Top 10 Best Selling Fishing Rods

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activity for those who love the waters. It is an activity that is suitable for all people beyond gender and age. However, to have a good fishing experience, one must have the correct guidance and also the perfect equipment. Guidance because you need to know how to find a spot, cast their fish bait and start fishing. You need the perfect equipment because obviously you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of fishing with a fishing rod right!

To help you, we have compiled a list of the top 10 fishing rods available in the market


ABU GARCIA PRO MAX 3 BAIT CAST COMBO Top 10 Best Selling Fishing Rods 2017

Being made of graphite, which is ultra lightweight yet very strong makes it one of the most suitable materials to make a fishing rod with. It is provided with EVA split grip in the handle which makes it all the more easier and safer to hold on while fishing. It also has a rugged material which makes sure that rough use will not damage the fishing rod easily unlike many other available in the market today.



The Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite was a masterstroke from Shakespeare when they introduced it a few years ago. Lightweight, durable, easy storage, transportation, a conventional 2 piece design are all qualities we look forward to when buying a new fishing rod and all these qualities are provided by the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Elite. Being a fresh water fishing rod, the fact that it can bear up to 10 pounds is quite impressive. The unit is offered with solid cock grips, a guide, and also a snug reel seat which makes it a definite worth buy product.


DAIWA SWEEPFIRE Top Best Selling Fishing Rods 2017

Buying an authentic Daiwa Sweepfire will get you a very durable 2 piece fishing rod with a sturdy 6 foot long design. The body is lightweight too, making it all the more better and practical. The medium action boy of the Sweepfire makes it suitable for everyone from experts to the just beginners. The dual poles can be folded easily which makes transportation an easy job and not a nightmare. All the blanks in the rod are made of fiberglass and the rod is made to resist corrosion and stains, making it all the more better. The spin type design is pretty suitable in all environments and the price is economical too so it does not burn a hole into your pocket!

7. SHAKESPEARE MICRO (USD 16.11 – 33.58)

SHAKESPEARE MICRO Top 10 Best Selling Fishing Rods

The Shakespeare Micro has an ultra lightweight micro design which makes it a model that is widely appreciated among the fishing community. Shakespeare Micro has a high grade graphite composite material fishing rod which is both sturdy and comfortable to be use at the same time. These features also makes it extremely easy to control and move it around. The guides are made of stainless steel which are quite durable and also has hoods that are cushioned to protect the reel of the rod from scratches and increased damage. If you are enthusiast of fresh water fishing and prefer a lightweight easy to control fishing rod, look no further as the Shakespeare Micro is the perfect solution you need.


PISCIFUN GRAPHITE FISHING ROD Top Famous Selling Fishing Rods 2019

If you are looking for a medium sized ( 6.6 inches ) fast action fishing rod, we present to you the best fishing rod in the category for 2017, the Piscifun Graphite fishing rod. It comes with an exquisite NESSIE NE – 66M theme which is very durable and lasts for a very long period. It has been recommended by multiple experts for use with lure, fluoro, mono , braided and even super lines. It is a very accessible and versatile unit in the category. The Piscifun Graphite fishing rod has been constructed using ArmorCore technology which helps in maximizing the power of the unit without weighing down on the person operating it. The guides are made of ceramic guarantees to be rust free and are well spaced so that there is no friction in the free line flow. All these features can help even an amateur work as efficiently as an expert.

5. SHIMANO SOLORA (USD 14.99 – 46)


The 2 piece Shimano Solora fishing rod will benefit anyone who is looking for a medium powered and fast action system. Like many other fishing rods given in the list, the Shimano Solora is lightweight and the spinning rod is quite easy to use. The fishing rod has been constructed with heavy duty aeroglass which makes it one of the most durable fishing rods out there. The guides are constructed of Aluminum Oxide which makes them very smooth. The Shimano Solora has rear and fore coke grips to improve the control of the user while making no compromise on the comfort of using the device. Best of it all is the fact that the device comes with a 1 – year limited warranty.

4. SHIMANO STIMULA (USD 17.99 – 127)


The second fishing rod from Stimula to make the Top 10 list is the Stimula, which has a 2 piece spinning rod and is medium sized ( 5’6″ ). The device is lightweight and easy to setup and use. The rear and fore grips are provided with p-cork . Much like the Solora, the Stimula also gets an aluminum oxide finish. It is also provided with integrated reel seat and a multi purpose hook keeper. All these features makes the Stimula a dominant variety in the market and the fact that Shimano gives a 1 year warranty to this device too is a great added advantage.

3. PLUSINNO TELESCOPIC (USD 19.99 – 30.00)

PLUSINNO TELESCOPIC Top Popular Selling Fishing Rods 2019

One of the best telescopic fishing rods available in the market today is the Plusinno Telescopic. The makers recommend that the device can be used in salt water environments which means the fishing rod is extremely durable and is both convenient to use and has a feature rich design, all at the same time. The Plusinno Telescopic is made of very high density carbon fiber and fiberglass which helps in guaranteeing a strong build. All of the sections have very sturdy build and does create a tight seal once it has been setup. The handle of the fishing rod has been provided with EVA fore grip which provides comfort and makes sure the body does not rust at the same time.


OKUMA TUNDRA TU-150 SURF GLASS Top Most Popular Selling Fishing Rods 2018

With a sturdy and lightweight construction, the OKUMA TUNDRA TU-150 is rigorously tested by the company to provide the best quality products to their customers. Having a medium heavy action, with reinforced tips and split butt configuration, it is one of the prime choices of professionals across the world. The fact that the grips are padded with EVA makes it all the more better and much more comfortable. Okuma Tundra TU-150 also comes with a one year warranty like the Shimanos which makes it all the more attractive.


DOCOOLER MINI ALUMINUM FISHING TACKLE PEN Fishing Rod Top Most Famous Selling Fishing Rods 2018

Probably the best fishing rod available in the market today, the Docooler Mini Aluminum Fishing Tackle Pen has proved itself to much more durable than most other fishing rods in the market. The aluminum alloy body enhances the strength, durability and also makes it lightweight. The fishing rod is smaller size compared to many others which is an attractive factor because it ensure that it can be taken anywhere without any tussle. The Docooler Mini Aluminum Fishing Tackle Pen is our top pick of the Top 10 best fishing rods.

The Top 10 fishing rods list has been made up after consideration of multiple factors like weight, durability, ease of use, ease of transportation, handling comfort, build material and quality. All the 10 fishing rods listed here are at par with any other fishing rods that are available in the market, if not better.

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