Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers

Choosing an appropriate fitness tracker is highly imperative to ensure sound health, fit body, and perfect moves to fitness. There being so many brands offering so many options, it gets quite confusing thinking which one should we go for. Let us find out the top 10 fitness trackers that fit in our budget and fetch you all the necessary features required for your body fitness.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers

10. Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch: Price $39.99

Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch Top Most Popular Selling Fitness Trackers 2018

The Letscom Fitness tracker tracks your heart rate, the number of steps you walk, calorie record sleep quality, date and time. Equipped with a remote camera control, it has features like obtaining sedentary phone alerts, anti-lost warning, etc. The tapping and sliding option on the OLED touch screen serves you easily read the statements of your fitness recorded. The tracker is a water-resistant device. It also has Bluetooth 4.0, supporting IOS 7.1 or above and Android 4.4 or above.

9. Longess Fitness Tracker: Price $39.99

Longess Fitness Tracker Top Famous Selling Fitness Trackers 2019

The app-enabled Bluetooth 4.0 and water-resistant smart watch is again one of the real choices to make to observe your sleep and heart rate. The watch is compatible with both Android and IOS devices. Pick your colour as you get an option to choose among black, white purple and pink colour watches. It records daily, weekly, monthly as well as a quarterly summary of your activities of fitness.

8. Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker: Price $99

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Top Popular Selling Fitness Trackers 2018

The Alta tracker connects automatically to computers and wirelessly to other IOS, Windows and Android devices. All you require is a Bluetooth and internet connection to generate a sync range within 20 feet. The device is water resistant making it comfortable for you to wear even if you sweat. It poses an impressive battery life enduring for the 5 days furthering charging itself up in one or two hours.

Its ability to sync with any of the Windows, Vista and other models of the computer along with the computability of connecting to Android, Windows and IOS devices makes it one of the highly-recommended sports trackers. It does not just serve you as a tracker for your fitness but adds up to your classic band collections.

7. XUZOU Wireless activity wristband, black: Price $39.99

XUZOU Wireless activity wristband, black

Now track the number of steps you walk, the distance you cover, calories burning and keep monitoring your progress with accurate analysis of the reports. The wireless wristband also measures simplified heart rate on your wrist. It is designed from both the sides allowing the front side to favour sweat evaporation and the back side letting your skin breathe normally. Achieve your goals daily b keeping a note of your progress and the hard work you still got to do!

6. DESAY smart fitness tracker: Price $39.99

DESAY smart fitness tracker Top Most Selling Fitness Trackers 2017

Available in black, red and blue variants, this wireless sleep heart rate monitor is another excellent choice you would make that works on keeping track of your fitness and also adds another option to your wrist accessories. The wristband is compatible with both iPhones and Android devices. You can charge the band by removing the strap and connecting it to your computer through a USB port. Use it as a bracelet or as a tracker and stay smart!

5. Airsspu wearable sports tracker: Price $36.99

Airsspu wearable sports tracker Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers 2017

Track your steps, record your daily exercise, calorie burning and do a lot more with perfect airsspu wearable sports tracker. It keeps an accurate analysis of your sleeping quality and has call reminders, sleep cycle alarm clock and complete heart rate recording facility. It has a 7-day battery life and is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 (above) versions through its Bluetooth 4.0. Keep upgrading the fit band app to enjoy all its features and stay fit!

4. Fitness tracker, Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 for Android and iOS smartphones: Price $16.40

Fitness tracker, Teslasz Bluetooth 4.0 for Android and iOS smartphones

This is one of the most economical fitness tracking bands that monitors your calorie counts, works like a pedometer and is an excellent sports activity tracker compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Available in different colour variants, you can choose the best one for yourself or even consider gifting one to your friend. It has an all in one time clock, calorie counter, distance counter, alarm clock, sleep monitor, call reminded and a lot more.

3. Fitness tracker smart wristband Aractive Stylish Black: Price $29.99

Fitness tracker smart wristband Aractive Stylish Black

Aractive brings you another simple wristband compatible for Android 4.3 (above) and iPhone iOS 7 or above smartphones that register your steps, calories burned, the distance of running, sleep and offers reminders to keep you on track with your fitness. It syncs all your activities and shows your progress in the form of activity graphs. Connect your phone to the device through Bluetooth and make the most out of it.

2. iWOWNfit i6 Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker: Price $45.99

iWOWNfit i6 Smart Wristband Fitness Tracker

This is another smart wristband fitness tracker equipped with 5 different dial styles with a full note of time, date, steps, distance, heart rates, calories burnt, calls, messages, etc. Its 24-hour heart rate monitoring allows you to keep track of your workouts the entire day. It also tracks how long you sleep and everything that concerns your fitness to let you know your progress. Get one for yourself today and stay motivated to work hard!

1. Towabo Fitness Tracker: Price $46.42

Towabo Fitness Tracker Top 10 Best Selling Fitness Trackers

Compatible with Android 4.3 and above, iOS 8.0 devices, it is one of the premium and stylish bands equipped with unique features like smart light up automatically when you turn up your hand to watch time. It again keeps track of your step count, heart rate, distance, calorie burns, etc. One can pick the classy looking black fitness band letting you stay updated with your fitness progress.

Technology allows you to keep track of your workouts through fitness bands that let you graph your progress and make it easy to understand lacks to your fitness. These bands are your best friends when it comes to your health check. Choose the most optimum one for yourself and enjoy exercising.

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