Top 10 Best Selling Electric Wheelchairs

Disability and old age are some of the phases that render a person’s mobility. Doctors have discovered innumerous mental health side-effects(sometimes physical too) caused due to immobility. Not being able to move and explore the outside world or even your own place is something that can pinch a person deep inside. But technology has a way to overcome this problem enabling old aged as well as disable people to move indoor and outdoor on their own. A wheelchair with a blend of electricity supported facilities has proved to be the greatest help. Discover some of the best electric wheelchairs in the market.

Here are the 10 Best Selling Electric Wheelchairs

10. IMC Heartway Rumba HP4 power electric wheelchair-$1,490

This is an ideal wheelchair for indoor as well as outdoor travel purpose. The design is stylish and unique. It has a rotating seat with fold down back and standard swivel captain seat with headrest. It has 8′ front wheels & 10″ rear wheels that offer maximum comfort and reliability. It travels 22 miles on a single charge which is way longer than most of the electric wheelchairs. It can easily drive through rough or steep areas due to high power motors. It’s got a 3.8-star rating from 7 customer reviews.

9. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair(20 inches)-$1,599

This wheelchair is available in 3 sizes: 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches. There’s an attractive steel cross-brace frame which is foldable and lightweight for easy portability. Hence, a fellow can carry it anywhere. The core features are easy freewheel operation, adjustable tension, padded back upholstery with a storage pouch and cushioned seat. Besides, there is a programmable controller with adjustable length mount along with swing-away footrests with heel loops. Flat-free, non-marking tires, manual wheel locks, and anti-tip wheels facilitate you with higher comfort. There are facilities like positioning belt and padded, adjustable, and removable armrests to comfort upper body. It’s got a 4.4-star rating from 8 customer reviews.

8. Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC 162-$1,425

This is the best choice for frequent outdoor travel purpose as it is light in weight and can be easily carried from one place to another. The weight capacity is 300 lb. There is a tubular frame design standard in red under the seat along with a unique storage basket in which the things you require, when you’re outdoor, can be carried. There is a comfortable, stadium-style seat to facilitate your upper body. This is the best for people with frequent traveling routine. It’s got a 4.4-star rating from 10 customer reviews.

7. EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12-$2,595

This redesigned version is an ideal wheelchair for the ones whose use is comparatively less as it is very quickly and easily foldable and can be stored anywhere in the house. It is perfect for the outdoor as well as indoor usage. It has rugged 12” rear wheels, Besides, it is the best option for travel as it weighs only 58 Pounds (w/o Battery) or 64 Pounds (with Battery). It works on lithium ion battery that can run for traveling up to 10+ miles on a single charge. For 20+ miles range, connect two batteries. It’s got a 4.4-star rating from 16 customer reviews.

6. PW-800AX Dual Function Foldable Power Wheelchair-£2,298.00

This dual function power wheelchair can be hand assisted as well as work on electric batteries. It is built with high-quality aluminum alloy and weighs only 72 lbs (together with 2 battery packs). Definitely lighter than most of the wheelchairs! It can hold up to 330 lbs because it has a very strong frame, seat fabric, and powerful motors and can be folded into a very compact size within 10 seconds. The two lightweight li-ion batteries can operate about 15 miles with the full charge at a top speed of 6.8 miles/hour. The armrests can be raised up for better transfer and comfort. Options are available in seat size. These features make this wheelchair an ideal one for traveling. It’s got a 4.1-star rating from 18 customer reviews.

5. Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair-$1,250

This innovative wheelchair is available in two color options: black and blue. There is a full length, flip-up, adjustable height removable arms and a large angle and height adjustable fold-down footboard for easier transfer and comfort. Besides, there is a tool-less removable shroud for easy serviceability and 9″ flat free drive wheels along with intelligent regenerative electromagnetic brakes which make it an ideal one for those with severe immobility issues. One unique feature is the charger connection is made available and is conveniently located on the joystick. It’s got a 4.1-star rating from 19 customer reviews.

4. Betterlife Aries Electric Wheelchair-£919.00

This is one of the best-facilitated wheelchairs along with a wide range of features. It can be easily folded and back folded down for storage during the times when the wheelchair is not in use. It has an adjustable position controller and a built-in handbrake for safer and easier indoor and outdoor moving. Built-in horn and reflectors are available. It’s an adjustable mobility aid facilitating the person in need. It’s got a 4.6-star rating from 20 customer reviews.

3. Foldawheel PW-1000XL Power Chair-$2,788.00

This is the most recommended wheelchair for faster traveling and frequent use. It folds and opens in just 2 seconds and is very compact for fitting into a smaller car trunk. It speeds up to 5 miles/h along with an ample of the room with 18″ seat cushion (19” between armrests). It weighs only 55 lbs and is suitable for users up to 330 lbs. The powerful and quiet brushless motors with bigger rear tires (10″) do not make one feel bulky while traveling. It comes with 4 spring suspensions along with best-textured comfort tires. There is an easy-to-detach connector on joystick controller, so it can be easily detached without taking off the whole cable. Travelling is easier and safe due to quick release anti-tilt support for safety. It’s got a 4.2-star rating from 32 customer reviews.

2. EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid-$2,195

This is an ideal choice for traveling purpose. It is lightweight, weighs only 50 pounds with the Battery & carries passengers up to 264 Pounds. For transportation, there is no need to install a lift on your car or SUV to transport. It uses a Lithium Ion Battery for 10 miles on a full charge. However, you need to add a second battery (sold separately) for 20 miles of range. It has a small turning radius of about 33 inches that gets around tight areas easily making it the best choice for traveling purpose. It’s got a 3.9-star rating from 47 customer reviews.

1. KD Smart Chair-$2,295

It is an ideal wheelchair for customers demanding lightweight and easily foldable wheelchairs as it weighs only 50 pounds and fits virtually anywhere and folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet. Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles which are a longer distance comparatively. It has a lot of imitators in the market but KD Smart Chair is an FDA 510K Cleared Medical Device which should be considered while buying for not getting fooled by imitators. It is a durable, smart featured and compact wheelchair ideal for all purposes. It’s got a 4.1-star rating from 67 customer reviews.

There are a lot of factors such as durability, design, battery life, seat size, weight carrying capacity, foldability, etc while buying the wheelchair. There is a wide variety of an electric wheelchair in the market but to your time and efforts, bring you the best selling electric wheelchairs along with their features listed. These wheelchairs have received an immense response in the market and helped a large number of people to get mobile comfortably.

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