Top 10 Best Livestrong Wristband Colors

Livestrong bands are really catching a lot of momentum. Lately they are being used for all kinds of athletic groups around the entire globe, but more than that, they are becoming a specific focus for a lot of the worst of man’s ailments, diseases and conditions. These bands serve to allow the wearer a chance to help raise awareness about the causes that are specific to the color of the band that they are wearing. With this in mind,

Here are the Top 10 Livestrong wristband colors that you can choose from.

10. Specialty Colors


Camo and rainbow Livestrong bands are becoming quite popular throughout the years. While the two have very different specific focuses, neither one is a specific color. The camo Livestrong band is most often associated with garnering support and awareness for the military that is abroad and risking their lives in the name of the freedoms that we all appreciate.

The rainbow band is more indicative of the pursuit of equal rights for the gay/transgender population living around the world. While this is something that is only recently gaining a lot of support all around the globe, this is a struggle that this community has been fighting for a long time.

9. White


White bands are often indicative of two main things. The first of these is a general awareness for cancer research and the need for more funding into a cure. This does not specifically indicate one type of cancer as other colors do, but more of a general understanding that with one medical breakthrough in this department, others would surely follow. The other meaning for white bands are really much anything to do with the Christian faith, often being garnished with the acronym WWJD, meaning What Would Jesus Do?

8. Yellow


This is another color of band that can have numerous meanings, much like most of the colors that will be featured on this list. Yellow has been a long standing color for general cancer awareness and support for its survivors. This is also a color that people have associated with the military and garnerning support for the troops that are still overseas and in the country. Finally, yellow has also been used to promote research in many medical fields, though most commonly it is meant to promote research for cancer.

7. Black

Black Top 10 Best Livestrong Wristband Colors 2017

While there are small considerations that the black band has made to other causes throughout the years, these are most often associated with garnering support for melanoma research. While there is currently no cure for the condition, melanoma is among the most painful of cancers to affect people. So if you see someone wearing a black Livestrong band, chances are they are trying to get the word out about melanoma (better known as skin cancer).

6. Blue


While most of these colors are used to support various forms of cancer, and this color is no different, there is a bigger and more common cause that the color blue tends to represent in Livestrong bands. The color blue is most often associated with autism awareness. Autism is something that scientists and doctors are still trying to scramble to understand and get ahead of regarding its causes and its variances, so there are lots of events happening each and every year to try and raise money for more research and to support those that are struggling with the condition in their daily lives.

5. Green

Green Top Popular Livestrong Wristband Colors 2018

While there are likely connotations that green has with a variety of cancer that exists, this is not what it is most commonly used for. Green is most often associated with one of two different causes, the first of which is muscular dystrophy. This debilitating condition is something that has multiple major events all over the country to raise money for continued research towards a cure. In addition green Livestrong bands are used in Earth awareness situations in which people are trying to raise awareness for treating the planet a little better than it usually gets treated.

4. Orange


While this is the same color orange that is used by the Tennessee Volunteers, who have made Livestrong bands a part of all of their branches of athletics, this is the second most common use of the orange band. Most often the orange Livestrong band is meant to get support for research into multiple sclerosis. This condition is one of the only that has its own dedicated color to garner support, which makes it easy to identify.

3. Pink


This color is almost 90% dedicated to breast cancer awareness and research support. This is one of the colors of Livestrong bands getting a huge push in the world of professional sports around the globe, seeing many of the players dawning pink portions to their uniforms, or at the least the iconic pink ribbon to get support. Through the efforts of these franchises, the cause has raised millions of dollars towards research into a cure and earlier detection to have a lower mortality rate.

2. Purple


This is one of the bands that has multiple connotations, so it stands to reason that not everyone is rocking the purple band for the same reasons. Perhaps the two most common reasons for choosing purple would be cystic fibrosis awareness and autism awareness. Lupus is often associated with the color purple, though it does not quite have the national awareness level that a condition like autism or cystic fibrosis does.

1. Red


Red is something that is most commonly associated with AIDS/HIV awareness and research support. While there are other associations with the color, such as heart disease awareness, the most commonly utilized reason is for HIV support towards a cure.

These are a few of the most common and most popular of all the Livestrong band colors that exist right now. They are all associated with very different causes, but these are all likely something that everyone could relate to with one color or another. While there are many other colors that exist, these are the Top 10 colors that exist for the Livestrong wristbands all around the world.

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