Top 10 Best German Brands

Germany has contributed to the world in many different ways from liqueur beverages to facial care creams and some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles like the Mercedes Benz and BMW. These companies have evolved over the years with our changing and new demands and they never fail to deliver. They’ve transitioned from the days of the past where they used to produce heroin to creating some of the world’s most effective birth control and skin care regimens.

Following are the Top 10 Best German Brands

10. Jagermeister


The founder of Jagermeister, Curt Mast, was an enthusiastic hunter. The word Jagermeister means Hunting Master. Jagermeister has been repopularized internationally due to it’s increasing marketing towards students and the younger drinking age as a party drink. In traditional Germany, it was frequently consumed by blue collar workers as a digestive aide after eating. Jagermeister is an herbal liqueur made from 56 herbs, spices, roots, and fruits. There was a rumor spreading that Jagermeister included a drop of blood from an animal, but that is not true. No animal blood is used in the making of Jagermeister.

09. Nivea

nivea, Top 10 Best German Brands 2017

Nivea is popular all around the world but it’s little known that it is actually a German owned company. They specialize in skin and face care. In 1882 the company was founded by a pharmacist which continued to develop and work hard to create new and effective skin care creams. They are constantly revolutionizing their products to this day. The company is over 100 years old and is frequently coming up with new product lines like sun tan lotion, anti aging creams, all over body care lotions and more.

08. Bosch

Bosch Top Most Popular German Brands 2018

Bosch is a great German company that creates new inventions and works on engineering to help change our world. They have roughly 375,000 employees all over the globe constantly working on new technology. Robert Bosch, in 1886, founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Germany which is what developed into the modern day Bosch company. They developed ignition systems for bicycles to make them motorized as early as the 1890’s.

In the 1920’s they create brick and mortar locations to help people with automotive troubles. Many of these locations are still open around Germany to this day. In the 1930’s they started developing refrigerator units for households. They are still revolutionizing our world by creating new devices to make motorcycles better and many other items we use on a daily basis.

07. Hugo Boss


Hugo Boss started as a designer company that created Nazi Germany’s uniforms. After the war, Hugo Boss changed the direction of his company from uniforms to designer men’s suits. They’ve been creating designer clothes for men, women, and families ever since. In 1985 they started presenting fragrances to the general public as well as clothing.

They currently have more than 1,000 stores all over the globe. In 1931 he was left with only six sewing machines after bankruptcy to start his endeavors all over again. He pursued his goals and has expanded all over the globe ever since. They now also have production sites all over the globe including Poland, Italy, the United States and more.

06. Porsche

porsche, Top 10 Best German Brands 2018

Porsche is a world renowned automobile company specializing in extremely fast sports cars, SUVs and sedans. Their headquarters are located in Stuttgart and are actually owned by the Volkswagen company. The Volkswagen Beetle was actually designed by Porsche! They are most popular for their successes in motor sports, being able to develop vehicles that beat records and win races.

Did you know that the original German family pronounces their name synonymous with Portia, whereas in many parts of the United States, the ending “sha” sound is removed. They are known as an extremely reliable company since 94% of the vehicle made in the last twenty-five years are still running and on the road.

05. Bayer

Bayer Top Most German Brands 2017

Bayer is a German owned pharmaceutical and chemical company. Its main sign is a huge landmark in it’s headquarter city Leverkusen. They are most well known for their first creation and still best-selling product aspirin. In 1910 it was called “heroin” and was a replacement for morphine which was marketed as a cough suppressant.

They have also created pesticides, cough medicine, birth control, antibiotics and more. Heroin is now an illegal drug in every country due to its addictive qualities. Heroin was a trademarked item until after World War I! They no longer make or promote heroin but do create other items we use on a daily basis, besides medicines, also pet foods and consumer foods.

04. BASF


BASF is the largest chemical producer in the entire world. Their company saying is “we create chemistry” and they do. BASF creates everything from dyes, soda, sulfuric acid, ammonia and more. During the first World War they even created explosives. Some of their more recent creations include nylon. They have expanded their production sites from not just Germany, but many countries all over the world. Many of our polyurethane products, foams and plastics are created by BASF.

03. Volkswagen

volkswagen, Top 10 Best German Brands

Volkswagen can be shortened to VW and is the largest vehicle manufacturer in the world. The name translates to “people’s automobile.” Ferdinand Porsche was one of the original contributors to the people’s automobile. Much of Germany’s automobile creations were for the upper class and were luxury vehicles. Volkswagen was one of the first companies to create a vehicle for those not included in the upper class.

In 1932, Adolf Hitler became involved with the company when he desired his people to have the same access to vehicles as Americans did. Ferdinand Porsche was one of the first people to help design what we know today as the VW Beetle. In the 60s they transitioned from the Beetle to the Golf which changed the image of Volkswagen around the world.

02. BMW


BMW stands for Bavarian Motor Works which is one of the leading automobile companies in the world. They are well known for their reliability and class. Their headquarters are in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since their creation. They are one of the best luxury automobile makers in the world and have production plants all over the globe.

They currently create civilian automobiles, motorcycles, motorsports vehicles and are constantly working to improve their technology. To this day they are creating hybrids, electric cars, sedans and other vehicles that are easily accessible to the general public. BMW first entered Formula One in 2006 and have been successful in this industry since.

01. Mercedes Benz


Mercedes-Benz’ slogan is “The best or nothing” which they keep true to their design to this day. They are one of the top performing luxury vehicle companies in the world. Mercedes Benz was founded by Karl Benz when he created the first petrol powered vehicle in 1886. During the 1930’s he continued to create vehicles which at one point Adolf Hitler was driving a Mercedes-Benz with bulletproof windshields. During the years the popemobile has been made by Mercedes Benz.

Germany has contributed to our world’s evolution in a drastic way over the years. They have supplied us with the best in chemicals, vehicles and popular beverages. Despite any of Adolf Hitler’s use of any of these companies, they made their own way and have developed since before Nazi Germany.

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