Top 10 Best Selling Firewire Cables

Firewire cables were essentially developed to transfer data between any Apple devices and use to make the connection between Apple’s iPhone and Macbook. Both has same functions but It is slightly different in terms of data transfer speed that firewire cables transfer the data at speed of 400mbps compared normal USB cables, the reason firewire cables are now becoming primary for ever Apple users. Now when it comes to buying one, you will see a lot of configurations that many companies are providing to make their products best in terms of quality, data transfer speed, and lifespan. Let’s take look at top ten best selling firewire cables of 2017 and what do people has to say about them. This list will help you to get your new firewire cable with ease and reliable price.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Selling Firewire Cables

10. City Electronics FireWire

City Electronics FireWire Top Famous Selling Firewire Cables 2019

Cable, price: $7

Starting off this list with city electronic’s firewire cable because they are the one who produced most suitable cables for all Apple device added with universal feature provide data transfer speed of 400mbps. It allows connection of more than 800 devices on the 1394a port. The installation is simple and fast. This FireWire cable features a high-quality isolated connector to ensure signaling without any errors.These cables are highly recommended for Mac users.

9. Oyen Digital FireWire

Oyen Digital FireWire

Cable price: $9.95

Oyen’s FireWire comes with a 9-pin to 6-pin connector to get ultimate performance from it along with many other great features. This cable is 4 feet long and made out of highly flexible material that also keeps the disturbing signals away to give the user great data transferring experience. Works on all your devices with IEEE 1394 port without complex installation. The most flexible cable you won’t regret after purchasing it.

8. Canon FireWire

Canon FireWire Top Most Popular Selling Firewire Cables 2018

Cable price: $6.99

Firewire cables by canon are quite popular for its functionality that allows the user to connect other devices like cam coder, projector or other devices with your MacBook.

This firewire cable comes with a connector of 4 pins to 6 pins and data transfer rate of, the most common 400mbps.

7. Belkin FireWire 6 Pin/6 Pin

Belkin FireWire Top Most Famous Selling Firewire Cables 2018

Cable price: $10

Belkin is quite popular for their high quality as well as a bit expensive but worthy products including firewire cables. This Belkin cable comes with 6pins/6pins with the length of 14feet yet highly flexible and made of quality material, supports all devices with IEEE 1394 port. Like most cables, it also gives data transfer rate of 400mbps but with excessive flexibility, convenience, and reliability. Belkin cables are widely accepted firewire cables.

6. StarTech IEEE FireWire

StarTech IEEE FireWire

Cable price: $19.79

An expensive but great product made by the stretch. Startech’s IEEE firewire cables come with multiple advantages and appreciable material quality. The StarTech cable is manufactured using first-grade materials ensuring a reliable and quality product. The StarTech cable is the most durable and has the longer life span of years providing comfortable and memorable experience for each user. The best thing about this cable is that it comes with the lifetime warranty that means the $20 will be your one-time investment.

5. eForCity Male Silver FireWire Cable

eForCity Male Silver FireWire Cable Top 10 Best Selling Firewire Cables

Cable Price : $6.1

This silver firewire cable made by eForcity provides high-class data transfer rate along with its compatibility with devices like iLink hardware of sony and other Apple hardware that have IEEE 1394 port. Installation is simple. Made of high-grade material for quick transfer, allowing other devices to connect with your Apple computer, highly flexible and durable firewire cable available today in the market.

4. Belkin FireWire 9-9 Pin

Belkin FireWire 9-9 Pin Top Best Selling Firewire Cables 2017

Cable Pro price: $17.95

Another expensive 9pin/9pin firewire cable for your Apple devices. Compare to first product this cable has 9pins along with the capacity of data transfer rate of 400 Mbps. The Belkin cable features.

copper material which is gold plated internally and the same length as its 6pin version has, a 14feet. This Belkin is known for its long life span, compatibility with the most device and easy to use the method.

3. Cmple Clear IEEE FireWire

Cmple Clear IEEE FireWire Top Popular Selling Firewire Cables 2019

Cable price: $6.99

Another IEEE firewire cable from Cmple clears with the length of 3feet and 9pin/9pin to connect every device to your Apple computer. This is the best firewire cable your can purchase today in the market under $7 USD. A great feature about this cable is, it enables.

connecting and disconnecting without turning off the computer. For amazing data transfer experience and device connection, this is one of the best firewire cable available today in the market.

2. Tripp Lite FireWire Cable

Tripp Lite FireWire Cable

Cable Price : $6.1

One of the cheapest firewire cable available today in the market. Made by Tripp lite, this cable comes with 6pin/6pin connectors and 6 feet of length. This is quite flexible and durable product this price and the connectors lightly gold plated for the swift transfer of files without any resistance and disturbance.

1. AmazonBasics FireWire

AmazonBasics FireWire Top 10 Best Selling Firewire Cables 2017

Cable price: $6

Best firewire cable manufactured by Amazonbasics comes with 6 feet of length and inside is lightly gold plated for high-speed transfer. This cable is also capable of 400mbps data transfer rate along with its flexibility, durability, and reliability. The most recommended firewire cable for your Apple device to experience enjoyable and lighting fast data transfer ever.

When it comes to high-speed data transfer and easy connection with your Apple devices, firewire cables are the first choice of the users. Above is the list of best-selling fire cables 2017 made by the various manufacturer. In case if you want to go for other brands, just take these features into the count. The length of cable, durability, flexibility and the most important is, its compatibility with IEEE 1394 port that most devices are equipped with.

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