Top 10 Best Hand-Held Electronic Devices

People throughout the world are getting more and more hooked on technology with each passing year. As more and more products continue to roll out new models, new inventions, and state of the art designs made to make life easier in their many different ways, it’s interesting to see which products people tend to use the most. This list comprises the top ten handheld electronic devices that 2017 has to offer thus far, and in truth a few of them are present simply because they’ve been reliable enough to continue onward throughout the years.

Whether they seem practical or not, each device that continues to be placed on the market will continue to be considered as “the best” until something else comes along to supplant it. In the electronics industry this is simply a way of life, and it’s not bound to change.

Following are the Top 10 Best Hand-Held Electronic Devices

10. Electronic Hand warmer

Electronic Hand warmer Top Popular Hand-Held Electronic Devices 2018

Can you still recall when you could purchase multiple packets of hand warming pouches that would grow warm thanks to a chemical reaction? While those slightly antiquated products can still be found, this new and adaptable technology is being continually improved in order to offer more options, increased safety when in use, and an impressive aesthetic that makes it very appealing to all generations.

As a handheld device it’s practical and easy to hold as well as carry, but as an electronic device it’s continually evolving with each passing year. As of now some hand warmers can be used for their original purpose as well as a flashlight in case of an emergency. As an outdoor tool it’s one of the most useful devices on the market today.

9. E-Cigarette


There are many arguments as to why this may or may not be one of the greatest devices ever created. On one hand it eliminates a great many toxins that might otherwise be spread around by the casual smoker. Unfortunately the smell is often off-putting to most people and there is still the smoke factor that is highly unpleasant for others even without the life-threatening toxins. It’s a popular device to be certain, and easy enough to store and charge, but it’s definitely a point of debate amongst users and non-users.

8. Golf Range Distance Finder


Some things from the old days just don’t seem as sacred any longer. Where once golfers used to judge distance based on how far they could see and what they could guesstimate, now there is a device that will actually factor in the terrain, the elevation, and anything and everything else to determine how you should adjust to each shot. It would seem a bit of a cheat to use with a sport that is all about skill and intuition, but for the beginner, or the golf course designer, it might be a very useful tool.

7. Baby Thermometer

Baby Thermometer Top Most Hand-Held Electronic Devices 2017

If you’ve ever tried to take the temperature of a cranky child, especially an infant or a toddler, then you happen to know just how difficult it can be to get them to hold still long enough to get a decent reading. The newest advances in this particular technology almost eliminate the need for such a frustrating ordeal, as many of the handheld thermometers can give an accurate reading from the forehead or armpit. In this manner you can save a lot of time and trouble and forego the constant squirming and fussing that usually comes from a sick and less than receptive child.

6. Nintendo 3DS XL


The device came out nearly two years ago, but it is still one of the favorite handheld devices amongst gamers and is still making an impressive run when it comes to sales and popularity. With a long list of games that kids and even adults enjoy playing, this system is one of the best still available on the market. While the Nintendo Switch might actually start to cut into its numbers, the 3DS is still likely to remain a cheaper and preferred system by many.

5. Nintendo Switch


New, innovative, and advanced beyond any other counterpart to date, the Nintendo Switch is a system that can work as either a console or as a handheld. The box it nestles in can serve as the connection between the system and the television, and its controllers are affixed to either side. Both of them can slide off and provide an even easier method of play as well as affording a chance for a two-player game. As handheld devices go this one’s status is still up in the air, but the hype being given to the Switch is more than enough to raise many people’s expectations.

4. Samsung Galaxy S8


Despite everything that the S7 offered, which was more than many people expected, the new flagship for this company is going to be the S8. It has yet to be released, but the buzz is already on the web about how it is supposed to have a dual-lens camera, an upgraded screen, and even a new and improved AI assistant. When it comes to phones technology is either growing or dying, there doesn’t appear to be any other direction.

3. iPhone 8


The average iPhone has been giving people everything they want and more since its inception. The iPhone 8 however is poised to become yet another engineering marvel that will surpass its progenitors and become the new face of the company in some ways. It will feature an edge to edge OLED display and offer a fingerprint sensor for ID purposes. This phone is scheduled to be a complete redesign from the other models, and will no doubt be in high demand once it is released.

2. Amazon Kindle


If you like to read it doesn’t matter if you have the app on your phone or your own Kindle Fire, this handheld device isn’t likely to go anywhere in the near future. Readers all over the world embraced the Nook and the Kindle when they first came out, and there’s no sign of that fan base letting up.

1. Nook Tablet 7


The design isn’t all that new, but the capabilities and the continued ease of use are definitely upgrades from the previous models. The Nook doesn’t seem to have done much in recent years, but its popularity has still been enough to rival the Kindle at times. No matter which reader you use, both of them are quite capable and can be seen roaming around in the hands of dedicated readers everywhere.

The more capable a device is, the more people are going to want it. Handheld electronics are an innovative way to keep people connected to everything they deem important and still allow them to stay on the go when needed.

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