Top 10 Best Indian Animation Companies

In 1906, Blackton made the first drawn work of animation on standard film, Humorous phases of Funny Face. It featured faces that are drawn on a chalkboard and then suddenly move autonomously. In India the animation industry boomed in 1956, when Clair Weeks, an animator for Disney Studios, got invited to the Films division of India. Clair Weeks trained high ranked Indian animators. This union gave birth to their first production known as The Banyan Deer. This was in 1957. The animation Industry comprises of web design and animations which in turn helps produce television programs, films and also root down to compact disks for games, pc etc. In 2017, Animation companies in India have improved tremendously.

Here is a countdown of the top 10 best Indian animation companies

10. Reliance Media Works


LTD located at Mumbai India’s capital. Reliance met the top 10 because of its amazing dealings in 2D and 3D visual effect. It was founded in 1975. The company is well known for film and media services. This comprises of 3D motion picture processing, audio restoration, Digital mastering, Animation and broadcast. The Reliance Media Works Ltd is a member of the reliance group. Reliance media works also operates big cinemas, catering for 55 milion customers with 425 screens. Reliance sound stages have been used in many events e.g.- The Firmfare Awards, Agneepath, numerous television commercials and Singham.

9. Jadoo work

Jadoo work Top Most Famous Indian Animation Companies 2018

Jadoo Works has its production facility at Bangalore and upcoming hub for digital content innovation. It is here that the animation team conceives and brings to life, imagery that takes your breath away. Say its awesome characters, surreal backgrounds, mystical environments or incredible effects. For it to be possible there was world-class team of production and pre-production professionals experienced in film, animation, scripting and software. The production team works on state-of-the-art systems and software to produce both 2D and 3D animation. The pre-production team can work on several other projects for clients, besides in-house productions. This includes interactive games, television, commercials and serials.

Jado works have also worked with, 3DS Max, DPS Velocity, Shake, Combustion, Flash, US Animation, Maya ,Photoshop, Final Cut Pro , Renderpool. They created Animation for well know international studios such as: Wild Brain, USA, Mike Young Productions, US S4C, UK, Mondomedia, Game Development and , Animation Production

8. Padmalaya Telefilms

Padmalaya Telefilms Top Popular Indian Animation Companies 2019

Is located at Hyderabad. Padmalaya Telefilms Ltd. is engaged in production of animation series, feature films, and television software in India. It is involved in providing facilities for pre-production, post-production ,distribution of feature film animation series production, and, including two and three dimensional special effects for television software and feature films. In addition, the company offers training in multimedia software and animation.

7. Nipuna


Services has its headquarters at Chennai. Their projects are as indicted- Animated Characters, Animated Web Graphics, Commercials, Educational, Industrial Films, Feature Films, Games, Interstitials, Logos, Multimedia, New Media, Bumpers, Television Series, and Title Sequences. Nipuna services specialty ranges in 2 dimension traditional, 2 dimensions Computer Animation, Three dimension animation, visual effects, Live Action, Pastel on Paper and Rotoscope. They also own the following facilities and equipment: 3D Animation, Gaming Services, Visual Effects, Compositing, Wire Removal, Matte painting, Film Restoration, Advertising Production – TVC Digital Video and Film Conversion.

6. Heart Entertainment


This is located at Hyderabad in India. It has equipment and faculty as stated below: , Sound Effects, Story Board, in-betweening, Character Design, Key Backgrounds, Voice Track, Music, Layout, Concept Art, Animation, Cleanup, Background Painting, Editing, Sound Mixing Compositing & SFX, Ink & Paint, Titling,. They have an animation specialty of visual effects and 2 dimension and 3 dimension animations

5. UTV Toons


Is located at Mumbai. It is a wholly owned division of UTV Software Communications Ltd. The company started of with 2D Traditional animation and has moved fully to digital animation in 2002. It has been a pioneer of animation for long now in India and has one of the largest state of the art CGI animation studios in the country. With a portfolio of more than 625 episodes of animation, it’s among the most experienced animation houses in India.

Today the it has a proud repertoire of satisfied clients from Asia, North America, and Europe. Some have even trusted us with some of their most prestigious projects include UNICEF, Walt Disney Television, Mike Young Productions, Cinegroupe and more. Our animation work is seen on some of the most prominent broadcasters worldwide.

4. Toonz Animation India


It’s found at Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. It has specialized leaders I’m making entertainment content for various consumer like family and children and media platforms across the world. It believes on going an extra mile. Veterans from all over the globe are in the leadership team.

3. Crest Animation Studios


LTD is an Indian animations studio. This company has had many challenges to a point of retrenching its workers but it rose up above the challenges and hit greater heights. It recorded about 150 animators. Crescent studios released animation in partnership with the Lions Gate known as the alpha and omega.

Pokemon anime the first four series was dubbed from the English version to the india version they have their own Hindi dub for cartoon network and visions They have dubbing studio for CN.

2. Pentamedia graphics


Located at Chennai India. Pentamedia is a frontrunner in Digital Media in Asia. The Main activities are Products, Consultancy, Projects & Training in Software & Digital has created a lot of animated features, traditionally and computer-animated, and has ever employed as many as 1500. In years past they set to rest all of animations except : The 5 Warriors was given National Film Award for the Best Feature Film Gulliver’s Travels, Alibabba, Legend of Buddha and , Son of Aladdin were chosen for the Academy Award for Best Animated feature.

1. Maya entertainment


LTD other than high-end animation outsourcing it also wants to develop India content globally its headquarters is located in India’s capital city. It provides high quality 3D animation 2D animations pills and stereoscopic 3D conversion of content. Hits HQ located in India’s capital. It is number one in the countdown for the simple reason of its creation of many famous animations: Robot boy among others which have been features in Nickelodeon and other major children program sites and channels.

Now you know you’ve watched Indian made animations consciously or unconsciously. Indian animation companies are well vast in modern animation standards.

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