Best Freezer Brands, Brands That Matter

Freezers have come a long way over the years. Now you can find freezers with gorgeous LED lighting, moveable units to make it easier to organize and reach items, different colors to match your kitchen and Maytag even offers finger print resistant stainless steel!

The following are the some of the top ten Best Freezer Brands

10. Amana

Amana Top 10 Best Freezer Brands 2017

Amana is a brand that is slowly growing in popularity. They provide other appliances other than freezers but their freezers are becoming more common place. Amana believes in providing a quality product that is also extremely affordable. They also believe in only providing features that they believe you will use without adding the extra unnecessary fluff. This brand was founded in Amana, Iowa which is where they get their name from. They created their first deep freeze in 1947. They were also the first company to patent a self-defrosting unit.

09. Midea


Midea currently produces upright freezers and chest freezers. So no matter what type of freezer you need they have created one for you. They produce a small 1.1 cubic feet freezer all the way up to a 3.0 cubic ft freezer. Midea was established in 1968 and is a recognized Fortune 500 company for the great products they create. This company is headed in southern china but has offices all over the world. Their slogan is “make yourself at home” in which they try to incorporate the feeling of comfort and luxury into all of their products.

08. Danby


Danby desires to create freezers that make you excited to use their appliances. The smallest freezer they offer is a 3.8 cubic square feet all the way up to a 70 cubic square foot chest freezer. They have many different designs and they usually come in white or black in regards to color. They understand that you might have different needs for different sizes of space so they offer many different variations of the same freezer to ensure they provide a product that will fit the space you designate for it.

Their chest freezers come with lift out storage to make it easier to reach the items deep down. One of the cool features of their freezers is they come with a reversible door hinge so you can open your freezer unit from either left or right; whatever is mot convenient for your space.

07. GE

GE Top Most Popular Freezer Brands 2018

GE offers both upright freezers and chest freezers. Many of GE’s modern freezers defrost themselves so you don’t have to worry about scraping that ice off when it builds up. Their technology has come a long way, which means that most of them are certified energy efficient and don’t rack up the electric bill like they used to.

Their appliances typically come in white, black, stainless steel and some of the freezers even have a camouflage choice. GE is one of the most recognized appliance brands in the world and they are continually working to create innovative products for your home to make life easier.

06. Whirlpool


Whirlpool has been around for many years. They are popular and well known for creating products that are sophisticated but not complicated to use. They pride themselves on creating appliances, especially freezers that keep your products fresh while being energy efficient. Whirlpool has products in over 170 countries and has employees all over the globe.

They are an international favorite and for good reason. They’ve been providing quality products for many years. They currently have 70 Manufacturing & Technology Research Centers around the world constantly working to come up with the best of the best.

05. Haier


Haier is a Chinese owned and operated appliance company. They are known for creating products that are adaptable to small spaces and a contemporary way of living. They currently offer upright freezer & refrigerator units but in regards to freezers they offer a variety of chest freezers for extra storage. They offer chest freezers ranging from 3.5 cu ft to 14.5 cu ft with wheels for easy movement and rearranging. They currently operate and offer products in over 170 countries and are also growing in popularity for their convenience and affordable price.

04. Igloo Refrigeration Ltd.


Igloo Freezers are not made by the same company that produces the popular ice chests. Igloo freezers are created and distributed out of Canada. They are most well-known for offering products for businesses like bakery display cases, gelato ice cream freezers and chest freezers. They offer a variety of display freezers that come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

You can choose display freezers with bright colors, black or even wood finishes. They are a fairly new company that was established in 2001 and have been distributing their appliances mostly in North America and the Caribbean. If you’re looking for a freezer display case this is the perfect company to contact.

03. Kenmore


Kenmore is proud to have been serving families with their appliances for over 100 years. Kenmore started off making sewing machines back in 1913 and grew their brand popularity in 1985 when they offered the sleek black refrigerator unit. Their most popular appliance that is currently on the market is the Kenmore Elite French Door Refrigerator which is 33 cu ft and offers a very unique chest freezer with French doors opening up to the refrigerating unit.

If you’re looking for strictly a freezer unit they do offer both upright and chest freezers. They have innovated the way they are built so it’s harder to forget the items that used to get lost at the bottom of the chest and easier to organize all of your frozen items.

02. Frigidaire


Frigidaire is a very popular freezer company around the globe. They currently create an upright, 2 in 1 freezer OR refrigerator unit, single door or a chest freezer. They’ve designed the freezer in so many ways so that it will utilized the most conveniently by your family. They have a unique convertible freezer so that depending on your needs you can have the extra freezer space OR the extra refrigerator space.

You also don’t have to worry about any odor from your foods because their freezers are built with pure air filtration systems. If for some horrible reason you have a power outage, Frigidaire guarantees to keep your food fresh for up to two days without electricity. There is also the opportunity to customize your appliances with Frigidaire so that it matches your kitchen perfectly.

1. Maytag


Maytag is well known for its commercials featuring the Maytag Man in his crisp blue suit and hat. They are one of the most successful freezer and appliance companies in the United States right now as well as other countries they currently sell products in. The stainless steel is fingerprint resistant which means you don’t have to keep pulling out the stainless steel cleaner every other day to clean off those grubby finger prints! Their chest freezers have the ability to lock and have a scratch resistant surface.

All of their products currently carry a ten-year warranty so your products are safe and covered. They are all frost free as well so you don’t have to worry about getting down on your hands and knees and scraping the excess ice off.

Whether you are looking for an upright freezer, a chest freezer or a freezer/refrigerator combo there is someone that makes it just the right way for your personal needs.

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