Best And Largest Indian Brands

The largest brands in India cover everything from dairy and food products to health products that we use on a daily basis. Some of these brands offer multiple types of products from coffee to electricity and power, internet and telephone services.

Following are the top ten Best And Largest Indian Brands

10. Tata Group


Tata Group is a private conglomerate in India providing airlines, automotive, information technology, healthcare and more. The Tata Group has combined with Starbucks in India providing coffee products to its consumers. They are also owners of Eight O Clock Coffee. Tata Power also provides private electricity, power and utilities all over India. Tata motors contributes to Jaguar Land Rover and Daewoo commercial vehicles. Tata Group has a huge influence over India and its products contributing to many different industries including steel manufacturing.

09. Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive Top Most And Largest Indian Brands 2017

Colgate-Palmolive is the largest toothpaste brand in India. Colgate-Palmolive started in the USA but has grown rapidly around the globe. Colgate India has promised to spread bright smiles across the country. They have a large amount of community programs all over the country educating families and youth about proper mouth care. Colgate has partners with Ida to ensure that oral care continues to improve in all areas of India.

08. Unravel India


Unravel India is a lifestyle brand for exclusive items created by craftsmen using traditional practices in different locations all over India. They are working to improve the connection between consumers and craftsmen all over India. They provide unique items that are typically found in India but not elsewhere in the world. They offer housewares, kitchen and dining supplies, women’s clothing and jewelry, personal care items and artistic pieces. They have found a way to internationalize Indian artisanal items so that the traditional practices of India aren’t forgotten in time.

07. Amul

Amul Top 10 Best And Largest Indian Brands 2017

Amul is an Indian dairy cooperative famous for their milk, dairy and cheeses based out of Gujarat, India. There are 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat alone working for Amul dairy products. Amul was founded in 1946 and has been climbing the dairy industry ever since. They were the first company in the world to create skim milk using buffalo milk and commercializing it. Their products range from milk, powders, chocolate, ice cream, ghee and every other dairy product you can imagine. Amul has created an Any Time Milk (ATM) machine which dispenses milk in the form of a pouch whenever you need it.

06. Lifebuoy


Lifebuoy is a popular soap and antibacterial brand in India. They create body washes, hand washes, bar soaps and on the go care products. They are one of the main companies that assists with educating the public in regards to ebola, flu, H1N1, skin infections and other illnesses. Lifebuoy started in England when Mr Lever wanted to find a cure for cholera. They’ve since grown to become one of India’s most well-known soaps to help ward off diseases. They are most popular in India but available in a total of twenty-two countries across the globe.

05. Horlicks

Horlicks Top Famous And Largest Indian Brands 2019

Horlicks is a popular nutritional drink in India owned by GSK. Their goal is to provide foods and beverages that will help people live longer and healthier. Besides Horlicks, GSK create a variety of medications, vaccines and consumer health products. Horlicks claims to support the immune system, increase bone density, increase muscle tissue, improve concentration and attention, provide healthier blood cells and help with healthy weight gain. They are most popular for their children’s beverages but also create drinks and cereals for women, pregnant women and men.

04. Dettol India

Dettol India Top Popular And Largest Indian Brands 2018

Dettol is another very popular germ fighting company in India. They launched in India in 1933 with the aim to fight against germs and the spreading of illnesses. Good hygiene is their top priority! They educate the public on the proper way to wash hands, take care of body hygiene and how to keep yourself safe in public places.

03. State Bank of India


The State Bank of India is the largest banking company in the country. They provide home loans, car loans, personal loans, checking and savings accounts. Bank of India has been around since 1973 as a non-profit part of their community services banking. The bank participates and contributes towards welfare and social causes of India.

They even offer loans to farmers and rural land. They promise to relate to young India, understanding that they are the future of the country, create products and services that will help Indians achieve their financial and personal goals and also promise to always be polite and prompt.

02. Fair & Lovely


Fair & Lovely is one of the most popular beauty brands in India for women. In 1973 a scientist in India discovered that with the application of vitamin B3 on the skin the skin would lighten in color. By lightening the skin, a great deal of blemishes and color variants can be evened out. This was the world’s first lightning cream designed solely for reducing the dark pigments in skin in the world. Many women in India and all over Asia desired fairer skin with more even tones.

They’ve been innovating their products since 1973 making it easier to use and provide quicker results. The Fair & Lovely Foundation has been working since the 70s to help women push the envelope and accomplish more than society deemed necessary. They’re currently encouraging the women of India to accomplish their goals and find equality with their male counterparts.

01. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited


They are the largest telecom service in India that just started in 2000. They have united India with internet, telephone, wifi, GSM mobile, VoIP and other telecom related services. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service, generating value for their products and being flexible with their company due to the constant change in the worlds technology.

Some of the largest brands in India have also been some of the first of their kind in the world. India has contributed not only to themselves in a grand way but also to the entire globe with their discoveries of B3 uses and powdered milk. These companies are valuable not just as employers but also educators; informing us on health care, disease control and the importance of following our dreams.

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