Top 10 Best Gifts For Teenagers

When you find yourself having to buy a gift for a teenager, your first thought is just to write them a check. They are often some of the toughest people to purchase a gift for as they always want what’s new and trending and you often have no idea what that is. While they may love the check and have all kinds of ideas on how to spend it, a check is just not as exciting as unwrapping a gift.

These are some of the top 10 best gifts for teenagers that are sure to please even the pickiest teen.

10. Mini Rocker Speaker Chair (suede)


The Mini Rocker Speaker Chair is a comfortable way for your teen to enjoy all their gaming or TV viewing. It is compatible with all their favorite hand-held and desktop electronic devices and will provide them the relaxing option to rock while playing. You will appreciate the built-in speakers as much as they will so they are able to choose their own volume levels when listening. The chair is also easy to maintain by just spot cleaning any spills or drips that may occur during play.

This incredible chair is constructed from hardwood and plywood making it durable enough to handle the actions of a teenager. The seat is cotton cushioned to provide them hours of comfort to enjoy their activities. There is a control panel, and adapter as the chair is compatible with MP3/DVD players/CD as well as all popular gaming platforms; iPod, PSP, and iPads. It is also compatible with desktop platforms; Windows XP, and Windows 7. Multiple chairs can be connected with the built-in audio input and output jacks.

9. Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Print Camera


The Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Print Camera is sure to please any teen on your list. Teenagers love to capture themselves and their friends doing any activity. This camera will make every outing fun as it allows them to snap, print, and share all their memories. The camera has a built-in printer so they are able to share the shots right on the spot. The best feature with this amazing gift is your teen will not have to spend money replacing ink or toner cartridges.

Action can also be caught with the high-definition video option on the Polaroid Snap. Your teen will also be able to connect their camera through Bluetooth to access Polaroid editing features where they can customize their photos with filters, borders, or stickers. This camera is the perfect, zero-hassle way for anyone to capture the moments they treasure most. There is also a LCD display screen so you and your teen can be assured the perfect image has been captured.

8. Star Wars Headphones


The Star Wars headphones are built to be durable as they are created from polymer plastic with a shatterproof UFP adjustable headband. They were made to take a beating just like the characters from your teen’s favorite movie. They come with a detachable cord so they can become tangle-free street wearable to be transported where ever your teen heads out too. The ear pads are made from ultra-plush memory foam so they can be worn comfortably for hours.

These headphones are professionally tuned for with a custom sound signature. They will provide studio-quality sound for all those demanding audio applications. Teens will enjoy the pure, uncolored, and balanced sound that will ensure they hear the exact music artists intended for their audiences. No matter how they use these headphones, to play games or to listen to their favorite tunes, these headphones are going to be the winning gift for any teen.

7. UE Boom 2 Speaker


The UE Boom 2 speaker is a wireless Bluetooth device for your teen to connect with any Bluetooth-enabled source. They are a 360-degree wireless speaker that is capable of blasting loud, yet insanely good sound. Your teen will be able to enjoy full, deep bass in all directions where ever they sit this speaker down. Whether out in the rain or in the full sun, this speaker will beat out every one of their favorite tunes.

The UE Boom 2 is compatible with Amazon Echo Dot, so your teen can even use voice control with their new speaker. This will give them a hands-free experience to control and direct Alexa to play their music using Amazon Music, Pandora, Tunein, iHeartRadio, or even Spotify. This gift can go outdated as they are able to be updated or improved through speaker and app updates. This feature will ensure your teen gets a gift that will keep them up-to-date with upcoming technology improvements for this device.

6. Emily & Meritt Animal Headphones


Teens can listen to their favorite music in what they will call, ‘sweet style.’ These are a kitty-eared headphone set designed exclusively for teens. They have been created by fashion designers and celebrity stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott. These headphones will capture their rebellious and classic artistic taste.

The animal headphones are constructed from metal, plastic, and leather. The speaker is steel with a gold finish. This set of headphones has a five-foot cord to allow for one to move about while enjoying great sound and are easy to maintain by just wiping clean with a dry cloth.

5. Retro Cooler

Retro Cooler Top Popular Gifts For Teenagers 2018

Teens love having snacks, and having those snacks handy and right in their room is the ultimate combination. With the Retro Cooler, your teen will have the best of these two worlds. The Retro Cooler will keep their munchies fresh and cold. It can hold beverages and snacks to get them through tough study sessions or even long gaming episodes. It is compact enough to fit anywhere in your teen’s room, the desk, bookshelf, or any other convenient space.

The cooler is constructed of plastic and insulated to maintain an even temperature to keep their snacks chilled. The design of this cooler makes it an economical appliance as it uses much less power than a traditional refrigerator. If your teen prefers warm meals, the handy switch on the back turns it from cooling mode to warming mode. It will plug into any wall socket.

4. Jetson V6 Hoverboard with Bluetooth


The Jetson V6 Hoverboard will be one of the best gifts your teen has received. They will love how they are able to cruise with swag on this incredible hoverboard that is capable of reaching seven mph. It has been designed with two-wheel self-balancing and excels in all electrical safety tests. It also has a built-in battery indicator and a learning mode so your teen can safely learn how to handle the hoverboard.

The battery is a Swagron SentryShield smart battery to give your teen multi-layered hoverboard protection. It also has a 200-watt motor and gear stabilization giving your teen tighter control and downhill traction.

3. Quikset Air Hockey Table

Quikset Air Hockey Table Top Most Gifts For Teenagers 2017

The Quikset Air Hockey table features Franklin’s revolutionary design as it has been engineered so your teen can focus on their game and less on putting the table into play. The table will set-up in minutes and fold-down in seconds. This hockey table is one of the easiest games to put together and takes up little storage space in your closet or to slide under a bed.

The game table is constructed from durable steel with reinforced hinges to ensure it stands with maximum stability. There are also two pushers and two pucks included with the game table.

2. Catch Phrase Decades Game


The Catch Phrase Decades game is a great party game that is fun and challenging for friends getting together. It is a hand-held game that includes 5,000 words and phrases from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and 01’s allowing kids to choose which decade they want to guess from. Players will have a phrase appear on a screen and then will attempt to have their teammates guess by hints they give which phrase is displayed. The phrase can be described in any manner chosen; it just has to be done quickly to earn as many points as possible.

Players can dance, sing, or even make faces to try and get their teammates to guess the phrase. This game is an incredibly fast-paced and fun and will engage your teen and their friends for hours. There is a lot of laughter and tons of action is the fantastic group-engaging game.

1. Smartphone UV Sanitizer


Teens are always sharing their smartphones. They share their phones so others can see photos they’ve taken, allow others to make calls, or to have others take pictures for them. If they are not sharing them, they will lay them around and set them down in often undesirable places. A Smartphone UV sanitizer is not only a great gift; it’s a practical gift. Give your teen a great gift and help them fight off colds and viruses at the same time.

The sanitizer is designed with microbe zapping lights that have been positioned to deflect across the whole surface of their smartphone. This incredibly sensible gift will disinfect not only their phone, but also their jewelry, toothbrush, headphones, glasses, or any small object or device they tend to leave about.

Choosing that next gift for your favorite teen should be easier with these ideas. They have been selected from items that include fun, technology and challenges any teen will love to own. The next time you have to purchase a teen gift check this list of the top 10 best gifts for teenagers in 2017.

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