Top 10 Best Selling Electric Heater Blankets

Did you know that luxury sleeping comes at an expensive price? Well, yes. You heard it right. If you desire to sleep blissfully comfortably and warmly, you need to burn a big hole in your pocket. But, trust us , it’s worth your every single penny. Here is the list of top 10 blankets which can give you a safe, cocooned and undisturbed night’s sleep :

Here are the Top 10 Best Selling Electric Heater Blankets

10. Soft Heat Micro-Fleece Luxury Low-Voltage Electric Blanket : $137.80

Soft Heat Micro-Fleece Luxury Low-Voltage Electric Blanket Top Famous Selling Electric Heater Blankets 2019

When it comes to blanket, we simply look for convenience and comfortability. Isn’t it? Well, this electric blanket which is 100% polyster and made of luxurious ultra soft micro fleece fabric is conveniently machine washable and dryable. It’s Patented Safe and Warm non hazardous low voltage technology is extremely safer than others in the market and allows you to save energy too. Hence, you can save on overhead expenditures. The best part is that it automatically shuts off after 10 hours and ensures more saving and safety. Also its ultra thin wires are impossible to feel and hence there would be no annoying hot or cold spots. The pre heating and hold on feature is the best sort feature.

9. Sunbeam Queen Size Electric Heated Blanket : $ 118.95


Doesn’t the idea of pre heating your blanket sound tempting? With preheat and 20 personalized heat settings gear up yourself for a relaxing and refreshing sleeping experience. Also, the thermofine warming system of the blanket keeps a check on the temperature and automatically adjusts to maintain a consistent level of warmth in the room. Its easy-to-wash design is just another exquisite feature which adds to its ultimate features.

8. Microplush Soft Heated Electric Blankets

Microplush Soft Heated Electric Blankets Top Most Famous Selling Electric Heater Blankets 2018

This model of electric blankets is perfect blend of style and comfort. With its sleek and shiny exterior fabric lining, it is simply the perfect choice to match with your other home décor items. If you wish to experience heavens of joy then you shouldn’t give a second thought to purchasing this blanket. It comes with an affordable price tag and guarantees to make your sleep blissful.

7. King Sized Natural Electric Heated Blanket : $129.21


The exclusive feature of these blankets is that with their triple rip style allows to effectively allow heat to flow in multi directions throughout the mattress surface. With its electric circuit of low voltage you can be sure that heat would distribute evenly all over. One another extraordinary feature is that its size is easily adjustable by folding and all these features are available to you at a considerably average price.

6. Sunbeams Microplush Heated Blanket BSM9BQS-R772-16A00 : $89.99


Apart from features like Preheat,10 hour auto off function,100 percent polyster microplush which you may find in many electric blankets, what makes it stand out in the crowd is its Digital Display Monitor. This monitor can guide you to effectively utilize the blanket by providing you a direct response. It also comes with queen and king sizes controllers which are an added feature.

5. Sunbeam Heated Foot Warming Comfy Toes Pad : $69.99


This model of Sunbeams has a distinctive design which is classy. If you compare it will other electric blankets then some of its distinguishing features include an exclusive heating pad . This effective mechanism ensures that heat travels in an upward direction from the foot pad and keeps you warm throughout. The continuous operation all night longs with an auto shut off prevents the blanket from overheating when you are asleep and in turn ensures higher safety standards for you.

4. Biddeford 2023-905291-500 Heated Knit Microplush Blanket $119.99


Though the features of this electric blanket are more or less the same as others, what makes it unique is that it is made up of denim, a fabric which is hardly used for bedding purposes. You can easily change the heat settings according to your body temperature and needs. Its denim fabric is smooth and gentle and comes attached with a 13 feet cord which can be connected to your nearest power outlet.

3. Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket BSF9GQS-R622-13A00 $89.99


It comes with a exceptional rare quilted layout which is standard queen sized heated and comes with an automatic 10 hour shut off setting which wont disturb your sleep. This automated switching off the device heating element within a specific time limit also saves the power .With an ivy colored suave and chic design, it is a perfect match to your other house furnishings.

2. Sunbeam King Sized Electric Blanket $103.80


If you are looking for an elegant and luxurious blanket then this electric blanket is a must buy for you. With its maple oak color and amazing versatile functions, it would definitely live up to your expectations in terms of price and quality.

1. Serta King Size Electric Blanket $189.21


One of its many useful features encompasses a low voltage electrical system which consumes reasonable amount of energy and hence it is definitely power efficient .Also, its evenly distributed wiring with a micro fleece material is extremely smooth and soft to touch.

If you are still in two minds regarding the purchase, you just need to know that, electric blankets are a necessity for you if you want to enjoy your winters with all the warmth and cosiness. With several options available to you, making a choice shouldn’t be tough. Coming with exotic colors and multiple functions, you can happily enjoy the winters like any other season of the year.

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