Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes

Folding bikes are a pronounced way to ride as they are not as rapid or slick as a full-size bike but they are more adaptable and less probable to be stolen. These folding bikes can be taken for indoors use and van be used for flight of stairs more easily. There are several folding bikes available on the market that may look alike at first glance but they are quite different feature wise. Some folding bikes feature a lightweight frame while others outshine at folding up in few seconds. You should be able to choose the one which is more performance-oriented as well as commuter bikes intended with luxury and style.

Below is a complete list of 10 of the best top selling folding bikes which is ranked based on your uses.

10. Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike: Price $579

Dahon Mariner D7 Folding Bike Top Most Selling Folding Bikes 2017

This folding bike from Dahon has a status for delivering quality and reasonable folding bikes for long-term uses. This bike is capable to fold itself in only 15 seconds, meaning you can take it wherever you want to. It’s simply as easy to carry this folding bike along on a train or bus trip as it is to stock it in your flat. An attractive feature for many users is its low profile design, which allows getting on and off in a simple and direct way.

9. Brompton P6R: Price $1920

Brompton P6R Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes 2017

This folding bike from Brompton will set you back a pretty penny, but provided the customization choices; it’s very deceptive they consider the folding bike business utterly. It is designed for touring and comes with the durable frame which is finished from an arrangement of titanium as well as steel, and is matched with a suitable titanium fork. This folding bike has capability to operate on long travel journeys and suited for commercial and mass transportation related uses.

8. Montague Boston: Price $699

Montague Boston Top Famous Selling Folding Bikes 2018

This folding bike from Montague is unique as it’s a full-sized bike that reels on 700CC smooth wheels. It possesses a flip-flop core thus you can make it into fixie or a single speed. This product is designed around a patented folding scheme, and it has been claimed that this is the strongest folding bike available on the market.

7. Allen Sports Ultra 1 Carbon 20 Speed Folding Bicycle: Price $2383

Allen Sports Ultra 1 Carbon 20 Speed Folding Bicycle

This top tier Allen folding bike is a kind of sports bike and it offers an ideal combination of function and performance. Its design depends on a rapid folding system that allows you to entirely fold up the bike in very few seconds. Additional feature includes the press linkage design, which guarantees a precise rigid frame and retains flex at bay as you drive. This folding bike is prepared with a tough and lightweight frame of carbon fiber fork that delivers the stiffness you want from an aluminium frame along with greater absorption of vibration.

6. Prodeco V3 Storm 8-Speed Folding Electric Bike: Price $1399

Prodeco V3 Storm 8-Speed Folding Electric Bike

This folding bike is mainly considered a mountain bike that has an advantage of possessing an electric throttle system. This folding bike known for great strength and high torque capacity and the reason is due to its 300-watt direct motor that transports up to 720 watts and hence to trip at maximum 20 mph speed.

5. Tern Verge X18: Price $751

Tern Verge X18 Top 10 Best Selling Folding Bikes

This folding bike from Tern Verge X18 is lightweight and an ultra-strong folding bike mainly designed for driving on road. Apart from its easy folding capability, you will overlook that you are not on an out-dated road bike while driving. It comes with an adaptable stem to guarantee a proper fit and designed precisely for small wheels as it deals an optimized gear range.

4. Dahon Mu Uno: Price $300

Dahon Mu Uno Top Popular Selling Folding Bikes 2018

This is the maximum rated folding bike from Dahon compared to its other models till now. It is a perfect folding bike for city travellers and it is highly recommended for selling from customer reviews. Its important feature includes lightweight, higher torque capacity, easy to handle and drive, higher average, easy folding, etc.

3. ProdecoTech v4.0 Mariner 8 36V 300W 8 Speed Folding 9Ah Li Ion Electric Bicycle: Price $1599

ProdecoTech v4.0 Mariner 8 36V 300W 8 Speed Folding 9Ah Li Ion Electric Bicycle

This Mariner 8 folding bike is a smooth and easy-riding bike which is reinforced by suspension in seat post and the fork. This is completely adjustable bike that can securely apt riders in range from 5’3″ to 6’3″. It’s prepared with an adjustable throttle propulsion scheme, giving you a choice between simply twisting the throttle to go or pedaling on your own as and can fold up rapidly within a compact size. It comes with excellent frame, pedals, and steering column that can fold for uncomplicated transportation.

2. Schwinn Loop 7-Speed: Price $229

Schwinn Loop 7-Speed Top Famous Selling Folding Bikes 2019

This folding bike from Schwinn Loop is one of the lowest-priced bikes in the list. You can purchase this folding bike under $250 and still can relish a very decent experience of a folding bike. This folding bike is gaining popularity because of its quality and affordability but it has heavy weight of 33 pounds. However, this folding bike is suited if you don’t have to move your bike much as it is quite reasonable.

1. Dahon Vitesse i7 20” 7 Speed Folding Bicycle: Price $799

Dahon Vitesse i7 20” 7 Speed Folding Bicycle

This is a smooth-riding bike that tops the list of best-selling folding bikes with many noteworthy features. It features a stable and lightweight design made up of Dalloy aluminium frame and comes with a maintenance-free 7-speed Shimano Nexus interior gear core. It also offers a number of higher-end features at an affordable price. You can use this folding bike for not just to withstand rides in extreme weather environments, but it achieves exceptionally well in town situations with obstacles.

Discussed above are the top 10 best-selling folding bikes designed keeping in mind the easy folding capacity and for riders of all age groups. All of these folding bikes possesses prominent folding bike riding features suitable for riding in diverse terrains and can be purchased at affordable price.

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