Top 10 Best Jet Planes in The World

War is hell! That is a true statement. However, it can be less of a problem if a country is fighting with the right types of weapons and has the best type of technology at their disposal. When it comes to utilizing the best jet planes, war might tough but that does not mean that that these aerial fighters cannot hit back just as hard. When a nation has a powerful jet plane in their arsenal they have significantly changed the balance of combat in their plane. This is especially true for any military organization that has the best jet planes that money can buy. Here is a list of the best jet planes in modern times.

Following are the Top 10 Best Jet Planes in The World

10. America’s F-16 Fighting Falcon

America’s F-16 Fighting Falcon Top Best Jet Planes in The World 2017

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a highly stylized jet plane that is a single-man fighter. This powerful air combatant features highly advanced weapons systems and an advanced long-range attack system. The F-16 can take on enemies from close ranges but it is best suited for long and medium ranged combat systems. The F-16 is also multi-role jet plane that has the ability to be used for espionage missions or for gathering intelligence.

9. America’s F-15

America’s F-15 Top 10 Best Jet Planes in The World 2017

America has the F-15 fighter plane which is a sleek and aggressive jet plane that can perform a wide variety of tasks. This unit is best suited for quick strike attacks and for long range targeting. The F-15 moves at an extremely fast rate of speed. It can travel up to 1650 mph. In other words, the F-15 can strike a target and disappear before they can even figure out what had happened. The F-15 is fast, powerful and a true jet plane that military forces can rely on for support.

8. Sweden’s Saab JAS 39 Gripen


The Swedish military is not considered one of the best in the world. However, they do have a modern military force that is more than capable of taking on any enemy that crosses its path. One of thing that helps the Swedes to be successful in combat is their Saab JAS 39 Gripen. This jet plane is a capable fighter that is able to take down enemy craft and to perform a wide variety of modern military functions. This unit is stable jet fighter that is suited for some minor attack roles but it is the perfect weapon for defense. The Saab JAS 49 Gripen also has a low operating cost which means that the Swedes can afford to have a fleet of these bad boys in their cache of national weapons.

7. Russia’s MiG 35


The MiG 35 is one of the best jet fighters on the planet. This plane is a capable of performing a wide variety of missions and it can take down enemy craft without much effort. The MiG 35 can be used to attack targets on land and sea. It can wreak havoc on aircraft that dares to cross its path. This unit is outfitted with a highly advance computerized weapons system and it can be used for electronic warfare capabilities as well. The MiG 35 is truly one of the best jet fighters in the service of the Russian army.

6. China’s J-10


China’s military strength lies in their numbers. They have the largest army in the world with well over 2 million men. China’s can send wave after wave of soldiers into combat to wear an enemy down. They can also support these troops with the J-10 jet plane from up above. Just imagine being attacked from the ground by a virtually endless supply of soldiers and then from the air by a J-10 jet fighter. Most defenders would not survive such an onslaught. The J-10 alone is powerful enough to blow holes in any defense structure from long range distances. It could also reign down rapid fire bullets that would literally tear a person’s body apart with one hit. The J-10 is considered such a powerful aero craft that is rates with the modern jet fighters form the Russia and the U.S.

5. Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35


Russia is no stranger to military weapons and might. This nation has been at the forefront of the world’s military forces for well over 300 years. Very few nations on the Earth can match the Russian’s power and might in battle. Russia’s technology is just as advanced as America’s or the U.K. The Sukhoi Su-35 is a military plane that flies with conviction and strikes with force. This aero craft can be used for many different types of purposes. It can coordinate strikes with other military branches and even be used on stealth missions to wipe out an enemy. This particular flying unit is not be trifled with.

4. France’s Dassault Rafale


The French army is one that is steeped in tradition and honor. The French are rated as one of the best modern fighting forces in the world. This nation has hundreds of years of combat experience and they utilize the latest technology to eliminate their enemies. One of the French’s best weapons of war is the Dassault Rafale. This highly stylized combat jet fighter is one of the best in the world and is the backbone of the French air force. This fighter is so advanced that it can even stop nuclear threats by detecting and eliminating targets that use this unique kind of tactical assault.

3. EU Eurofighter Typhoon


The European Union (EU) is a group of European countries that has partnered together for economic and trade benefit. Each member of the union is a sovereign nation. However, they combine certain aspects of their government together so they can be a powerful conglomerate. The EU even does this for their military. They have developed the EU Eurofighter Typhoon which is a heavy duty fighter that features a super cruiser mode and a wide range of weapons. Some of the armaments come with a nasty surprise. This truly one jet plane that is well advanced and ready for combat.

2. Multinational F 35 Lightning II


The F35 Lighting II is a jet plane that is available within many different countries. This international fighter is one of the best around and many air forces have at least a few in their fleet. This is a truly versatile and efficient jet plane. It can be used to take on enemy craft or to engage targets on the ground. This plane is not as fast some of the other fighters mentioned on this list but it has more tricks and special abilities to make up for its lack of speed. The F35 is a hefty fighter that can hit hard, move with finesse and stop just about anything that comes it way.

1. America’s F-22 Raptor


Raptors were among the most ferocious and dangerous of all dinosaurs when they roamed the planet. The F-22 Raptor jet plane is no different. This American terror doesn’t even show up on radar. Not only that, this fighter has a twin engine that can perform maneuvers and tricks unlike any other jet fighter in its class. The Raptor’s speed is mind boggling. It can move at a rate of nearly 2300 miles per hour. This plane is so fast that it can literally cover the distance of the United States within 10 minutes. One F-22 Raptor jet plane can literally take down a small city on its own. It can also cripple a large city as well. This plane is truly the king of the skies and anyone going up against it had better beware of the destruction that it can bring.

The jet planes on this list are no joke. Thankfully, they are used more as a deterrent than for aggressive tactics. If a squadron of these jet planes ever fell into the wrong hands – they could wreak unimaginable damage across the globe. That is how powerful these fighters truly are.

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