Top 10 Best Selling Ergonomic Chairs

Sitting posture while working should be very imperative to avoid spinal problems that brought about by uncomfortable chairs. If you are spending long hours on your computer, you better have the best ergonomic office chair, prevent the spinal problem and to rest your arms. Most working places have leather as it is peace of cake to clean & manage, but during warm weather, it can keep you sweaty. Ergonomic office chairs came to save your back and unnecessary pain, reducing stress, straining and discomfort while working like you are sitting in RollsRoyce.

Here is the list of top 10 best selling ergonomic chair which is also divided into three categories to take care of your spine and neck & give you luxurious comfort.

Here are the Top 10 ergonomic chairs for Lower back pain

10. AERON office chair by Herman miller ($939)

AERON office chair by Herman miller Top 10 Best Selling Ergonomic Chairs 2017

Compared to other ergonomic chairs Herman miller’s Aeron is quite expensive but it worth this price as it is made out of the highly durable material to stay last long. To prevent the sweat produced by heat while working long hours the Aeron is fully designed with Mesh and able to adjust the preferable height by you making it ideal office chair.

9. Sayl chair by Herman miller($510)


Most affordable and uniquely designed ergonomic chair by this brand. brandHerman Miller is responsible for the first ergonomic chair, and this high-end brand is known for creating some of the best chairs in the world and Sayl chair is the result of high-class innovation and high-tech engineering which is designed and made in the USA out of recyclable material.

Moreover, this chair is available in many color combination, highly suitable for people have back pain and working long hours in the office.Inspired by Golden Gate bridge this chair has Y-tower and arch span, The Y-Tower is actually the backbone of the

chair, stretching the fabric while offering support on another hand The ArcSpan provides shape to the back while anchoring the unique suspension fabric in place.

8. Serta Mid-back office chair($186)


The best ergonomic chair available by Sereta who is responsible for creating some out of box mattresses now moved to create world class spine & neck friendly ergonomic chairs. Sereta mid- back chair is made out of Eco-friendly leather with unique posture correcting tilt technology helps your back to keep the neutral position to avoid any kind of back problems. Moreover, you will be able to control the height of armrests at one push of button and you use the convenient cable actuated levers to control the lift and lock-out

Top ergonomic chair for neck pain

7. Viva office chair ($200)


Viva office chair is kinda suitable for both your back as well as your neck as it offers adjustable armrests and you can also manage the height of the chair as per your working desk with its advanced locking system. The ergonomic design will prevent the excessive heat accumulation to prevent the sweating and give top class comfort. This ergonomic chair is selling worldwide for the comfort it provides to your neck and back.

6. Walker adjustable office chair ($189.99)


Walker office chair comes along with five base wheel to move around without standing and can withstand with tremendous weight. This ergonomic chair is known for the comfort it gives to your neck and the movable wheels that won’t lets you run around the office. The armrests are padded and the lumbar support is adjustable to give you lifetime sitting experience. This chair comfortable for people who are working twelve or more long hours in the office.

5. Leaders executive office chair by Duorest ($)

Leaders executive office chair by Duorest Top Most Popular Selling Ergonomic Chairs 2018

One of the best ergonomic chair under $500 you will see in the market today. It is very interesting in terms of design and configuration. Its unique design feature is made to support the neck and lower back. This chair features controllable dual backrests, which can be adjusted to fit almost any body size, along with an ergonomic adjustable headrest & armrests and an adjustable seat. Along with adjusting seat height,

you will also be able to adjust tilt lock and height and width, tilt tension and of course tilt. For improved stability, this chair has a six-leg base. These chairs are selling widely for its amazing backrest and headrests ergonomic design.

Best-selling ergonomic chairs of 2017

4. Elusion swivel chair by Alera ($108)


An affordable chair for your back and neck and to keep you cool even in the warm surrounding. This is most reviewed chair under this price range, ergonomic design with breathable mesh back along with five wheel legs for stability. Elusion is lacking many comfort feature which you can find in many expensive chairs like Herman Miller but you can still adjust tilt lock, height, width, and tilt. Putting it on number four is the price of this ergonomic chair and durability.

3. Embody chair by Herman Miller ($1,299)


The most expensive ergonomic chair by most appreciated brand the Embody by Herman miller which will cost you almost $1300. It does have all the feature Sayl and Aeron in terms of style, design, comfort, and durability. It gives you the most comfortable and elegant posture while sitting on it and when it comes to style the enticing chair makes your office looking even more attractive to encourage the employee to work. this chair reduces stress and blood
pressure more so the comfort. It is designed to give you therapeutically function while working. Just name the feature and this chair will have it and that is what making it that expensive but worthy at the same time.

2. Mid-back mesh chair by Amazonbasics ($64.99)


This 5 wheel legs chair offers adjustable seat height and very comfortable backrest and armrest. When it comes to this chair at this price, Amazonbasics has made sure that you will not compromise with comfort and spinal problem. It has dual-wheel casters for easy

movement and it is the best office chair you can get for under $100 by Amazon itself. The reasons to put in on 2nd rank is its price and comfort it provides along with the ability to move around the office.

1. Mid-back mesh chair by Flash furniture ($76.81)


To fit in any budget FlashFusion has created this chair which is very well reviewed in ergonomic chair market under this range of price tag. This chair features five wheelbases to move around or in the office while working and mesh back ergonomic design that will not let you sweat because excessive heat accumulation when sitting long hours at work. One of the most interesting things about this chair is the price of this chair and the fact that it’s actually sized well for larger people and taller than six feet, which is pretty hard to find in an office chair.

When it comes to buying best ergonomic chair within your budget above chairs are the best choices. But if you want to go for different chairs make sure you will pay attention to the basic feature of these ergonomic chairs which are the seat, height of the seat, make sure it does have armrest and backrests & lumbar support. It’s alright if they are not adjustable in the lower budget. But if you have the great budget it will be definitely Herman miller or their brand like that which provides great ergonomic chairs in terms of design and comfort.

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