to expect and rave about.

5. Infinity


Infinity speakers are most commonly known for car audio, but surprisingly their loud speaker options for home and live entertainment use are incredibly reasonable in their price, and offer a powerful sound that is all but devoid of the distortion common to what are deemed “lower end” loud speakers. So if you are put off by some of the steep price tags for other options on this illustrious list, Infinity offers some highly affordable options that don’t skimp out on the quality.

4. Pioneer


Pioneer is a name that a lot of people will recognize, as they have been a premier name in audio products and loud speakers since their creation in 1938. Being a foremost name in audio products for nearly 80 years means that you are constantly having to offer the best quality products that are changing with the rapidly enhancing components to modern loud speakers. Through their impressive run, Pioneer products remain in the Top 5 of all speaker companies in the entire world, and this Japanese based outfit doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

3. Klipsch Audio Technologies


When you care more about the sheer quality of the speaker that you are hearing and less about the brand name being one that you’ve heard all throughout your life, you might find yourself landing on a Klipsch product. These are some of the most highly regarded speakers on the planet, and their commitment to super hi-fidelity and preserving original recording audio quality sets them apart from even the top names on this list. This kind of quality is not without a steeper price tag, but for a true audiophile, this isn’t an insurmountable cost for true audio output.

2. UBL


UBL has a fairly long standing history in audio products of all kinds, but their achievements in loud speakers have made them a highly regarded company all across the world. Since 1945, UBL has been in the audio product business, and their loud speakers are among the most commonly used for both live entertainment and personal home use across the globe. This is a company that has a commitment to the quality of their audio and the wallets of their customers, offering a range of high quality products from the lower price brackets to the hi-fidelity loud speakers on the higher end of the price spectrum.

1. Harman Kardon


If there is something that people associate loud speakers with, it is their generally large size. Harman Kardon proves that big things can often come in small packages, and still be considered some of the best loud speakers that could retire your tower speakers for good.

These are the top manufacturers of loud speakers for the entire planet. These speakers are of the highest quality, because they are constructed of the highest quality materials and built to last. More than that even, each of these brands is committed to offering the very purest version of hi-fidelity sound, leaving little distortion to interfere with how the sound you are listening to was meant to be heard in the first place.

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