Top 10 Items for Urban Survival

Urban survival is one of those situations that most people will probably never experience but it is wise to be prepared for it if they ever encounter this type of situation. Urban survival situations typically take place from natural disasters. However, some people experience this type of event when a terrorist attack occurs or when a community’s power grid goes down for 3 or more days. When a person is placed into a situation that requires the use of urban survival tactics. They will need to use certain items to be able to get through this type of catastrophe with as few issues as possible. The following urban survival items are necessary for anyone who wants to survive and come on top during a catastrophic occurrence.

Following are the Top 10 Items for Urban Survival

10. Mobile Phones and Devices

Mobile Phones and Devices Top 10 Items for Urban Survival

Having a smartphone, tablet, laptop or cellphone is very important during a catastrophic situation. The reason being is that these devices give a person immediate access to the outside world. People can use these devices to communicate by voice or through computer lines. They can use social media to inform people about what is going on and they can also have access to GPS satellites to find lost people or to find their way. The point is that mobile technology is essential because it helps to keep people connected. A person should have at least some type of mobile technology on them. Keep in mind that no matter how bad a disaster situation is; somebody, somewhere inside of the disaster area will have some type of electrical and WiFi power that people can tap into for the sake of communications.

9. GPS Units

GPS Units Top Famous Items for Urban Survival 2019

GPS units are important devices for urban disasters. They are necessary for helping people to find their way when they are lost. One of the worst things that happens when a natural disaster hits an area is that many of the land features get messed up. Roads become impassable, forests become damaged and many community neighborhoods and streets are destroyed. People can easily get lost or become disorientated. GPS units can be used to figure out up-to-date changes to land features. They can even report when geographical conditions change. People can also track each other with the use GPS which in turn can help lost or trapped people to survive.

8. Generators


A generator is important during an urban survival situation. They are necessary because they provide power to people when they need it the most. The best generator are the large types that are portable but are very big and heavy to lug around. They can generate the most power for a long period of time. If a person is not able to get a large generator they should get any type of generator that they can. Something is better than nothing. People should also consider buying multiple generators if they are purchasing the smaller varieties. Fuel is needed to make a generator run and a person should have the fuel on hand to keep their units operating for at least a week. Generators with USB plugs and cables are important for much of today’s equipment and electronic mobile devices.

7. Fuel


Fuel is important during an urban survival situation. People will need it to power their vehicles, to operate their generators and to start fires. Gasoline is the primary fuel. However, if a person needs butane, charcoal or diesel fuel they should have these available as well. Heck, lighter fluid and charcoal can work wonders in terms of cooking and heating. The point is that a person has a lot of options available to them in terms of fuel and they should have as many of them as they possibly can.

6. Basic Tools


When an emergency situation takes place, people should have basic tools for this event. Basic tools include things like screwdrivers, tire irons and pocket knives. These tools will be useful during emergency situations. There are a wide variety of problems and situations that typically occur during a situation involving urban survival. Having the right tools on hand will help people to get pass these problems. People should also have USB cords and chargers on hand. It is imperative that they do, simply because a lot of today’s technology requires the use of these electronic devices.

5. Light


Do not underestimate the power of light. Especially during the dark time in areas where electricity is not available. Solar lamps and battery powered lights are basic types of lighting sources that should be used. People should keep small but effective lighting sources on hand. Light is an essential need in the dark for safety purposes. While the natural environment provides a lot of lighting sources, people still must have this source of power to help them out.

4. Radio


A radio is important to survival situations. When the whole world operates on digital technology, having an analog radio is very important. Basic radios can be used to keep track of what is happening inside of a disaster area. A CB or emergency radio offers more direct capabilities to what is actually happening within a disaster impacted area. Radios should be large enough to do more than just be mere receivers. Users should have radios that can actually communicate with other people.

3. Walkie Talkies


A walkie talkie is necessary for short range communication between people. They can provide instant information about developing situations and having them on hand is important for keeping up to date on any changes that are happening within a survival zone. Even a child’s walkie talkie play set is useful. However, a good professional walkie talkie set can communicate up to 25 or 30 miles. However, most walkie talkies communicate between 5 and 10 miles. That is still more than enough distance for people to effectively communicate.

2. Weapons


Weapons are dangerous things but unfortunately necessary for urban survival situations. Weapons should be used to deter situations and not to attack, assault or to kill people. Many people do a lot of bad things when they realize that there is no law or order. So, having a gun might be a necessary evil. However, most people probably will not have to use one. Still it is best to be prepared. Keep in mind that there are non-lethal weapons such as stun guns and bats that people can use to stop attackers or vandals during an urban survival situation. Hopefully, weapons will not be the first item that people will depend on when an urban survival situation occurs.

1. Food and Water


Food and water are the two most important substances that people must have during an urban survival situation. If not, things can get pretty ugly real quick. People take for granted their availability of food and water. If they lost access to these essentials they would have a hard time getting through a survival situation. People need water more than food. In a disaster area, the normal water will probably be contaminated. Having a surplus of water on hand is crucial because it will keep people hydrated and give them hygiene. Food is important for energy. People should have simple foods such as rice, beans and oatmeal. Individuals should not rely on a lot of perishable food items or junk foods. Having some sweet items is good for morale. Canned and dry goods are best of all. Having a can opener and some spoons. Ultimately, people should have enough food and water to last for about a week. People should also figure out how they can stretch their supplies if necessary. Urban survival is important and having the right tools for this type of situation will improve a person’s chances of staying alive, staying safe and being able to help other people to do the same.

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