Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Desktops

Ever got really excited over a brand new video game that you have just bought, took it home to realise that your desktop can’t handle it? Well it’s true when they say “games don’t cause violence, lag does”. With that in mind I bring you a list of the top ten best gaming desktops that are currently on the market. If you have a little cash to flash, these brands will most definitely put a smile on your dial.

Following are the Top 10 Best Selling Gaming Desktops

10. Alienware X51 -$999 US

Alienware X51 Top Most Famous Selling Gaming Desktops 2018

The Alienware X51 from dell with its sleek and compact design isn’t one of the most powerful of gaming desktops on the market, but it’s definitely a great starting point especially for a first gaming desktop. It come’s VR ready with a nice 16 GB of RAM as well as INTEL 6TH-gen core. Backed up with a 2GB NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960 (or the GTX 970 model) at an average cost of $999, it’s definitely value for money. It does have its setbacks such as due to its small and compact design it heats up like an oven and is quite loud. But it still makes it to my top ten best.

9. Lenovo’s Ideacentre Y900 – $1,799 US

Lenovo's Ideacentre Y900 Top Popular Selling Gaming Desktops 2019

In some parts of the world, the Lenovo’s Ideacentre Y900 isn’t that well known. But I add it to the list because it still sells as one of the best performing gaming desktops. It come’s VR ready with its NVIDIA Geforce GTX 970 graphics card as well as a 16GB of RAM, it will certainly give you the good old fashion gaming experience. It’s amazing and well planned tool-less design allows you to be able to take advantage of its expansive upgradability. However on a bad note it’s a little on the expensive side and if you’re a little OCD when it comes to cable management, this desktop will end up leaving you tearing your hair out.

8. Acer Predator -$1,999 US


Are you big fan of Star-gate? Well the Acer Predator looks like a space ship that’s come down to rein havoc on the earth. This beastly gaming desktop weighs in at around 34 pounds which will certainly make you work up a sweat moving it around. It will give you a strong gaming performance with a 4GHz Intel core processor, 16 GB of RAM and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 Graphics card. This powerful piece of machinery plays like it looks with a jet black exterior; however it has a few flaws. It’s very cramped interior and messy wiring makes customising the Predator dam near imposable as well restricting air flow through the desktop its self. But if you are after a desktop that doesn’t need much work, than this is a great yet expensive choice.

7. Alienware Area 51 – $1,699


It’s no surprise that Alienware is yet again represented in the top ten list of gaming desktops. And with the Alienware Area 51, it seems more than justified. With a huge 2 TB hard drive and 32 GB of RAM it is worth its value for money. Its clever tirade design was built to better increase the air flow in this beast of a desktop. Its Intel core i7 CPU and an optional Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z graphics card, it will tick a lot of boxes for the everyday gamer.

6. Maingear Drift – $1,299


You can usually tell when you see a product of Maingear. And the Maingear Drift is no different. Its stunning compact design is quite beautiful to behold. But this awesome piece of technology isn’t all just looks. The Maingear Drift has incredible fast performance speed, and with a 10 series NVIDA titan X graphics card this little show pony comes with a kick. Along with plenty of hardware options to choose from and the buyer’s choice of paint colour this is a PC gamer’s wet dream.

5. HP Envy Phoenix 860st -$1,300


Not everyone regards HP computers as decent gaming desktops. But the HP Envy Phoenix 860st is a totally different story. This mature looking Desktop has a little bit of everything. With powerful components as well as being pretty quiet to run, it easily handles 4K gaming. Its slick case with in built colour lights that change it doesn’t look very special. But for a modest amount of cash it’s one of the top best sellers.

4. Asus G11 Series – $1,200


The Asus G11 price range starts off at around $1,200. It’s pretty impressive with a 1 TB hard drive and the Intel core i5 – 6400 processor. It also has a Geforce GTX 1070 graphics card which will provide an amazing experience when it comes to visualization. The best thing about the G11 however is the plenty of expansion slots that will allow more future upgrades possible in the future.

3. MSI Gaming 24 GE -$1,470


This all in one PC/desktop is one of a kind. With an Intel core i7 CPU and a 16GB of RAM it’s definitely a desktop worthy of the top ten. It has a crisp 24 inch flat screen, 4K display and a NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960m Graphics card; it’s worth the $1,470 if you are a casual gamer.

2. MSI Vortex G65 SLI -$3,599


Have cash to burn on a state of the art gaming desktop? Then you may want to take a closer look at the MSI Vortex G65. Valued in at the $3,500 mark, this will be high up on every gamer’s wish list. With an Intel core i7 – 6700k, 64 GB of RAM and a SLI Geforce GTX 980 graphics card this is one powerful piece of tech. It has a great industrial design and for a high performance desktop it’s really quite small. But as well as having excellent performance it does have a few downsides. Other than being very expensive, it’s very difficult to upgrade or to repair due to its small and slim design. Also the graphics card is now outmatched by the GTX 1080 graphics card. With all that in mind, it’s still one hell of an over achiever.

1. Maingear Alpha 34 – $1,999+


This whole article has been based around the top ten best-selling gaming desktops. And they have all been pretty impressive. But in a cliché fashion I have saved the very best till last. The Maingear Alpha 34 is so popular you have to place a pre-order because they are always out of stock. This magnificent work of art not only looks great, but runs like a dream. The all in one gaming PC has a 34 inch curved HD monitor. With the latest Intel Xeon processors and workstation class graphics cards from both NVIDA and AMD, the Alpha 34 is more than capable of running even the most demanding games and applications. With a luxury auto quality paint finish of the buyer’s choice and being fully customizable, it’s fair to say that the Alpha 34 sets the standards of all future gaming desktops.

There you have it. The top ten best-selling gaming desktops, that is currently on the market. Although I hope this article was helpful, it doesn’t hurt to shop around for a better bargain. You might find it more worth your money by customizing your own desktop specifically suited to your needs.

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