Best Frozen Dolls

Frozen is an animated feature film that literally took the world by storm. It is bar none the most successful animated film of the Disney brand, and the dolls for the film have been coming out in hordes. While there are likely hundreds of different things that you could purchase when it comes to Frozen dolls, the ones that will be included on this list mark the ten greatest dolls that have come out as an official toy to accompany the film. Without further ado,

these are the Top 10 Best Frozen Dolls

10. Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Anna

Disney Frozen Classic Fashion Anna Top Most Popular Frozen Dolls 2018

This is one of the least expensive dolls on the entire list, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks the quality of the other options. This is a great buy for those that are looking for an officially licensed doll from the Frozen line without spending a lot of cash to do it. There are dolls in this line for each of the main characters featured in the film, but Anna is among the most popular of the characters from the film, and therefore this doll is one of the most popular of this line. All in all you can pick up this doll for around 8 dollars.

9. Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll – 2 Pack

Disney Frozen Anna and Kristoff Doll – 2 Pack Top Most Famous Frozen Dolls 2018

There is nothing like getting a little something extra for the typical cost of one of the officially licensed dolls from the film series. Anna and Kristoff are the love birds from the film, and the two make a really funny couple throughout the movie. Getting a pack of both of these dolls together means that your child is going to have the means to re-enact all of their favorite scenes. The dolls themselves are a high quality, and they are adorned with their most worn outfit in the film. You can pick this impressive two pack up for under 18 dollars, which these days is far less than the average cost of one quality doll.

8. Disney Frozen Sing a Long Elsa Doll


There is one thing that people really take from the animated classic Frozen, and that is its amazing original soundtrack. The songs featured in the film are among the catchiest pop songs that you could hear on the radio, and one of these songs actually got a lot of attention through pop radio upon the initial release of the film. Having a quality Elsa doll that you are able to sing along with to these iconic songs is something that seems like it should cost a good bit of money, but shockingly you can pick up this great Frozen doll option for around 25 dollars online.

7. Disney Frozen Coronation Day Elsa Doll


As any fan of the film would know, both Anna and Elsa have different outfits that they wear throughout specific events. Coronation day is the event that becomes the catalyst for all of the action happening later in the film, and it is also a time where both of the princesses wear some of their prettiest outfits. This licensed Disney doll features Elsa in her coronation day outfit, which is very different from the attire that she wears for the better part of the movie. This is an excellent doll for the child that is all about this princess, as most of the dolls for Elsa feature her look once she has fled her kingdom. You can pick up this rarer of dolls for the low price of around 16 dollars.

6. Disney Frozen Summer Singing Olaf Doll


One of the most beloved goofy characters of all time is Olaf. His humor and world views have a way of really warming anyone’s heart. One thing that he wants to do the most is to experience summer time and see what happens to guys like him when the weather starts warming up. This musical number in the film is a very memorable one, and one that your child can hear again and again through this singing Olaf doll. Best of all you are able to get this singing toy for well under 10 dollars online.

5. Disney Frozen Musical Lights Elsa


For just under 20 dollars you can pick up this enchanting doll for the Frozen fan in your home. This Elsa doll sings the iconic song “Let It Go”. She is adorned with a dress that lights up and sparkles, making this doll a sight to behold. The doll also has a number of accessories, making the average 20 dollar price range something of a great value. This officially licensed doll was one of the only of these dolls to receive a lot of television commercial support, making this one of the bestselling Frozen dolls ever.

4. Disney Frozen Princess Elsa and Olaf Gift Set


While the “Ice Princess” Elsa originally created Olaf as a way to entertain her sister and self with her snowy magical powers, Elsa and the hilarious snow man are reunited once again in this 2-pack of dolls. These high quality figurines can be purchased for under 20 dollars, and this is quite a steal when you see the impressive detail in each of these characters. While these dolls might not sing and dance like other options on this list, it is still something that you or a child in your life are sure to love and appreciate.

3. Disney Animator’s Collection Elsa Doll


The Animator’s Collection is one of the newest lines from official the official Disney Toy brand. These are dolls that are meant to be collector’s items, but could just as easily be a truly magnificently detailed doll to play with as well. The Elsa of this Animator’s Collection line features the young Elsa from the early portion of the film who was having fun learning all about her powers. The immaculate detail given to each of the dolls in this extensive line can encourage those who want to collect valuable toys a reason to really get excited, but it could just as easily really make a child’s day. All of the creations for this line are 16 inch dolls, making this and the slightly more popular Animator’s Collection option featured at the largest of the dolls available on this list. You can pick up this Elsa for around 25 dollars online.

2. Disney Animator’s Collection Anna Toddler Doll


While Elsa might have already been featured right before this on the countdown, Anna slightly edges out Elsa in popularity overall. While the Animator’s Collections have featured a couple of different Frozen princess dolls through the past few years, this is arguably the most popular of them all. The Anna Toddler featured on this list was one released in 2015. This particular doll has been available holding Olaf, but not all of them have this added feature. While the average cost of this popular Animator’s Collection Anna is around 35 dollars online, the high quality of this toddler Anna in her full 16 inch frame is quite a spectacle to behold. This is sure to make any doll collector’s list as well as really make a child’s holiday.

1. Disney Signature Collection Frozen Anna and Elsa Dolls 2-Pack


There is nothing quite as exciting as being able to get both Anna and Elsa for one low price. These two, in a signature collection released directly from Disney creators, offers a very high quality set of dolls that give you a look that stepped right out of the silver screen and into the hands of your children. Both of these dolls are in their most common outfits from the film, but done to a high degree of detail and focus, making them the most popular purchased and best value for your money all around. This signature line also features a lot of the other characters from the film as well, but this twin pack is among the best in both quality and affordability. You can get both of these dolls for the one low cost of around 35 dollars.

While there are literally hundreds of dolls and specialty items that have been released since the films monumental reign in theaters, these are the best of them all. Based on the quality of the dolls themselves, their functionality, and the average reviews of the consumers that have purchased them up till now, these are the best choices that you can make when it comes to really reenacting all of your favorite scenes from the movie at home with your kids.

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