Top 10 Best Home Solar System Companies in The World

So much is said these days about protecting the environment. Just a short time ago there was almost no buzz about alternative energy sources. People were comfortable sticking with the standard options that had been in place for decades. These ten companies offer quality, affordability and most important a great solution to powering homes while being sustainable for the planet.

Here are the Top 10 Best Home Solar System Companies in The World

10. Solar Five

Solar Five Top 10 Best Home Solar System Companies in World

They tout themselves as ‘your neighborhood operated solar power provider. This company is based in Massachusetts. Their goal is to help the consumer find immediate cost-effective ways of making solar panels a reality. The name Solar Five is a takeoff from the fact that their company promotes “five tenets of excellence”. These principles are professionalism, empowerment, integrity support, and community. They strive to hire people who not only get the job done but who are passionate about what they do. They strive to ‘provide a range of competitive financing options’ that “empower our customers to save money”. With regards to integrity, ‘We treat all customers with respect and honesty both in quality of our products and the quality of our service.’ Once the installation is complete there is ongoing training and support including weekly check-ins. This company is ‘committed to building local partnerships that bring more than just energy savings to our local communities.’

9. Dividend

Dividend Top Most Famous Home Solar System Companies in World 2018

Their website has a bold statement ‘We connect creditworthy homeowners, customer-centric installers and financial investors, creating partnerships and aligning interests to enable all members of the solar value chain to benefit. Together, we make solar an investment not just another monthly expense.’ Since Solar is a relatively new way to power their homes its more difficult to get the necessary funding to make it a reality. Dividend is addressing the problem head-on; ‘solar is no longer just an environmental dream it’s an economic reality. Positive environmental and economic returns are no longer mutually exclusive.’ This is a company who definitely lives what they sell. As they state ‘Some of our best ideas have come together sitting around the table, admiring the view, from the rooftop of our office.’

8. One Roof


The landing page of oneroof’s website states ‘Renewable, clean, and efficient; adding solar panels to your home is always a smart decision-and it’s never been easier to make the switch.’ Underneath, they highlight three reasons to make the change; “Control your energy”, “Trim Your Bill”, and “Love Your Planet”. Although One Roof is a sizable company, they keep the smaller business personal touch. ‘We believe in forging lasting relationships with our customers throughout the entire life of your solar energy.’

7. Crius Energy


‘Crius Energy is one of the largest independent energy retailers in the United States, providing electricity, natural gas and solar products to more than 950,000 residential and commercial customers.’ Through Network Marketing, Strategic Partnership, Direct Marketing, Municipal Aggregation and a Commercial Broker Network they are able to provide electricity, natural gas, and solar power. Their missions is to ‘help individuals and businesses connect to and engage with the thriving and ever-changing energy market.’

6. SunRun


This company’s goal is to lock in low energy rates for the next two decades. They are California’s number one provider of residential solar panels. They also offer backup electricity utilizing the technology BrightBox; exclusive to their company. The Brightbox technology does a myriad of different things. It provides backup in case their is a malfunction with the panels. Secondly, it gives the homeowner different ways to effectively manage their electricity bill. California homeowners can enjoy a monthly or prepaid PPA/lease. Sunrun also promises to do repairs and upkeep on the unit for twenty years.

5. Vivint Solar


This company was founded in 2011. Their missions is “simple and affordable clean energy.” In their “why we do it section” they state ‘today electricity generated by fossil fuels accounts for 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. Plus it’s expensive. We offer a cleaner and safer alternative so that we can all feel good about energy again.” Not only are they helping to make their customers feel better about the greener alternative. They also are passionate that ‘going solar should be headache and hassle-free.’ Not only does the company love what they are doing they are also providing a valuable service because ‘you can save money by paying for power at a rate that’s lower than what your utility can provide.’

4. Complete Solar


‘Our company is not really about us-it’s about you and it’s about the future. It’s about empowering people everywhere with the freedom to choose their energy and how much they spend on it.’ Complete Solar wants to simplify the process of choosing and installing solar panels. They offer more customized solutions and proprietary software that helps ‘you get the most highly optimized solar and financial solution possible.’ One of their standouts is a completely streamlined procedure that makes the installation faster than if a consumer was to use another company.

3. Solar City


They have a trademarked phrase “better energy.” There is nothing to the contrary on their website. states ‘we’ve revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. And what else would they call this but better energy. It is a phrase that populates their site and with good reason. They are America’s number 1 full-service provider. They have completed installations in 27 states with over 90 operations. They are the only company to offer single site monitoring. Since 2006 this company has been steadfast in “transforming the way Americans use energy.”

2. RGS Energy


RGS stands for “a Real Goods Solar Company”. This is a company that certainly lives up to their name. They have been in business for approximately 35 years; with the classic American entrepreneurial story. They began selling their panels out of a small general store in Northern California. However, they didn’t stay small. Since that time they have installed over 25,000 solar panels. RGS services a handful of different states; California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. They as w”ork in Hawaii under the name Sunetric.

1. Sunpower


‘For 30 years Sunpower has led the way with record-setting technologies and innovative solar solutions…no other solar company offers such a complete package.’ This company has the only cradle to cradle designation in the entire industry. This means that not only do they provide a paradigm in the solar industry they also go a step further. Not only do they install, they also educate communities about the solar power revolution. ‘While other solar companies are trying to catch up, our time-tested approach provides outstanding customer experiences, keeping you well ahead of the energy curve for the next 30 years and beyond.’

There are many reasons to choose solar power over traditional sources of electricity. You will cut down your electricity bill while helping the environment. Once you choose solar energy you can feel confident that you have a low maintenance way of powering your residence. These ten companies stay on the cutting edge and are the best choice for solar power installation.

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