Top 10 Best Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer flasks are the equipment used either for research or for education uses. They are used for doing experimentations and intended chiefly for the perseverance of combining laboratory compounds. They are also convenient for storage, heating, computing, as well as boiling constituents. With a purpose to be more adaptable for different applications, these flasks are made from top-grade glass, shows equal thickness, and comes with features for clear measuring also.

Below discussed are the top 10 best-selling Erlenmeyer flasks suggested for your purchase.

10. SEOH 6162-10LC Erlenmeyer Flask: Price $15.37


This Erlenmeyer flask is a great quality product appropriate for making pronounced lab equipment and apparatuses. It has one amongst the finest smooth tooled roll neck that simplifies easy pouring and top cleaning. It even permits you to have precise measurement estimates with the clear completions on its sideways. It comes with 2-litres capacity suitable for trainer demos, among other lab uses. It has prominent additional features like heat-resistant, chemically inactive, and manufactured of tough borosilicate glass.

9. MHB- Erlenmeyer flask with Stopper: Price $15.32


This Erlenmeyer flask claims laboratory mark borosilicate glass appropriate for flame heating without cracking. It offers big capacity of 2000ml, with an extensive area for combining different chemical solutions. It comes with a rubber stopper for purpose of heating and also best to handle without the fright of the spilling of the solution. It is used for steaming, chemical titration, and storing of solutions.

8. LabStock LB39-1000/FBA Erlenmeyer Flask: Price $11.95

LabStock LB39-1000-FBA Erlenmeyer Flask Top Popular Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks 2019

This Erlenmeyer flask is convenient for combining, storage, or warming laboratory chemicals. It is made of supreme-quality and heat-resistant kind of borosilicate glass material and it also gratify the highest industry standards. It possesses the ability to exceed the prospects of users in its best performance. It comes with a 1-liter capacity facillity, a heavy and also decorated rim for further safety while in use. It also comprises a no.8 rubber stopper for storing liquid chemical and compounds in its inert limits safely.

7. PYREX Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask – 250mL: Price $6.13


This product comes with the heavy construction used in this conical flask composed with the indispensable features that makes it the best among other flasks. It comes with heavy rims that stop fragmenting. It comes with a category of wall thickness that offers the finest thermal and mechanical shockwave resistance. It promises the most precise results you can suppose from these flasks. It comes with hard-wearing borosilicate material with extra dual graduation.

6. Karter Scientific 213G15 Erlenmeyer Flask: Price $23.93

Karter Scientific 213G15 Erlenmeyer Flask Top Famous Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks 2019

This product is suitable for conducting laboratory research experiments or to explain basic scientific theory. The material is made of high-grade and strong borosilicate glass that is totally passive to a collection of lab chemicals. It comes with extra-large markings that enable easy measuring and mixing chemical compounds with accurate precision.

5. Karter Scientific – 213G22 /1000ml: Price $9.99

Karter Scientific – 213G22 -1000ml Top Most Famous Selling Erlenmeyer Flasks 2018

This Erlenmeyer flask is known for its better experimental data analysis capability for collecting the raw figures. It comes with high-quality borosilicate glass that is resilient to thermal damage. It offers large capacity of 2000ml removing the need to do a specific experiment separately. You can be guaranteed of correct readings, as it comes with an extra-large marking spot and pure calibration. The neck has dimensions of 33mm in diameter, suitable to allow comfortable addition and recovery of solutions.

4. American Educational Bomex Erlenmeyer Flask: Price $8.72


This product comes with heavy-walled durable borosilicate (Bomex) glass and offers warranty against breaking. It can survive as much as 932 degrees Fahrenheit short spurt of heat without dimming or cracking. With a purpose of longer period heating, it endures up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with smooth-tooled neck that enables easy pouring.

3. PYREX 4980-1LCNEa Erlenmeyer Flask: Price $10.95


This Erlenmeyer flask comes from brand Pyrex which is recognized to make great quality lab glassware. It comes with 1 litre capacity and made with strong material for handling different compounds. It comes with 129ml outer diameter, as is perfect for guiding very specific experiments where the minimum variations are the dynamic differences leading to success and failure in your scientific theory. It comes with a measuring gauge at 50ml interims in a format of dual-scale.

2. Karter Scientific 213B8 Glass Erlenmeyer Flask 5 Piece Set: Price $17.25


These products are highly vital quality Erlenmeyer flasks perfect for any tough research or scientific experiments. It comes in variants of—50ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml,&1000ml for versatility. The class-A borosilicate glass is applied in its making which is a completely inert compound, thus confirms you continuously gain the finest quality consequences whenever you do your experiments. It is made up of clear glass that never exhausts and it is actually easy to clean.

1. Glass Erlenmeyer Flask – 3Set Karter 214U2 (Best Seller) : Price $8.25


This product is a collection of Erlenmeyer flask that claims highest selling number and comes with many diverse features. It can become your excellent partner when you are intended for lab experiments and understanding of scientific theory. This product doesn’t concede in offering you a lengthy time of outstanding service. It comes with three pieces of 50ml, 150ml, and 250ml correspondingly. It possesses elegant design manufactured from class A supreme-quality borosilicate glass. The products are reusable as they don’t stain in short time or get shaken by thermal variations. This product is made of durable materials able to withstand diverse compounds and also extreme heat changes.

Above described are the top 10 best-selling Erlenmeyer flasks with features, uses, application, capacity, manufacturing material, etc. All of these products are suited for carrying out any tough scientific experiments or to understand any complex scientific theory requiring accurate measurements. You can be assured that you will get best laboratory experience and better measurement results with these Erlenmeyer flasks.

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